Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Antonio is in 3rd Grade

Hey everyone...how has your week been?  Mine has been a bit crazy......Antonio started school yesterday and it has been one hiccup after the next....okay, what I really want to say is it has been a sh#t show...but I was trying to be nice.....I know it must be hard for all these school districts to get everything ready for online learning....plus, let's not forget that this is all contingent on the kids being able to login in and the systems work.  Yesterday the system crashed and it looks like today it is working a little better, but I am not sure.  Paige will be teaching Antonio on Mon, Wed and Fri and I will have him Tues and Thurs.....she needs to work and she has already reduced her hours as much as she can.

Here are first day of school pics!

I finished working on my Jimmy Beans Wool Hedgehog Fibers blanket....I actually finished August's color while still in August!

I have not seen my son since his birthday in February (because of this Corona virus) but he sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers made out of paper so I can put on my shelf....I love them!

I finally finished Shyla's wrap....I finished back around Aug 6th, but had been putting off the fringe....so I finally tackled the fringe and now it is done.

I had a friend from work contact me about helping her fix a kitchen stitch she messed up on the hat of a wallaby.....so I picked it up from her.....

and fixed it the best I could...I think a wash will help.

I had to snap a pic of my dogs the other day......purl is nestled under the blanket...but you can see Jax and Precious.....my babies!

Darlene and I decided we wanted to do a hat....we are going to do the Pull The Wool Over hat.....I will use Hedgehog Aran in Matchstick and Shibui Cloud in Bone

If I have enough cloud left, I will probably make a 2nd with Hedgehog Film Noir

I cast on with 8's as pattern said and I think it was too loose

Then tried 6's and I think it's too tight

So I am restarting today with 7's for ribbing and 8 for the stockinette......hopefully I can finish for you before next week.

Well, that is all I have.....I hope y'all have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 17, 2020

A New Podcast!

 Hey everyone.....how are you?  Last week I did a new podcast with two of my knitting friends.....Darlene and I stopped podcasting last November, and two ladies that go to a week knit night were asking me if I still wanted to do it and of course I said yes.....so we did our first one this past Friday.  The podcast is called Purled in Texas.

Here is a link to the channel, and here is the first episode:

This week I got my new August Yarn for the Hedgehog blanket.....this color is called Dusk and it is beautiful!

I was able to finish June and July these last few days and now I just need to add August....Here is the blanket....I am pretty excited about the prospect of having August's color actually done in August!

The only other thing I have worked on this week are the two tops for Darlene's granddaughters....I had to shorten the cords.....they are now in the mail on the way back....the picture of the pink one shows the difference.

I had dinner at my sister's house this past Friday....Here is the gang......my niece is not in the picture because she is already at SMU and we had this dinner get together to say good bye for now to Sean as he leaves to UT!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting....

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Crocheting plus Knitting again

 Hey everyone....how are you?  I have been well.  I have been doing a bunch of crocheting, but I started knitting again....I did not realize how much I missed it.  I have to be careful as if I knit too much, it irritates my tennis elbow....but I started a shawl....it is called Cinnabar.

I also am almost finished with Shyla's wrap....I actually crocheted too much....my yarn is not too gauge and when I finished 30 rows of the pattern, I think the shawl was too wide

So I ripped back and I like this width better

Now it just needs the tassels/fringe!

I also pulled out the old Jimmy Beans Monthly Club blanket....here are June and July's yarn

Here is the blanket so far.

Lastly, I got some new Poop Bags for when I take Jax on a walk.....and they look like they have stitch markers on them....I love them!

Here is my super protective dog protecting me in my yarn room/office....LOL!

Have a great week everyone.....Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 3, 2020

Half the Year GONE......

Hey everyone....I cannot believe that half the year is already gone....and 2020 has been a doozy of a year!

I am sorry my July was not very eventful, but I had the tennis elbow and have not been knitting much.  I did knit at the lake house (the last post before this one) and then I switched to crocheting.

I worked on my Havana Blanket

I also started a shawl/wrap for Shyla.....Darlene is making one for Peyton.  Peyton found the pattern and asked her Awesome Grannie to make her one.....and y'all know how much I like to make the same thing Darlene does!  It is called Perfect Pockets Shawl

That is all I have for knitting/crocheting (and it is all crocheting as my elbow is still healing).

I have been continuing on my health journey and I am super close to having lost 30 lbs....I am at 29.4 lbs right now.   I did a cleanse that one of my trainers wanted me to do.....and I am not longer doing my other trainer's workouts, but an e-book by a company called TTSL/CVG. The e-book is called TTSL (Thick Thighs Save Lives....they have a podcast and daily training too) and the company is called CVG (Constantly Varied Gear).  I got a pair of their leggings and a sports bra for Christmas from my mom (I told her I wanted it) and recently added some shorts and tank tops to my collection.

I also saw a recipe for a pound cake yesterday and wanted a piece so bad....but did not want to make the whole thing because I would eat it all......My family planned a get together since my niece and nephew are about to go off to college.....so I figured I would make the pound cake and take it there....have one piece, and then leave the rest for my family to eat....you know that saying, "Lord, if you can't make me thin, please make my friends and family fat!" or something like that....LOL

My brother in law used his "Big Green Egg" to make some AMAZING steaks (seriously the best steak I have had in FOREVER!) and the whole gang that goes to the lake house with me all pitched in to buy my sister and brother in law some chairs they wanted at the lake house....and my sister ordered them and they came in.....here is a pic at her house (she has not taken them up to the lake house yet).....I sent the pic to all the Great Lake House knitters too!

Lastly, my precious got groomed.

That is all I have.....Have a great week and I will try to be more consistent!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!