Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is everyone ready for Turkey Day?  I am NOT!  Thankfully I am going to my aunt's house so I do not have too much to do!  I only have to make 2 dishes, but I still need to go grocery shopping....Yikes!  I did want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  I hope you have a wonderful time!

I had a pretty busy week at work last week.....and it seriously affected my knitting time.  I moved from one building to another at work (right across a parking lot and driveway).  It was not far, but I was the "Move Coordinator" and that sucked up my time, and it make me super tired in the evenings (what's up with that?)!  In my old building I never saw daylight.....the building was made of concrete with very few windows.....well, the new building is made of lots of glass and look at my new view from my desk!  I am super excited!

I have some pretty exciting semi-stash enhancements....first, do you remember when I was going to try to crochet a hippo for Darlene?  Well, I failed miserably...but I met a wonderful lady on ravelry named Denise.....she made the hippo for Darlene and one for me (Can you guess mine is the longhorn color one?)

I gave Darlene hers this morning....I was going to wait till Christmas, but I just couldn't....she loved it.

Denise, I have no clue if you read my blog or not...but THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You ROCK!

I got my 4th and final shipment from Strickmich!Club 2015.  As I have said all along, I did not join for 2016, but the funny party was......I did not even get an invite to join again (usually current members get to sign up first) I am guessing they did not want me back!

I had a SNB a my house a few weeks ago and a good friend of mine showed up with a backpack that looked like cable knitted, I did not NEED a backpack....but I got one!  LOL!  Isn't it cute?

I am also doing a New Products for Hiya Qianer sent me 10 silk eye masks, 10 Octopus Snips, and 10 Sheep Needle Gauges.....I am keeping one set and swapping the other 9 can read all about it here.  Thank you Qianer!

The stash enhancement I am most excited about is a large bag that Darlene made for me.  Her hubby made her a large bag like was meant to be a sweater bag for an awesome sweater that she was making her hubby (more on that later)...but it is so large, you can carry anything in it......well, this was pretty much a one of a kind and she is not selling it in her shop....but I found the cutest sheep material and I asked her if she would make me one if I paid her.....of course she said yes (because she is awesome) and I am soooooo thankful to her for everything she does for me.....This bag is so awesome....I just love it...and it has straps!!  I already have my stuff in it ready to go.  Thank you so much Darlene!

As for the knitting.....well, I finished the socks for Paige.....I know this seems kind of minor, but these socks are much  larger than any other socks I have knit....she wanted them 'baggy' and 'loose'.  These socks were about 350 yards of BLACK!

I also worked on my doodler.....I finally finished wedge 17 and I only had 6 grams of yarn left!  WOW!  Now I am onto clue 2.....seems I am staying a clue behind because clue 3 is already out and I am not even 1/2 done with clue 2.....but here it is a little hard to see because clue 2 is all black (I must be crazy to knit with so much black)...but it is coming along! remember I told you about the awesome sweater that Darlene was making her hubby?  Well, she finished it and it is just phenomenal!  It fits her hubby perfect and he loves it....Way to Go Darlene!

Well, that is it....sad, I know.  I had Antonio all weekend, and I have Celeste and Cat tonight, then Antonio again I am not sure when I will ever be able to knit again!  Ha, Ha!

I leave you with some fun pics.....

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Celeste!

Hello everyone!  How was your week?  Well, mine was productive....but not so much in the knitting area.

I have only knit on one thing all week, and that is my Doodler Clue 1....yes, Clue 2 has come out, and I have not even started it....I am on my last and final wedge of clue 1 (Number 17)...

I was productive in my yarn stash!  First, I acquired a few more skeins of yarn.  Here are a few stash enhancements......

The most exciting part was I also had friends come over and help me get my Ravelry Yarn Stash up to, it is not 100% up to date, but I know what is done and what is not...and it is much more manageable now!

Here are a few photos......Thank you so much to Tami and Melissa!

Then, I got some more Hiya Hiya Needles for hostessing KAL's for Qianer.....thank you Qianer....these are the Large needle sets in both 5" and 4" with "Knitphomaniac" lasered on the tips....they are awesome!

Then, it was grandchildren time.....Jaime and I were going to go out to Red Lobster on Thursday night...but someone missed me (and I missed him too), so look who met me to eat dinner with me?  Best Date Ever!

Celeste's birthday is Nov 22, but she had her party a little early.....she was having a double party with her cousin, Mia.  They booked a whole skating rink just for the party after hours.

First, I told Antonio I would pick him up and take him with me (since mom works later than when it started)....boy was he tired.....

It is good he got a little nap in...cuz next it was time to skate:

I think it was a great party.....Celeste had a great time and even Cataleya got into the dancing spirit...and Paige got roller skates on too.....Antonio enjoyed chasing her around the rink in tennis shoes....LOL!

And no skating event would be completely without the Hokie Pokie...even if Antonio does not know his right from his left!

Happy Birthday Celeste!  I hope you had a great time!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!!

So, I prefer to be a couple days early other than a couple days late....I want to say Happy Veteran's Day to all our Veterans out there and a Big 'Ole Texas THANK YOU!

I am going to start with some stash enhancements that I do not have a good picture of.....but do you remember my Haunted Sock yarn from The Cozy Knitter?

Here it is if you do not remember:

Well, I had her do two custom colorways for with Large stripes and one with Small stripes...this is what she drew up for me....I am going to have to get some pics and share them next week.

I got my new Northern Lights Black Nickel 5" 3.5" set should be here this week!

And I bought myself a ring....I know this is not knitting related, but I love it!

Okay, as for the knitting.....I do not have much.  I worked a lot on Paige's socks....I got both of them past the heel...then did some increases because she wants the legs 'loose' and kind of puffy.

Then it was time for clue 1 to the Stephen West MKAL.....well, I started Friday at lunch....

But I realized I did it wrong (the pic above is the wrong way) when I got home, I re-started:

and I spent a lot of time on this guy.....

I am TRYING (and I do mean trying) to do this whole shawl with continental is going, but it is going slow....sometimes I find myself going back to my throwing...but I try to change back to continental right away......

I got done with the 10th wedge....I still have 7 more wedges to go...and the rows are getting these last few wedges will take a while...I hope to finish by Friday before clue 2 comes there are some finishers of clue one (of course) and clue 1 seams to take all of yarn color I am really curious as to where he goes with the next clues with only colors B and C.

We had a little bit of a cold front come in this past weekend.....and I decided to make a was nice and cozy with a cup of tea, football on the TV and knitting in hand.

Well, that is all I have....only 2!  I am slacking....ha, ha!

Have a great week!