Monday, April 16, 2018

Sock Madness Round 2

Hi was your week?  Mine was great, although I wish I was still on a cruise a ship somewhere....but it was time to get back to work and back to reality.

On the day I got back from the cruise, the pattern for sock madness round 2 was sent out.......and speaking of reality, I was going to be realistic and I did not have time to knit these socks, so I did not start them.  Instead I started the fingerless mitts I need to do a test knit on.....I think I showed them to you last is my progress:

I hit a snag on the first mitt and had to rip back...

 but I got back on track:

Then I hit a bump on the mitts and they needed to go into time out for a instead of knitting on the eleventy billion other things I have started....what did I do?  I started the round 2 sock madness socks.....what was I thinking?  It's all Darlene's fault, she is the one that told me to do them.....

I started on Thursday and I got 1 and 1/2 done this past weekend......

I also dropped a stitch in the brioche and after picking it up, I have a little hole....but I think it is going to have to stay there.....cuz I am pretty sure I am not tinking back!

I worked very little on my Rugged Coat, Cruse shawl, and Harry Potter socks.......

Lastly I have some stash enhancements......Knitterly Things dyed yarn called As Ewe Like it....and I got the Bags By Awesomegrannie back to match it....this yarn was dyed to match this fabric and had a kit....but of course I only love Bags By Awesomegrannie bags...I am in LOVE!

Recently I watched the first 2 Fifty Shades movies (I love them)....and Annastasia had a purse I immediately fell in love with!

So I found it and ordered in black (the maroon was sold out anyway):

Yes, on top of being a Yarn Ho....I am a Purse/Bag Ho....I just love them!

Well, that is all I have....Here is Precious being a lazy butt (after keeping me up all night during a thunderstorm)....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Plethora of Vacation Pictures

Hi everyone....I am back from Vacation.....did ya miss me?  I wish I was still on vacation, getting up for work was super hard this morning!  Well, let me jump into my knitting and then give you picture overkill from my vacation!

While on the cruise, I worked on my Rugged Coat and my "Cruise Project" which is a Free Your Fade made with the cruise kit yarn and done in the cruise project schematic....I wanted to be able to say that I knitted on it while on the cruise  :)

That was all I worked on while on the cruise...but I took several other things.

I have a pair of fingerless mitts I am testing the pattern on.....I started this before the cruise, but never worked on it during the cruise...I only have the ribbing done on one mitt.

I also got caught up with my temperature blanket this past weekend after the cruise and started some Christmas knitting.

Darlene and I did a short podcast and I added a bunch of pictures to the end of that if you want to see it, it is here.

Now for Picture Overload!  Enjoy!

Packed Bags!

Our Ship
 Our Room
First Drinks
 Darlene wanted a Martini
TV in room showing our progress, we are the arrow

 Knitting on Deck

 Formal Wear Night

 Toes in the sand
 On the Beach
 Port in Mexico

 Our Waiter, Desmond
 Our wait staff, Manjula and Desmond

 Me and Rosanna!

 Last morning of knitting

 Tenia and Tami in the night life
 Rosanna and Tenia
 Room View

 I came home to the most beautiful flowers from my parents welcoming me home....they came over daily to hang out with Precious!

That is all....Happy Happy Happy Knitting!