Tuesday, January 30, 2024

It's the 30th?

 Seriously?  Already the end of the month?  I have no clue where the time went.

Let's see....what have I been up to?

Well, I got my Monthly Shawl yarn....so pretty.  I have finished one triangle (I need to make one more).

This is what the shawl will look like....I picked the color scheme on the right.

I got some new needle stoppers from Elizabeth....I love them

And I have been working on Paige's Girl Glamping Blanket

I pulled some yarn out of stash to make No Frills Cardigan with Darlene, Melissa, and Elizabeth!

That is pretty much all I have.....except for a pic of my bed babies:

Have a great week!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Some yarn yummies

 Hey everyone....how are you?  I am hanging in there.....I really wanted to update my blog every Monday, but it appears I am slacking.....here we are on Thursday.  Oh well.

I finished the shawl for Darlene and sent her both her lap blanket and her shawl for her Birthday.  Happy Birthday Darlene!

I got my January Blanket yarn for the Blanket Club with Jimmy Beans Wool, and I finished knitting the 4 squares for this month (Herbarium Knit Blanket).  This is a new blanket yarn by Madeline Tosh exclusive to this blanket club.  It is called Tosh Blanket and is 100% merino.  It has an amazing "Squish"!

I also got some Emmas Yarn Hella Hank in the Wish you were Beer color, and some new yarn that Jimmy Beans Wool is going to carry.  It is their yarn citizen brand it is a Lace weight yarn with 49% alpaca, 39% Bombyx, and 12% Cashmere goat....with 247 yards per 25 grams.

That is really all I have.....I know, I need to have more.....so sorry.  I do have some word of encouragment.....I got the Competition one from my realtor (and knitting) friend, Melissa Rogge......these are great words that could benefit everyone I think.

Have a great Week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

One Track Mind!

 Hey everyone, how are you?  I am okay.  I have been on a one track mind lately......Darlene's Birthday!

I have finished the lap blanket (yes, I know it is super long but not super wide....it is just for her lap).  I need to weave in ends and then block.  Then I jumped on a crochet virus shawl I am making her....it is almost done....and of course will also need ends woven in and blocking.

My nephew proposed to his long time girlfriend over the Christmas Break and she said YES!  So my sister had their engagement party this past weekend.  It was fabulous! Congrats to Sean and Leilani!

It has been pretty cold here in Texas lately....Yes, I think it has been pretty cold everywhere with this cold snap, but as I complain every year....we are really not used to it down here....LOL!  Just call me a baby elephant:

Here is Paige's pipe outside:

Speaking of Paige...she has had it rough with her house lately.....last year she had to replace her AC (a ridiculous amount of $), and this year she had a $550 water bill.....because she had a busted pipe in the groud that took a whole day to find, and about 45 min to repair.

I have been neglecting my lawn, but finally mowed it last week...I am not sure you can tell by this picture, but the grass is taller than the highest point of the motor of the mower.....it was a nighmare to mow and took me forever!

I think my mother might have been doing some "winter" cleaning because she found this pic of me, with my late husband and my son......FROM 30 YEARS AGO!

Okay....the last thing I have is some yarn I bought.....the fuzzy one will probably be a cardigan for me, and the yellow will be Darlene's next Advent Stole.  My friend, Brigit, from the Netherlands is planning on doing something different with her stole this year, so I needed the yarn early.

Welp, that is all I have......Have a great week and stay warm!!

Happy HappyHappy Knitting!

Monday, January 8, 2024

Being Consitent!

 Hey Everyone....I hope yall had a great week!  I honestly do not have much, but I wanted to be consistent and post every week!

First, while it is not my story to tell, I will make it ever brief......Darlene's daughter, Shyla, had emergency open heart surgery on December 28th.....and miraculously, she is home!  And she looks FANTASTIC!  God Is Good and this is absolutely a miracle!

The ONLY thing I have worked on is Darlene's Birthday Present....but it is getting big :)

I got some Farmers Daughter Oh Dang Yarn in their new DK base.....and I love it!

Lastly, I got a text from my amazing niece, Grace!  She loves her sweater!!  I'm calling it....I win Tante (Aunt in German) of the Year Award!  LOL!

That is it....that is all I have....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Happy New Year!!!

 Hello everyone....Yes I know it has been forever since I posted, and I am sorry....but I was busy with a certain cardigan....LOL!  Can you believe it is 2024?  I know!  WOW!

First....Here is my Christmas.....

Second.....for the present you have all been wanting to know....Grace's Cardigan/Sweater.

Here is what she asked for:

I knit one sleeve and it was too small, so I had to start over with the sleeves and get them attached.

Then the raglan/yoke/top part......

Finished and blocking...the collar is not what I envisioned.....she might have recvd the cardigan a touch wet (since it had not completely dried), and I offered to fix the collar (I had run out of time)

But.....she loved it!

The week after Christmas, I had Antonio a few days and made this really delicious sandwich (sorry for the non fancy paper plate...LOL)!

Which made me want to make bread....but first I needed a dutch oven

and.....nope, not the prettiest loaf, but not bad for a first try.

I got some yarn at the end of the year for a sweater for me.

and I saw someone else post their monthly shawl yarn....but a completely different pattern......I loved it, so had to share....it is called the sunshower shawl. picture copyright EggInMyHair on Ravelry

Now, while I took a tiny break from frantic knitting (for my deadline), I am back at it.....knitting for Darlene's Birthday present (her bday is January 22nd...so just 20 more days)....this is a lap blanket with the same yarn I used to make her a shawl last year.  She loved the shawl and said it would be a great lap blanket.  It is only aboout 25 inches wide (I hope that is wide enough...I was going for 28" wide, but clearly I cannot count)...but I will make it at least 30"-36" tall, so go from lap to feet.

That is really all I have....sorry for the time in between posts....Hopefully I will get my rear in gear for the new year!

 I was able to give Darlene her presents....I finished the boxy cape (and did not get a pic of it finished), I can show the Test Knit Advent Stole I made her:

Plus a cute yarn ball knick knack holder

Some PJ's and some stitch markers with numbers on them for when casting on you know how many stitches you have done already.

That is really all I have....Yall have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!