Monday, October 7, 2019

Hello October!

Good Morning!  How are you?  Welcome October!

It was a bit cooler this I am feeling a small change......and I am wearing my Weekender Welcome Sweater Weather!

Speaking of sweaters.....I finished my Torbellino!

I hope to wear it later this week!  So what else did I do?

Well, I ate pizza......gluten free and it was delicious!

Kayta (I have no clue if I spell this right) came over for a visit

I had seven (yes seven) vials of blood drawn to see if it tells me if there is something wrong with me....I am still tired daily.

My rockstar sister and her husband (and other friends) rode 150 miles this past weekend for the MS 150....they have some friends with MS they ride for every they are after day 1 and 75 miles done.

 I went to the personal trainer again and this ball kicked my ass!

As far as friends at the Thursday night knit group talked me into starting the Westkntis is called Starflake....

I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this KAL......I also have a test knit I have been working on (that is secret) and I found out this past weekend I am the most behind I need to get my crap together!

I am also working on the Wallaby for Paige

and started a Wallaby for Darlene's great niece, Elly.

Lastly, I have some adorable pictures of newest grandson.

Have a great week!

Happy, Happy, Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Tomorrow is October?

Can you believe that tomorrow is October?  I can't....but it is true!

I really do not have a lot this week.....since I mostly only worked on my Torbellino.  I finished one sleeve.

I ordered the 2nd skein of yarn for my Phoenix....and decided I wanted the yellow on the out to burgundy, then go from burgundy to I am gonna frog my initial start....and I restarted last night.

I got another new Bags By Awesomegrannie XL bag that I LOVE....such pretty witches!

Lastly, I got some new Harry Potter Pajamas!

That is all I have......have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Jackson having friend over

Hey everyone...How are you?  I am doing great....I got the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and I love it! 

Jackson's friend, Kayda (I have no clue if I am spelling that right), came over...and they played.

Jax let me take a picture of him with my new phone

My longhorns beat OSU and my sister, nephew and brother in law were at the game!

My parents are off to Costa Rica.....I hope they are having a great time!  My aunt has already posted some pics on FB I will share with you!

I got a new AMAZING bag from Darlene.....Christmas Gnomes!  I LOVE IT!!!!

The only thing I worked on all week is my Torbellino Sweater....and yesterday I realized that I was missing 37 rows on my spreadsheet so just when I thought I was caught up, I am behind again!

And I am still exercising.....proud of me?  I am! 

That is all I have......Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Sweater Burnout?

Hey everyone!  How are you?  I am doing great!  However, I feel like I am on a bit of a sweater burnout.......I finally got to divide for sleeves on my Torbellino....but I am tired of I need a break.

I got a new hook from Furls from a great friend, Tammy....she knits/crochets with us at is a rose gold/white one!

So, I used it to work on my Havana!

And then decided it would look great working on the Hugs and Kisses Blanket I started in July of 2018!

I also decided to crochet on Paige's Blanket....I only have like 4 stripes left so I really should just finish it!

The last knitting related item is the start of new socks for Karl....the last ones were too small!

As far as other things going on.....Paige got her car back....finally (which means I got mine back)!

After I got mine back, I found a ring that my mom gave to Paige years ago stuck under the seat.....she was thrilled I found it....she thought she lost it at the bowling alley on her birthday (the one on my ring finger below)!

During the week I made Banana bread and French Bread......I love bread!

and I made Darlene's favorite meal......Risotto!

Here is her lunch for today!

I ordered the new iPhone 11 Max Pro.....I cannot wait to get it!

Oh, and Antonio had golf this is not the greatest picture since I had to zoom so far.....but maybe with my new iPhone, the next picture will be better (We'll see)!

Have a great week everyone!

The following first pic is copyrighted by Randi Johnson (an amazing narrator who has a fb page here).

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!