Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Crazy Carrie Checking In!

Hey everyone!  I have felt a little out of control lately and it feels like Crazy Carrie is taking over.....I hope she leaves soon.

First, my friend Elizabeth made an amazing shawl called Julie's Wrap by Joji Locatelli and I had to buy the exact same yarn....except I could not find it in sock yarn, so I had to get MCN (poor me)!

 The above pictures are Elizabeth's shawl.....below is the pic from the website where I ordered the yarn.

Then the place where I ordered the yarn from only had 3 skeins instead of 4....so I got completely different yarn....Madtosh sock yarn in the Antique Moonstone colorway.  It is more blue than I thought it would be, but I am really kinda digging it and Paige said it will look great!

Second..... my friend Jennifer finished knitting 1/2 my nuvem for me...and by 1/2, I mean she knit an entire 300 gram Wollmeise skein.

 So I got cake number 2 ready and attached that sucker

I even took the beast to golf with Antonio

Third, I also ordered the Jimmy Beans Hedgehog Fibers Blanket Club....this is all Darlene and Rosanna's fault...they are both doing it too.

Fourth (and I think Lastly), I decided to tackle my yarn room.....it is a disaster!  Here is my before picture.....I am not done so you will have to wait a while for my after picture!

Jaime and I had a nice valentine's dinner out.....I got an amazing Ribeye steak at Longhorn (yes, I gained a pound, but I think it might have been worth it....Ill go longer on the treadmill today).  He even brought me a single rose....

Paige posted some great pics with her and Kody....with the quote:

"To love is nothing.
To be loved is something.
But to love and be loved, that's everything"

After golf my daddy took me to get some new running shoes for my birthday....I love them!

Oh, and I worked on my Vortex Sweater....I cannot wait to divide for sleeves on this!

Well, that is all I have......have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey everyone....it will be Valentines day on Friday so I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

I got some super cute Namaste zipper holders.....I love them!

I also ordered some more Knit Picks Comfy.....12 skeins of Fiesta Red and 12 skeins of Peony ( I don't have a pic of the Peony)

I won some yarn from the Swatch Scholar thing I did.  It is super soft, but not really my color....but I am sure I can find something to make with it!

Darlene finished my Christmas present and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  It looks great on me too!

I finished the hat for Cynthia

Celeste had a UIL competition and I got to see the grands....but I only got pics of Alesso!

I also went to my parents to help load some wood for my sister to take to lakehouse.

I made some healthy Jicama/Mango salad.....its not bad

Then I could not decide what to work on.  So I pulled out my Phoenix

Worked a little on my Mondo Sweater

and then decided I really want to finish my last year Birthday present before I get any presents this year....so pulled out my Vortex!

I think that is all I have.....Have a great week and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!