Saturday, March 27, 2021

Same Ole Same Ole

 Hey are you?  I am fine, and just doing the same ole, same ole.....I wake up, work, workout, work, eat, work, eat, knit, and go to bed......rinse, repeat....LOL!  I do have a few exciting things......Antonio starts his Jr PGA Golf Tournament tomorrow....I cannot wait!

I love Paige and her besties......Bizz and Sam!

I got some more Diamond Art......

Ali from Savvy Skeins gave me one of her sock blanks that she dyed to make into socks!

We had Paella at my sister's house for my dad and niece's was delicious....Jim cooked it on the green egg and he did a FABULOUS job!

I finished my Granito Sweater and LOVE IT!  Thanks to Darlene for always giving me the most perfect Birthday Presents!

I worked a little on my Ledberg Cardigan

And Darlene's son, Casey, made me these for my crochet hooks....I love them, I cannot wait to get them!  Thank you Casey.....yall can reach out to him on Instagram @7y_leather!!  He does amazing work!

That is all I have......Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Friday, March 12, 2021

It is almost 'officially' spring!

Hey everyone....only 8 more days till the first day of spring!  I am really sorry about my mid February post that apparently never got posted, but I posted it yesterday......

I have so much to catch up on.....I am so sorry I have been slacking on this was my New Years resolution to do better here and I seem to be posting less....I am going to make a larger effort to fix that (but I really have had a lot going on as you will soon see).

First, Darlene's son is making leather goods and I could have sworn I had already posted this, but I can't find it (I swear I am losing my mind).  Here is a G+ hook holder he made me....I LOVE it.....they did a giveaway on Instagram and I ordered an H hook holder that is just like this Daisy one!  I have even ordered another with a pink center Daisy for an I hook....I am so excited!  You can find him on instagram here @7y_leather

I think I have told you about my Author friend, Maggie Cole!  I love her hot and steamy romance books....well, I won a kindle in her group....Thank you Maggie!

Chief got sick a while back (we think a spider bite) and he got to stay the day with Grandma......this big baby!

Darlene got new yarn for a sock head hat for Trenton....I love this...and I finished the hat (that cute mug is from the flowers Darlene got me for my Birthday)!

Darlene also made a hat for is his 17th birthday party tomorrow!  Happy Birthday Trenton!

Speaking of Birthdays....I had a great one....lots of great presents and bowling with Paige, Kody, Antonio, Bizzle and Sam!

I finished my Mae sweater!  I want to make another!

I got another Joji bag....I love this bucket style bag for blankets.

Then, I bought a new mower and did my lawn for the first time since last year and ......boom.....super soft ground......a leak in my pipe underground....ARGH!

Kody helped me put in a larger doggie door for Jax....this thing is HUGE! But Jax loves it (he was scared of it at first).

I made some cookies (Paige's recipe that I love) and got some new running shoes (kind of a weird combo there....LOL)!!!

I made Antonio his pair of Batman socks.....and got him into Diamond Painting (My friend, Paulette, got me into it). that is all I have.....Have a great weekend and I promise to try to be here more often! 

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Two and a half weeks!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE...OMG, it is March 11th today and I meant to publish this the 18th of February.....I am sorry I must have never hit publish....I am so sorry!  Here was my February update:

Hey has been 2 1/2 weeks since I last wrote and it feels like a lifetime.  I am in Texas and we are in the midst of what can only be called a cold storm of epic proportions...I have not had power for days (till late yesterday) so I have not even watched the news to see if this storm has a name...someone mentioned Uli....but it has been SOOOOOO COLD!

First....I finished my author friend's wrap

Next, I finished the lace I was starting for a friend (she ended up doing a different pattern).

I got yarn to make Paige new dishtowels and pot holders (she is changing the colors in her kitchen, I made these exact ones in 2017 in grey).

I podcasted with Elizabeth and Melissa and we are doing a cardigan KAL....her his mine

and Melissa's daughter, Audrey, got an amazing picture of Antonio hanging out in a tree

Alessandro got a haircut at Paige's barber shop....and the whole family went

I got yarn from Knit Picks for two sweaters, Mae and Paper Planes.

here is the start of my Mae

I got my February Blanket yarn

I also got a lot of work done on my Granito sweater

Valentine's Day came and I got a nice treat from a guy I have been talking to!

That is when all Hell broke loose.....the night after Valentine's Day it started to first it was all snow angels and Happy Valentine's Day (and Paige wearing all her hand knit items:

Jax was not sure what to think, but he liked it....

Yvette sent me pics of the girls playing

Brandon updated his instagram

Then the power outages power equals super cold...I am wearing 2 shirts, my Easy One Bulky in Berroco Vintage, and my wallaby over it....with a hat a knit and gloves, and 2 pairs of pants on.....inside my house.

I had no firewood, but the roads were ice.....then....once the roads cleared enough, I went to my parent's house for firewood (my sister had my parents at her house since my parents had no electricity either)

But my happiness at soon having heat was short lived because my pipes busted.

I got the water turned off quickly, then the next day my BIL came to cap the break, and then later I got a plumber here to fix it.  He still has some work to do, but for now it is working.....I finally got power last night and it has stayed constant enough to do this blog post.....I also called Paige and told her to come over (she still had no power)....I made a make shift bed (mattress on floor) in the yarn room....and now that Paige has gone home, my dogs think this bed is for keep me company while I work....LOL!

Stay warm my is a fire from me to you!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!