Monday, August 13, 2018

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Hi have you been?  I have been great.  I feel like I have had a great week....I hope this week is just as great!  I have lots of puppies to show you and tell you about the puppies......

First for the knitting......I finished the Parallel Waves Shawl for Rosanna!  It looks great on her!

The only other thing I worked on was my Hitofude....I was a week behind...but now I am finally caught up....Yippee!!!!!!

Jaime and I had dinner with Nick and Star on Saturday night and did a repeat of Margaritas and Nachos like last was delicious and I did not snap a single pic.....sorry.

Sunday it was time for dinner with my family....Grace leaves to college on Wednesday, so we had a mini good luck party for her, and at that get together, we got to meet some new puppies, but sister recently lost one of her dogs....Hunter....he was very sick and he will be missed so much.

However, 2 days before losing Hunter, she got two new puppies.  Nikolai and Oslo (Niki and Ozzy for short).

Here is Jaime holding Niki

Oma with both

 Opa and Niki

 Grace with Ozzy

Oma with Ozzy (I think Opa is in the background sleeping with Niki):

My sister still has Sasha and Savannah (Nana for short):

Here is Sasha and Sean

Nana (yup, she is getting up there in age):

Then, Bizzle got a new puppy....a great dane that she has not named yet.  Bizz lives with her sister, so the dog was going to stay at Paige's house.....but Bizz's sister said that if Bizz cleans more around the house, that the dog can stay with them......Antonio and Paige are pretty smitten with her:

Well, that is all I really have.  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Feeling Better!

Well, I am feeling much better!  Apparently I was feeling worse than I thought last week because I just realized that I never published last weeks blog post......GRRRRRRR....if you are interested, I finally posted it here.

I still have a few days of antibiotics and I cannot wait to finish them....they make my mouth taste like metal...LOL!

So what have I been up to?  Well, I finished the Augusta Shawl!

And then worked on my friend's Parallel Waves Shawl....I got like 25 more rows done (from the stitch marker in the picture all the way up)....I still need about 50 more rows to finish.

Then Paige told me that Bizzle (her best friend) is about to have a nephew (Bizzle's brother's wife is due) and the baby shower is Sunday at noon (she told me this on Saturday).....

I sent her pics of blue yarn

She picked the dark one......Then Jaime and I went to have nachos and Margaritas :)

Yup, in the midst of knitting emergency, we had date night.

So on Sunday I cast on the hat for Paige and finished in a few hours....and she thinks I am amazing :)

I was also very proud of Paige....she went to give free back to school hair cuts this past weekend.

The only other thing I knit on this week was my hitofude....I am still not caught up because I started over a week later...but I am still trying to catch up.  LOL!

Lastly, I got a new t-shirt that I love!  It is a little snug (I need to loose weight) so I ordered a man's size too in red, but it has not come in yet.

That is all I have.......Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting

Foggy Me Means Froggy Knitting and Crocheting

NOTE:  This was supposed to be posted last Wednesday the 1st of August, but apparently I was still feeling worse than I thought because I never hit the publish button (and did not realize it till today when I went to blog again).....Here it is all late!

Hi guys and have ya'll been?  Me?  I have been foggy the last few days.  I did go to the dr and she said I have a sinus infection and an ear infection (funny thing is, my ears were not even bothering head and stomach were)....this in turn lead to more frogging than I care to admit to.

The biggest of which was Rosanna's shawl.

I was knitting.....

 and knitting....and so happy with my progress....
 when I realized I attached a wrong color
 frogging 6 rows
 but now corrected...and I picked up all 288 stitches from the provisional cast on and am ready to do the other side!  Yahoo!

Then there is a new project.....I blame this all on the LSSK gals (Beverly and Alice for the most part) is a crocheted blanket that I thought was sooooo I got the yarn (yes, bad me on a yarn diet)....

 and watched the video and got started....I LOVE IT!

Even with the video, I screwed I had to rip out a couple of rows of the grey you see here...but I hope to get that one back on track soon.

Then there is the Hitofude......remember I started it with Darlene....well, she noticed that mine was bigger than hers and we were at the same point of knitting.....and she was I did not even frog, I just cut the yarn and started over after doing a couple of gauge swatches.

 New Start
 Trying to catch up
Lastly the Augusta Shawls seems to be the only thing I have not screwed up.....I am completely out of white and black now and only have the oranges and reds to go:

I had Antonio on Saturday and he is just like his Ga-Ma....I made bacon and he ate the whole plate (he ate his eggs first):

He also wanted to make a we did....can you see Max trying to get some too?

On Sunday was when I started feeling the morning my babies all sat with me....too bad Alexa can't get me a cup of coffee....

By Monday, Max knew I was not feeling well and did not want to leave my side.

Then yesterday I got the see the dr and get some antibiotics to help me feel better

That is also the reason I am delayed in sorry.

Oh, earlier in the week, Paige gave me a hair cut...she cut off about 5-7 inches....I love it!

Well, that is all I have......Have a great week everyone.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!