Monday, September 28, 2020

Love the cooler Weather!

 Hey Everyone!  How have you been?  I for one, am loving this temporary cooler weather that San Antonio is getting right now.  It is 68 degrees feels great!

I have not posted here for about a week and a half.....I am sorry for the was either life or laziness that got in the way....LOL!

I got my September Hedgehog blanket yarn....

and I finished knitting on the blanket for September....I just need to wait for October's color.

I think I told y'all last time that my friend, Elizabeth, cranked some sock tubes for me.....well, I have completed 2 pairs of socks....and I messed them both up.  I did not correct the trench coat ones (they are for me) but I had to correct the green and yellow ones as they are for one of Antonio's friends.

I also worked on my Joji Hipster Shawl

I got a new Bags by Awesomegrannie bag that I love!

Paige braided Antonio's hair and I love it!

I went to dinner with Star and Nick....they need me to feed their dogs while they are out of town, so they treated me to Carnitas!!!

Paige is at the lake house, so I am watching her dogs.....let me tell you, 6 dogs is a handful!  Please excuse the messy house.

and lastly, I finally got to join my Staple Top Sweater in the round!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Welcome Fall!!!

 Hi everyone!  How have you been?  I have been busy, but great......Welcome Fall!!!

Okay, Okay.....I know it is not officially fall till next Tuesday the 22nd, but I am not sure if I am posting before I have to welcome Fall while I can!

This week I finished the 3rd set of colors on my Havana blanket!  The colors are a little washed out...but you can see that the 3rd section is done and the 4th is started.

Antonio and I went for a small get away at the lake house for a day

and Paige went to costco (we got a membership together) and found a great deal on some SUPER SOFT workout pants (that you can also just wear as lounging pants)....and they have pockets!  So I went to costco and got 2 pair.

Lastly, Elizabeth, Melissa and I podcasted this past weekend (you can see episode 3 here) and I gave Elizabeth some sock yarn to crank.....and on the way home from the lake house I picked up 5 of the cranked I am trying to get my gauge to match the machine's.

Oh, and I almost forgot....Shyla loved her Perfect Pockets Wrap!

Well....that is all I have.....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Lazy Labor Day

 Hey everyone.....I hope y'all had a great Labor Day......I had a lazy one! I did not do much and loved it!

I worked on 3 things this past week.....a new shawl called Hipster Shawl (this is for the JojiFallKal2020, but I did not sign up in time for it), my Havana blanket and the Staple Linen sweater (also for the JojiFallKal2020, but this one I did sign up for).


I started it on 2 needle sizes and went with the needle size on top here:

Havana Blanket:

This first pic shows the rose gold coming off the furls Oddessy Hooks....kinda a bummer since they are twice the price of silver....this hook was a gift, but I am thinking of contacting furls for a replacement.  Just 13 more rows till I hit net colors and pattern.

Staple Linen Top....also started on 2 sizes and went with smaller size.

I had a nice dinner at Paige's house this past Sunday....her friend, Sam, made Chicken Tortilla soup that was delicious.....and while I did not get a picture....I stole a pic from Bizz's instagram.....yum!!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Happy 25th Birthday to my Princess!!!!

 Can you believe Paige is 15???!!!???

We had an amazing dinner of Cannelloni (my mom made) at my parent's house....Here are a few pics.....with me and Kody and Paige....Kody and Paige....and me with my brother in law, Jim

I finished the hat I was working on

I had lunch and Chamoy Mango margaritas with a girlfriend last Friday

I went walking with the grands last Wednesday

The JojiFallKal202 has started and I am making The Staple Linen Top, Understated Sweater and also the Hipster Shawl (which I did not sign up for) because Darlene is making the shawl and you know how much I love to knit along with her.  I started both the staple linen top and the shawl in two needle sizes to decide with I want to use.

I hope to cast on the Understated sweater soon!

That is all I have this week.....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!