Monday, March 30, 2015

It's almost April?

Can you believe that in 2 days it will already be April?  WOW!

I am gonna just jump right into the knitting!

I think I should kinda call last week Sock Week....I worked on socks!

I finished one of my HiyaHiya KAL socks

I worked on my Loopy Academy Socks

And, when Jaime and I went to Hot Rod Night on Saturday....I took my rainbow socks to knit on....these socks have both heels in already (yippee)!

I am really loving my Dyakcraft Heavy Metal much so that I ordered a second set....they do not put holes in my fingers (that is always a plus)!

I also got some extra stops for them

and some extra stops for my Darn Pretties (and Northern Lights):

I have been cruising the Miss Babs forum on Ravelry and have seen so many awesome pictures of our Destination One shawl (called Ves)...our destination is Sri Lanka!  So.....I had to jump in and get started (you all know I have startitis!).

I also worked a little on my secret project (pretty soon I will not be able to show picture of this one).

I guess from many of the above pictures, you can see I spent a big chunk of the weekend in my Pajamas.....I was tagged on Instagram for #widn (What I'm Doing Now) and that is how the above picture was taken.....I also posted the picture of the rainbow sock being knit at Hot Rod Night on Instagram and Facebook......then I got a message from my friend that I am making the Dr Who Scarf for....I do not blame her for asking about the scarf....and I was embarassed to tell her it was barely 1/2 way done.....see, this is why I should just tell people, "No, I will not knit for you."  But I did not say that (almost a year ago)......and her son's bday is coming up April 18th.....So, I pulled it out of hibernation....and it was only 37.95% done (Yikes).  So I knitted and knitted and knitted on it and I got it to I did like 5% (and it felt like so much more).

Now I need to update the spreadsheet to see if I can finish it in like 16 -17 days.....wish me luck!

Let me jump into some stash enhancements....Darlene went to the DC/VA area last week for a conference.  She went by Fiber Space in Alexandria and got me some yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Company in the Del Ray color!  I LOVE IT!

I placed an order with Eat, Sleep, Knit for some Cascade....I want to make a sweater for Antonio, and a couple of felted things for the kitchen (in my far future) and then wanted to get some chunky madeline tosh for a Gaptastic will probably be years before I start these....

 One of the ladies that just joined our knitting group at work used to sell scentsy...and she had these cute little scentsy packs in her project I had to get some.  I love the way they fresh!

Well, I think that is all I have for the I will leave you with some Aunty Acid....and related pictures.

Thankfully I was not on that last list!  LOL!  Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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