Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Welcome New Ramirez Famiy Members!

Hi everyone!  Sorry I did not blog yesterday, but Tuesday is going to have to be this week's Monday.....On Sunday, Darlene and I went to go get the newest members of the Ramirez Family......Meet Max (right) and Purl (left) !

These dogs were in Oklahoma and Darlene and I met the lady who had them in the Ft Worth Area......I really think these dogs were just meant to be mine!  They are great!  I fell instantly in love with them!

I have a few stash enhancements to show this week.....two were gifts and only one purchased and the purchased one is not yarn......

I got a new Harley ring that I really like:

I also wanted to show you a picture of my nails glowing in the dark....it is very hard to photograph....they are a little brighter in real life:

I got my prizes from the Hiya Hiya Group......two of these sets are going to Darlene

and one set along with lots of Panda Li clicks will be prizes on the Podcast!

Louise sent me a beautiful Bis Sock yarn for my work in the Biscotte Group.....the colorway is Lilas et moi.

As for knitting....all I worked on are my mom's socks.  I did not have as much knitting time this week as I usually do....especially with such a busy past weekend.  One is bound off and needs a heel, the other just needs ribbing, bind off and heel.

I also got caught up to the 12th of June on my temperature blanket....it is growing!  I have even hit the red and cranberry colors....pretty soon we will hit mixed berry.

and I just barely started some toes for Paige's socks!

Well, that is all I have for the past week.  I hope to get more knitting in this coming weekend as I have zero plans except knitting :)

Here are Max and Purl picture overload:

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, June 11, 2018


Hi everyone!  How are you?  I am fine......we are back from the ROT rally in Austin, TX and it was HOT.  We hit lots of snags, but I am home safe and tired...LOL!  I will insert tons of pics at the end of the blog post.

As far as knitting....I hardly knit at all.....it was hot and knitting was not top on my list.

First....before the ROT I got my nails and toes done.  I decided to go with glow in the dark Orange for the fingernails (in some dip powder thing I have never had done) and my toes got just regular neon orange.

Then, Darlene found two dachshunds in Oklahoma that need a new home and I am going to get them next Sunday......I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED...Meet Birdie (left) and Max (right)....I am not sure if I am going to keep their names or not...we will see

Then off to the ROT....I was going to take my never to work on but decided on my Sandbank instead because it is older than my Nuvem....when I got in the truck and pulled it out to knit on.....no needles on the tips :(

Once at the ROT, I got all set up....

Jaime got a new (to him) bike that we took....a 2004 Dyna Low Rider

We had a great sunset

 Jaime noticed a tire on the RV trailer that was about to blow, so we called a friend who was coming to the ROT the next day to bring us one.

One of Jaime's friends rented an 8 seater golf cart (we all pitched in our amount) to ride around the parade route with

Thursday I tried a new Sweet Tea vodka that I really enjoyed....

Thursday night the AC went out......and Friday morning we had to go get a window unit

The only other snag we had was on the way home....a bearing went out on the motorcycle trailer, but one of Jaime's friends came and we put the trailer in the bed of his truck and then the friend drove the motorcycle to Jaime's house (while his girlfriend drove his truck to Jaime's house).

I did get to knit a little on the Sandbank here and there......so a little knitting was done

I need to catch up on my temperature blanket too...but that was too much to take with me.

Here are some pics my friends took while there......see ya next week

ZZ Top concert:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!