Monday, November 13, 2017

Just 6 more weeks......

Hi has your week been?  Mine has been pretty good....but fairly un-eventful...LOL!  Did you know we are only 6 weeks away from Christmas?  Yikes!

I will get to my Christmas knitting later, let me start with stash enhancements.....I got the Leading Men Fiber Arts colorway for November...just one more month!  This one is called Winter is beautiful!

I also got some Stitch Markers from fripperies and bibelots.....they are non circular, which is supposed to help when knitting lace and there are yo's on either side of the stitch marker:

I have a new yarn on the is a custom order from Carie at The Creative Obsession.....I have a sneak peak picture for you....

I am going to make Portage with this I borrowed some of Darlene's that is the same base and cast on to see how it looks (and yes, I did a gauge swatch!).  This yarn is going to knit up beautifully!

We had a few semi-chilly days this past week and Paige told me that she could not find a hat I knit her (way back in 2015) that she loved...

So I started her a new one.....

Then a few days later she told me she found her original hat....I have not decided if I am going to frog this or not...I may just finish it!

She said she also wanted some 'olive' socks to match...well, I did not have exact Olive color fingering yarn, but I had some Must Stash self striping yarn in the Beetlejuice colorway......I was going to wait a while to cast them on, but.......

Jaime had a colonoscopy this past Tuesday so I got lots of waiting room knitting done....they took over 4 hours to call him back and then a couple more hours after I started those Beetlejuice socks for Paige......

I also worked on my Brioche Magic hat in the waiting room and finished it the next day!

Lastly, I worked on my Daddy's Ranger......I was able to join the sleeves...and I was sooooo excited!

So I continued to work on it....about 20 more rows.....

And then I saw this........GASP!

So I put it away.....If I frog, it will be over 60 rows and we are only 6 weeks away from Christmas.....I am going to try to drop down the stitches today and see if I can fix it....I am a little tempted to leave it, but I know it will bug me!

Well, that is all I have for this past week.....I had Antonio this past weekend.....and he painted a pumpkin, this boy loves to paint!

He also got his sparing gear from his Karate place.....he tests this coming Thursday for a Yellow Belt with a white stripe.....I hope he gets it!  Paige and I are going to go and I am afraid that us being there will make him nervous....but we will see!

Well....that is it for me.....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 6, 2017

It feels like Christmas already!

Hi everyone...How has your week been?  Mine has been great!  I say that it feels like Christmas already not only because the stores have Christmas stuff out....but because I got two pre-Christmas presents.....

I bought myself an iMac...

And Darlene got me the greatest pre-Christmas gift...the David's Tea advent calendar and their Christmas mug!  I had one of these calendars last year and I loved it...I already love this one....Day 1 was "Let it Snow" flavor and it was delicious!  Yes, I had day one in November.....Don't Judge!

The mug starts with a black wolf and when hot tea is in it, the wolf turns white, and when it is just warm, it is grey.....such a fabulous mug!  I love it!  Thank you Darlene!

I also got my Swap Package...I participated in the Advent Mini Swap that Melissa from the Spicyhomemaker podcast did....and my package came!  Now, I have not opened my minis yet, but I did open my "Open Now" package and it was fabulous...I cannot wait to make a sweater from the Cocoknits book!

Here is a closeup of the yarn she got me (you can barely see it to the left on the above picture):

Here is the package I sent her (unfortunately, one of the small packages was missing, but she got all but one):

The grandkids had a great Halloween....we all went to Paige's house.  I passed out candy at her house (Jazz, the grandpup helped) and the kids all trick or treated!

Even Paige dressed up!

As for me....I was Batgirl, but did not get a picture of I will share a cute Halloween Pic: for knitting....Yes, this is a knitting blog....I got some stash enhancements....I ordered some Hedgehog DK yarn to make a hat....I was just itching to make a hat....the pattern is called "Magic Brioche" and I am hoping to make two hats with this for me, and one for Paige.

And I worked on my Daddy's Ranger...I am sure you guys are as tired of this sweater as I am....LOL! I am hoping to have the sleeves joined or super ready to join by next week!

Well, that is really all I have.....but on a side note, Antonio is OBSESSED with fidget we made one of ice and froze here is an ice fidget spinner!  He was so excited!

Oh, and I almost forgot.....I bought a Kitchen Aid and all weekend I tried making bread.  I have made 5 loaves and I still do not have it down just right, but I have been enjoying trying to do it and taste testing my bread 😍 Maybe one day I will be a 'baker'...LOL!  😂😂😂😂

Well, that is really all I have....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall Fabulousness

Hi everyone....How are you?  I am fabulous....Darlene and I went to the SAFR Fall Retreat at Paradise Canyon and it was amazing!  I got lots of knitting done....but pretty much on just one Daddy's Ranger.  Here is the Ranger....two sleeves done at a little over 10" of the body!

I worked a little on a few other things, but not enough to even warrant a picture....I did a few rows on Naima, Knotted Chain Poncho, and my crochet blanket.....Darlene and I have decided we need to not let things sit for so long....we have no clue where we are in the pattern!  LOL!

I also have a few Stash Enhancements.....the October Leading Men Fiber Arts Colorway.....Trap Door...I love this color!

I got some yarn from Skein in the graphite colorway

And a super cute sweatshirt that says "Shut the Hell Up, I am counting!"

That is all the knitting stuff I have this week.....Celeste went to a party and got painted like a sugar skull and I love it!  She is so darling!

Well, that is really all I I will leave you with picture OVERLOAD of the Retreat this past weekend!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!