Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My baby is growing up!

Hi everyone!  How has your week been?  Mine has been crazy.  My baby youngest child is Paige....so at the age of 19, she is my baby!  But she is growing up....she went out of town this past weekend...she came home late last night....she has never been on a plane....and she was going to CO to visit a friend and traveling all alone......so she is growing up alright!

Her flight left Austin at 6:20 am.....so we had to get up at 2:45 to leave the house by 3:45 to get here there early......She made it to her gate....and got a window seat.....and made it all the way to CO to see her friend, Tara (on the left)....when she came home, her flight was delayed 4 1/2 hours so I had to pick her up at the airport at 3:35 am.....

This made for a very busy week for me.....Early last week, Antonio was sick....he was better by Wednesday....on Thursday, Paige needed to bring me my car back so they stayed for dinner, then her and Antonio spent the night Friday (so we could get up so early on Saturday)....and I have had Antonio all weekend.  His uncle did come pick him up Saturday night to Sunday afternoon.....why do I mention all of this?  Because Me + Antonio = Very Little Knitting!  OK, on to the knitting!

First, I worked like a knitting ninja to finish Paige's hat for her to take to CO:

Other than that....all I really worked on is socks......  The Hiya Hiya Sail Lace II socks:

My Loopy Academy Socks:

And some new socks for a Hiya Hiya KAL.   The pattern is called Team Spirit and it is colorwork....I am using some funky colors, so the colorwork does not really 'stand out' but I think once I get a little farther, it will.

This is the yarn:

This is the first sock:

I did have some stash enhancements.....I love the bright colored yarn above so much, I got some more...there was a sale and I could not help but buy more of them....it is Regia:

While I was buying Regia, I saw they have a new yarn with Outlast....which is supposed to be temperature controlling....so I got some green and blue solid to make some socks with (some time in the distant future):

This past weekend was the Dallas/Ft. Worth Fiber Festival....and I have a few friends that went. They are so awesome they texted me pictures and bought some yarn for me (and I paid them back of course).....it is nice to have friends willing to spend your money.....Miss Babs has two new yarn bases.  One of them is called Killington.  It is a sportweight and it has 700 yards...85% merino and 15% silk!  It is heavenly!  I got two skeins of Bat Sh*t Crazy to make Toujours by Joji Locatelli and one skein of Mayhem because it looks like biker chick with purple...I just loved the colors!

I also had them snag me a couple of skeins of Kama Sutra from MustStash Yarn.  I love all of Stacie's self striping yarn!  I got two because one is for Darlene :)

My pink yarn that I ordered for the Miss Babs Tour came in too!

More turtle purl yarn to make burberry socks for my sister and niece.

And a friend of mine snagged some Lollipop yarn, so she let me trade yarn for this skein of Home Grown....reminds me of the Zac Brown Band song....Homegrown!

I participated in the DCS Podcast Pigskin Party and I won a skein of yarn from Lilliput....the blues and greens are not really my color....but it is beautiful!

This past weekend was the Dallas/Ft. Worth Fiber Festival....and I have a few friends that went.  They are so awesome they texted me pictures and bought some yarn for me (and I paid them back of course).....it is nice to have friends willing to spend your money.....I do not have the greatest pictures....so you will have to stay tuned for next week (or I may blog mid week) to see the goodies I got.

Oh, and I found some "Knitting Girl" socks that I just had to buy:

Lastly.....I have been in the mood for a new purse....I got my tax return and have been eyeing a few bags....a friend of mind suggested I go to the San Marcos Outlet Mall stores to see if I see anything I like....it is about an hour one way...but it was worth it.  I got this "Weekender Bag" that is meant to be used as a 'bag' but I will use it as a purse...the color is a beautiful periwinkle....but a little more towards the blue side than the purple side.....it is hard to describe....I also got a matching wallet!

Well, that is about all I have......I did finally get some pictures of Celeste modeling the sweater for me....and I am including the pictures of the puzzles that Antonio and I made about a hundred times this past weekend :)

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew?

Hi everyone!  I am sorry I am a day late in posting.....It has been a crazy week.  This past weekend we went to Rockport and I did not take my laptop and very rarely checked my phones!  It was great!

I have quite a few stash enhancements.  After Finishing Celeste's sweater last week, I decided I wanted to make her and Cataleya matching coats/jackets.....I want to make it look like Elsa's Coronation dress (from the movie Frozen).  I picked the Three Tier Coat/Jacket pattern.....I want to do it 3 colors like this one:

Photo inspiration

My Colors (that pink has a bit more purple in it)

I also got in some yarn for the Reine Cardigan for Paige:

I ordered some fiber to practice spinning:

And, I had a friend on Ravelry contact me that she has some Miss Babs in an orange that is like a Texas Orange.....and she was right.....It is perfect Longhorn Orange!  Thank you Debbie for the yarn and the cute little Eiffel Tower Keychain!  You are the greatest!

My Miss Babs Destination 1 yarn came in....we are going to Sri Lanka.....I forgot to take a picture of my extras (candy, elephant stitch marker, tea)....but I do love this yarn.  The pattern (called Ves) shows two colors....I really liked the red/pink better (and I got the blueish/turquoise)....so I ordered the red pink and I think Darlene will want to buy my blue/teal/turquoise one!

I finally got the District 12 colorway of yarn from Brazen Stitchery....one is mine and one is Darlene's

I also got some yarn to make a hat for Paige...it is Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino.

And, I got some new pajama pants....I love these (I got Darlene a pair too)....I love them so much, I ordered myself a second pair because I know I am going to wear these out.  I saw them posted on Instagram and had to buy them!

Lastly, I got a YarnIt....I have not started using it yet, but I am anxious to try it.

I think that might be it for the enhancements.....well, I may have one or two more...but will save them till next week.

Now....what did I knit on?  Well, do you remember that Weigh It Shawl where I ran out of yarn and used black?  I super sweet person on Ravelry had some left over Volcanic Eruption and sent it to me...so I tinked the picot bind off (yes, it was a pain) and re-bound off with the correct yarn and I am soooooo happy with it!

 I started a "secret" project....I will show you a picture of the yarn I am using and the beginning....I cannot wait to show you the whole thing...but it will be a few weeks.

You know that yarn I posted above to make a hat for Paige.....well, I finished it!  It was a complete surprise for her and she was not wild about the color....so I am making a 2nd one in red....she went to Tinsmith's wife to get the red yarn for me (Blue Sky Alpaca) and I need to finish it by Friday because she leaves for Colorado on Saturday...and she wants the hat for Colorado.....the picture of the hat on my head shows the color the best.

While Paige was at Tinsmith's Wife, she found some bed socks she wants me to make her and she picked up Madeline Tosh Dandelion Yarn for me to make them for her.

I worked on my rainbow socks a little

And, I started some new socks with Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock yarn.....these are for a Hiya Hiya KAL

That about does it......Yes, I know....I got lots of yarn this week....that is why I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew with everything I want to make....and I want to make it NOW!

Anyway, my little Antonio has been sick, so I wanted to share a couple of pictures of him yesterday with the new legos Ga-Ma got him...I know he does not look 'sick', but it is a stomach bug...

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!