Monday, August 22, 2016

Back From Vacation!

Hi was your week?  Mine was fabulous (except a little sad news later).  We went on a mini-Vacation this past weekend and I loved every second of it!  Ger ready for some picture overload!

We left on Thursday and went to Rockport, friend of Jaime's has an RV park and rents out a couple of the RV's.

First there was some on the road knitting!

Then we got to our RV....this was home for 4 days and 3 nights.....

Then time to take some pictures of the scenery

We walked out to the end of the pier for some terrible selfies

And some more scenery/sunset:

Then I knitted some on my Rennandi....

Then some more sky pictures:

 and the sunset...

The next morning I finished the main body, but still needed to pick up stitches and knit the sides:

I worked a little more on my socks......

We had some friends over and did a little too much drinking, but I got another sunset picture...

Jacob (Jaime's oldest son) caught a fish...he caught several fish, but this was probably the biggest....we could have kept it, but he let it go.

I finished the Rennandi a little bit before we left:

and then worked on the socks again on the drive back (I may have napped a little too...remember the 'little too much to drink" part above)....

On the way home we kept seeing the bails of cotton in trucks and I was jut fascinated by is the only square one I saw (all others were round)...and it had orange wrap, as if it were calling my name!

When I got home, I got a better picture of my socks and rennandi.....and I forgot to mention that I also did 4 repeats on a front panel of the black sweater....I am trying to keep up with those 4 repeats per weekend!

Well, that is all I have knitting wise.....but it was back to school time for some of the kiddos here in SA.  My niece and nephew went to high school (Grace and Sean)....and Antonio started his first day of school....first day of Pre-K....

Last week I showed you a picture of Precious in her new dog bed and mentioned how now she and Star have their own pet beds....well, my Star passed away yesterday.  It was nice and peaceful and she was old (16)....and she will be missed.

On a happier/funny note, one of Carol's dogs (her name is Georgie) is a chocolate lab mix and she thinks she can fit in Precious' small bed.....she did not stay in it long, but she did fit!

Have a fabulous week everyone!  Happy Happy Happy knitting!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Three Item kind of an FO!

Hello everyone!  How was your week?  Mine was fabulous!  It was a "Three Item" kind of week.....I knitted on 3 items....and started and finished a crocheted item.

First, Stash enhancements......I got that sock blank with lips on it.  I love it!  I cannot wait to knit on this!  I am going to make Stephen West's Briochevron Cowl with this....I have paired it up with a skein of Biscotte Cie Sock yarn that will go perfectly with it (the Biscotte Cie is super soft!)!

I also got my yarn from Miss Babs....I am going to use this for my Celestarium.  I should have been good an just used a skein of black or grey Wollmeise Lace I have in my stash....but I wanted to knit with this Katahdin (selfish, I know!).

I added this skein of Yummy 2 Ply sock yarn in the Naked colorway to get free shipping, and because everyone needs a 'Naked' in their life.....I may dye it or use it as is...not sure!

Now for my FO......I took off this past Friday to watch I had him Thursday night, Friday and Saturday...on Saturday he saw me knitting (he has seen me knit many times) and said, "Ga-Ma, will you make me a mask?"  I did not really understand what he meant till he pointed to my knitting and said "A Captain America Mask!"  So off to Ravelry I went and I found a cute crocheted pattern.  So, while he worked on making himself a spaceship (with a spray bottle, paper towel roll, colored electrical tape, and markers)....I made him this hat.  He really loved it!

Now for WIPS.....well, I had the never ending spire......I have exactly 1/2 of the edging done...this edging is taking FOREVER!

Last week I worked 4 repeats on one of the front panels of the black sweater....this week I worked 4 repeats on the other front panel of the black sweater....I think maybe 4 repeats a week and I might actually get this thing moving along!

Then there is Rennandi....I am on my LAST stripe of the Volcanic Ash/Grey color.  I am very excited to finish this....maybe I will be able to finish it this week (fingers crossed):

Well, that is all I have for knitting.  I hope to get lots of knitting done this coming week.  Jaime and I leave to Rockport on Thursday and come back Sunday......I have tons of lazy knitting plans for all 4 days :)

As I mentioned earlier....I had Antonio for most of the weekend....we had lots of fun and even had Celeste and Cataleya come over for a here are some of my favorite pics...

Breakfast...a biscuit and a peach!

I got a new "Life of Pets" Dachshund over at my Baba's house (which is my mom...Baba is short for Babushka...which is Russian for Grandma).

Making my spaceship (Yes, I am watching Knotty Knit Wits in the background).

Trying on the hat as it is being made:

 Beautiful Celeste and crazy Peace Sign Antonio (and precious of course):

Cataleya and Antonio making more peace signs....and again, Precious is there.

Cataleya with Precious....she loves the dogs!

Oh, and Precious got a new dog bed from my sister....her did did not fit in I have a small bed for Star and a small bed for Precious!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Busy August Already

Hi everyone....How have you been?  I have been busy....I had a nice relaxing weekend and got lots of knitting done.

First....Stash Enhancements.  Have you seen all the cool sock blanks by so many fabulous artists?  Well, last Monday I snagged one of those awesome sock blanks by AndreSueKnits, but then realized it was not really the one I wanted (hey, when you are just trying to 'get one' it gets a little crazy)...but that is okay because I have a friend that wanted this she bought it from me and I asked the dyer to send it straight to was a Hot Air Balloons Sock Blank and it went to my great friend, Melissa!

Then, I snagged another sock blank from AndreSueKnits yesterday....I do not have it yet, but it is the Lips Sock Blank:...I cannot wait to get it.  I was also able to score a second blank in these lips pattern this morning for my other great friend, Tami!  So excited!

I also got some beads......yes, I know beads can be boring...but not these beads.  See, Darlene has been wanting to make Celestarium for a long time....then, Michelle from the Knotty Knit Wits podcast decides to start one and then both Darlene and I have the itch to make this gorgeous shawl.  I will use yarn from stash...and Darlene will use some yarn from my stash plus an extra small skein more to get enough yardage, but it was only like $20.00.  Anyway, I wanted to try the 'silver lining' we got some from Knit Picks:

Then, early this morning I get tagged on Instagram....Michelle finished hers!  She is leaving on a cruise in a week and I had made her a spreadsheet to help her keep up with how much she needed to knit per day to get it done and she did it!  It is sooooooo gorgeous!  Congrats Michelle!

This just makes me want to cast on now....but I will be good and finish my spire first (I hope)!

Speaking of Spire....I finally started the applied border and I got one side done!  Now just 3 more sides to go!

I finished the blanket for my boss this week....I hope he and his wife like it.  The nursery is purple and white, but I had to add some pink in there....1,117 yards crocheted!  :)

I also worked on Teresa's sweater....I did 4 repeats on one of the front panels:

and I worked a little on my Rennandi.....

Jaime and I had another Hot Rot Night this past I started my socks with tiny cuffs and then worked on them at Hot Rod Night....sock are the easiest thing for me to work on while I am there:

Then we went to the Deer Lease yesterday....that is all knitting time for I worked on them a little more (I was craving the pure stockinette after working on Spire so much):

That is all the knitting I have for this week.....I do have some pictures to share of me when I was a little girl....maybe Wakefield, Nebraska on my Aunt and Uncle's ranch next to the church he was a pastor at:

Lastly....possibly the cutest knitting picture ever.  I have lots of friends doing the spouse challenge on FB where they post a picture of them and their spouse 7 days in a row (or something like that)....well, Melissa (the same one above that got the Hot Air Balloons Blank) posted this picture on her day one.....I just love it!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!