Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I'm sorry!

I'm so late sorry.  But that means I had a great long weekend.  I took off Friday and Tuesday...for a 5 day weekend!  What did I do?

Well, Jaime and I went to Bandera with the RV

I decided to start a new blanket for Grace..these are her school colors, but I think I am going to frog it.  The pattern is Cactus Garden and I am afraid the patterning will make this blanket look, like a spiderman blanket because it will looks like webs or I will hunt down a different pattern.

Since Jaime towed the Jeep, he took me to the two yarn stores in town.....both were very nice and pleasant....I bought some stitch markers from Lavendar and Sage...she was so sweet, and in the bag she bagged my stitch markers in, was a card with a stitch marker and two buttons.....soooo nice of her!

While I was in Bandera, my DIL was in the 2019 Alamo Showdown classic.  She was in the amateur division for bikini, figure, athletic, physique & Bodybuilding (I think).  She won 2nd place in Novice and 4th place in Open (I honestly have no clue what that means).....I am so proud of her!

When I got home.....I had a new dog in my house.  I told you how Kayta comes to visit...well, now I had a new puppy in my house.  I was on the phone with my mom and she heard the little puppy bark and she said "who is that" and I said, "oh, there was a puppy in my house when I got home." and she laughed so hard.....OMG...only I can come home to a new dog in my house.  It left a few hours later....probably a neighbors dog that came thru a hole in the fence.

Antonio and I went to Darlene's house to hang out on Monday....Here is Antonio playing with Betty (he made a face right before I snapped the pic).

While I am talking about dogs....Here is a pic of Bizz's two great danes...they are super cute!

Antonio is back in Soccer...I took him to practice last night....dang this boy has some flashy gear

Now for the knitting......I worked mostly on a secret test knit I cannot show....but I did block my torbellino and try it is a little wide at the neck...

I ordered some yarn to make a Good Vibes Throw......

I also ordered some yarn to crochet a blanket for my new personal trainer's to be born in December baby.  I went to Paige's gym yesterday and signed up....Yes, I know I have access to a free gym at work, but I do not know what I am I need his help.  His name is Nathan and he owns Move.Fit.Live and he and his wife are expecting their first child (a girl to be named Sophia) in December.

I am going to use the Red Heart Amore yarn in light pink, white and hot pink.  I do not have the yarn yet....but here are the colors.

So as you can see I am continuing with my exercising and working out....I hope I see some results soon.....that is all I have for the week....and again, sorry I was late!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Hello October!

Good Morning!  How are you?  Welcome October!

It was a bit cooler this I am feeling a small change......and I am wearing my Weekender Welcome Sweater Weather!

Speaking of sweaters.....I finished my Torbellino!

I hope to wear it later this week!  So what else did I do?

Well, I ate pizza......gluten free and it was delicious!

Kayta (I have no clue if I spell this right) came over for a visit

I had seven (yes seven) vials of blood drawn to see if it tells me if there is something wrong with me....I am still tired daily.

My rockstar sister and her husband (and other friends) rode 150 miles this past weekend for the MS 150....they have some friends with MS they ride for every they are after day 1 and 75 miles done.

 I went to the personal trainer again and this ball kicked my ass!

As far as friends at the Thursday night knit group talked me into starting the Westkntis is called Starflake....

I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this KAL......I also have a test knit I have been working on (that is secret) and I found out this past weekend I am the most behind I need to get my crap together!

I am also working on the Wallaby for Paige

and started a Wallaby for Darlene's great niece, Elly.

Lastly, I have some adorable pictures of newest grandson.

Have a great week!

Happy, Happy, Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Tomorrow is October?

Can you believe that tomorrow is October?  I can't....but it is true!

I really do not have a lot this week.....since I mostly only worked on my Torbellino.  I finished one sleeve.

I ordered the 2nd skein of yarn for my Phoenix....and decided I wanted the yellow on the out to burgundy, then go from burgundy to I am gonna frog my initial start....and I restarted last night.

I got another new Bags By Awesomegrannie XL bag that I LOVE....such pretty witches!

Lastly, I got some new Harry Potter Pajamas!

That is all I have......have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!