Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I am a bit tired today.  I went to bed late, but my grandson, Antonio, is also sick.  He has been having diarrhea and last night he vomited also.  So, not a good night sleep....I hope to make up for it tonight!

So......what is going on in the knitting area you ask?  Well.....drum roll please, I finished my Cabled Socks......Yeah!  I am so excited.

Since I still have a few days before Camp Loopy Project 3 starts, I worked a little on my deep purple shawl:

Then there was a little bit of, get your mind out of the gutters.....this is a different SEX:

I am hoping this will be my last Stash Enhancement for a while....I really need to start saving my pennies instead of spending them.  I got some Madeline Tosh sock yarn in Charcoal and Onyx.  Then there was this Malabrigo worsted that was calling my name, not only is it the perfect color....but it is the perfect name, "Rhodesian".  I LOVE Rhodesian Ridgebacks....they are gorgeous dogs and this yarn is just as gorgeous.

I am not sure if I have mentioned in the past, but I signed up for Barking Dogs Yarns Sock Yarn club, so I get a skein of specially dyed yarn every other month.  I just got August's yarn and it is called Swamp......These are not typically my colors, but I really like it:

Lastly.....I had my regular SNB this past weekend and one of the members had this awesome bag......I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  I said to myself, "I have to make this".....but it is crochet.  No worries....I do know how to crochet, I just prefer to knit.  Here is a pic of the awesome bag:

On Sunday afternoon I went to my stash to see what kind of yarn I had to start this (Hey, aren't you proud of me for going to my stash?).  She used all Sugar'n cream cotton, but I had some Sugar'n cream and some of Hobby Lobby's I Love this Cotton.  At first I started in her same striping sequence....Red, Orange, Pink, Turquoise, Yellow, Green, Purple.....but I was not feeling it.  I am very bad at matching colors....and I love her bag so I figured using the exact same color striping would work, but I guess my colors of the I Love this Cotton were off just enough to make it look weird.  So I restarted in Roy G Biv......this is how I learned to remember the color of a Rainbow.....Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.....Roy G Biv (Yes, I am weird).  Since Pink is not really a rainbow color, I put it next to red.  So my color striping is Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, and Purple.  Here is my crocheting so far (not bad for a knitter, huh?).

Well, that is all I have to far....I will see how much of the bag and the deep purple shawl I can get done before camp starts on Thursday.

I hope everyone had a great week.  Happy Happy knitting....and remember:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Happy Tuesday!  I am a little bummed today.  The ladies that I usually knit with at lunch are both gone today.  So, I will run some errands during lunch for errands.  Oh well.

Since Camp Project #3 does not start for 9 more days, I am trying to get 2 projects completed and 2 projects started......I need to finish the Harmonious Cable socks by July 31 for a KAL, then I want to finish the Deep Purple Crescent Shawl before August 31st.  As for starting you remember when I blogged about making a pattern for a friend and starting a cardigan for my daughter (the post is here)?  Well, those are the two things I want to get started.  For my daughter's cardigan, I have to re-write the pattern for me to be able to read better.  I just copy and paste the pattern into a word document and add some extra spaces in between sections to help me read it better.  This also forces me to read the pattern before I start. As far as starting the shawl/wrap for my friend, Marie, well, that is just garter stitch and easy to start......

Need to finish:

Just had to start:

I did get some bad news this past week.  A lady that used to come to my SNB but moved a little over a year ago told me that her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I am so sad for her and praying for her and her family.  She is about to move to Ohio to be with her daughter.  She asked if the SNB gals wanted to make any chemo caps, so we are going to do that over the next few months.  I did some research and do you know what color the ribbon is for Leukemia Awareness?  Yup, you guessed it....ORANGE!

My yarn for Camp Loopy Project 3 was delivered and I am in the campfire called Marshmallow Maverick.

Lastly.....tell my why you knit?  I love this cute picture:

Happy Happy Knitting and I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

2 posts in 7 days

Look, I am posting twice in 7 days!  Yippee!

Happy Happy Thursday to all.

Last time I blogged I told you that my dog precious was at the groomer....well, here is her after picture.  Isn't she cute!  She has little bows in her hair (Yes, I promise this is the same dog)!

Oh, guess what?  I finished Camp Loopy Project number 2!  I love it.  Here is my Hitchhiker!!

Yesterday the rules for project 3 came out.  The only requirement is that the item needs to use 800 yards.  I am going to make a shawl called Groovy that I have wanted to make for a while.  I ordered my yarn yesterday.  Luscious Madeline Tosh Pashmina in Curiosity Colorway.  Here is a picture from TLE website.

I know many of you have heard me talk about one of my best friends, Darlene.  Well she is making the cutest purses for her grand are two panel not in purse form yet and then one of the final purses.....super cute!

I think you all know what a Longhorn fan I am....well, my daughter got me some great surprises from Cracker Barrel!  I love all the Longhorn stuff they have there.  Look at these chocolates and awesome shirt (that I wear everyday when I get home):

Well, I know this is a short post, but I was so excited about finishing my camp loopy #2 project, I just had to share with everyone!

Happy Happy Knitting and have a Happy Thursday!

Friday, July 12, 2013

It's been too long since I have posted.

It's been too long since I have posted.  Happy Happy Friday!!  Did everyone have a great 4th of July?  I had a rather lazy 4th of July, but that is perfect for me.  I did not knit as much as I normally would have with a holiday and 4 day weekend (I took the Friday after the 4th of July off, so I guess it was like a vacation).  Actually, my knitting mojo has been lacking lately.  I am really not sure why!  I LOVE to knit!  It is the thing I look forward to doing every day, but lately it seems like it is a chore to pull out my knitting......WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????  I hope my knitting mojo comes back soon.

For the 4th of July I went to Rockport (a last minute idea) with my boyfriend, his two sons, and a good family friend (like another son to both me and my boyfriend).  I knit on the beach for a while and it was very relaxing.  I even got a little sun that so far is turning into a slight tan (knock on wood, I never tan)!

Here is my beach knitting.

My daughter, Paige, got me a really cute longhorn cup that is 24oz.  This is a Tervis Tumbler and I am really liking these cups.  I already have a few in the 16oz. and now I have a big one!  Everyone knows how much I love the Longhorns!

Paige also cut Antonio's hair again.  It is a BUZZ is cute, but I miss the curls.  I know they will grow back.  Oh, on the good side of this haircut.....when Antonio eats Lemon Chicken and gets the sauce in his hair, it is super easy to clean out (Ask me how I know!)

Now....what have I been knitting on?  Well, I already mentioned that I have not been knitting as much as usual, so I only have two things to report.  My Hitchhiker for Camp Loopy #2 is at 26 teeth, and I am barely 2-3 inches into the cuff of a pair of socks (that are supposed to be finished by the end of July).

I think I have mentioned before that I love bags....all kinds of bags....Purses, beach bags, project bags, totes, anything!  Well, my one of my best friends, Darlene, found a new kind of bag called a Japanese Knot Bag (Or something like that) and one handle is bigger than the other and then when you carry it, you put the long handle thru the short handle and only have to hold onto the long handle.  Well, being the awesome Darlene that she is (one of her granddaughters calls her "Awesome Grannie"), she made me a longhorn one (I do not know how to sew).  I LOVE it and it is perfect travel size.

Isn't it cute?  Darlene and I have been talking about getting a knitting tattoo.  I have a picture of one that is an example of what we want to get.  We talked about the inside of wrist (just like in the picture) but I am not sure I want a tattoo there.  I want to see my tattoo (especially of a ball of yarn and knitting needles) but I want it easily covered up for work, maybe my shoulder or something....I am not sure.  Any suggestions? 

Lastly.....I have one dog whose hair grows long.  I have a Chihuahua, miniature dachshund, and chihuahua/terrier/something mix...these three dogs all have short hair and they shed.  I also have one Yorkshire Terrier whose hair grows long and she does not really shed.  I told her all week that I would get her into the groomer this week (when I really needed to do it a few weeks ago).  I stayed true to my promise this time.  Paige dropped her off for me this morning and I will pick her up this afternoon.  I did snap a 'before' picture.  Even with hair too long, she is still just as precious as she always is (and he name is Precious).  She is never happy going to the groomer, but she is always happy afterwards.  Here is the last time I blogged about her going to the groomer.  She always looks like a different dog when she is done.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I will be having a new AC unit installed for the upstairs during my SNB.  Lately, the upstairs AC has not been working as well as it should be. Happy Happy knitting to all!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th Of July coming up

Happy Happy Hump Day.  Today is like Friday to me because I have a long 4 day weekend.  Tomorrow is the 4th (Happy Independence day USA) and I took Friday off.

I plan on doing lots of knitting!

I finished the Sock Monkey sweater for Antonio, I am not 100% sure if it fits yet, but I hope to try it on him tonight (maybe more pics in the future).

Now on to Camp Loopy!  Project 2 started Monday, July 1 and I cast on during lunch and got 6 or 7 'teeth' done...I was soooo excited!

But then I realized that my 3rd tooth was 'off'.  I kept knitting because I did not think it was that bad, but in the long run, I decided to tink back to the 3rd tooth and retry:

Then, I realized my stitch count was still off but could not find my error...I am a numbers person and I knew this would bother me and I ripped all the way back and have my 2 stitches cast on....I will try again at lunch today!

In other parents got a new dog!  Their last dog passed away on Christmas Eve last year and they did not think they would get another one.....but my sister found a great website for a no kill animal organization and gently pushed them to look and they found Bella!  She is perfect for them.  She is 15 months and is a little rambunctious (did I spell that right?) but she is perfect (that is a little sock monkey toy she has...I just love sock monkeys)!

I also had a great surprise this past weekend.  One of my knitting friends,  was in town from Austin.  We texted over the weekend and went out to an early dinner on Sunday!  It was a great dinner.  Paige had to work so I took Antonio with me.  Judy played "Peek-A-Boo" with him and he ran around the restaurant that, thankfully, was fairly empty.  Thank you Judy for a great dinner, taking pictures and playing with Antonio!  Here is a great picture that Judy took of me and Antonio and one  that we asked the waitress to take of the 3 of us.

There is a giveaway on Facebook for a free yarn tender...these are super cool (I have also seen them used to wrap wine bottles).  You can go to her website to see all about the Yarn Tenders, but before you send her an email with your shipping address, be sure to Like her Facebook Page and send her a screen shot that you did Like her facebook page.....I am anxiously awaiting mine!

Remember my friend, Jo, that made awesome hats, booties, and leg warmers for my two newest grand daughters?  Well her crafty-ness is awesome.  She makes these cool magnetic boards so you can put your patterns on them and a magnet over them so you can follow your pattern perfectly.  I asked her if she could make me a longhorn one and she went one step further....she made a longhorn one that is also motorcycle themed.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is sooooo awesome!!!!  Thank you Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it seems like my week was busier, but there is really not anything else to report.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July and a super duper weekend!  Here is a 4th of July Knitting Monster pic I found:

Happy Happy Knitting everyone!