Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tis the Season......

Tis the Season to be sick I guess.....I have been miserable since shortly after Thanksgiving and am just now beginning to feel a little more human.  I saw the Dr Monday and she told me to get these puppies...and they not only have dried out my nose, but my eyes, mouth and I think pretty much every drop of liquid from my body......LOL....but I am feeling better

I also made my first ever chicken soup on my was pretty darn good

I am sorry I missed my Monday post but clearly my life and organization are like oil and water.....

I really have not done much.  I think I posted the last 3 weeks that I finally finished those Thanksgiving socks for Karl and I also just finally took a decent picture of them

I think I told you last week I was gonna start a hat....and I did.

the only other thing I worked on was Grace's Socks.....

I had a Poke Bowl that was amazing and just had to my first day of tea (even though I was sick) was fabulous.....I cannot wait to have day 4 today!

I do have a bit of a cute story from Thanksgiving and then I will give you my family picture overload from Thanksgiving.

Remember the sweater for Grace

Well, she has a friend who apparently really likes it....I was told the conversation went something like this:

Friend:  I love this sweater it's really nice
Grace:  Thanks, my Tante made it for me
Friend:  Your aunt made this for you?  What do I need to do to get one?
Grace:  Oh, I am pretty sure we would need to get married for that to happen!

Gotta love my niece....she is the greatest and she knows that sweater is not just for anyone.

Okay....Have a great week everyone....Here is my Thanksgiving family picture overload!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Turkey Week!

Hey everyone!  How are you?  I am sorry I am late a day with my blog post, but I figure we all have a busy week this week.  Just 2 more days till Thanksgiving so let me say

I really have not done a lot of knitting or crocheting lately.....I know...that is let me share other crazy things in my life......

First, my baby Jackson....aka, Jax...snuggling in my bed:

Then.....Jax's friends are in trouble...I came home Monday to this disaster (they had this yarn inside and outside....via doggie door)

So half way wound up
 Now totally wound up

And here is Antonio being the dog whisperer in my home with Kayta and Jax

Celeste is 11......she turned 11 last Friday.  Here she is with my parents after her Volleyball game last Wednesday.

Jaime and I went to a friend's home over the weekend to shoot was fun

From Left to Right:

Bobby, Sally, Jill, Andy, John, Lauren, Jaime

From Left to Right

Nick, Jaime, yours truly aka me, Andy

Left to Right:

Sally, Nick, Andy, Bobby and Star in the gator:

Then, my traditional Christmas gift came in from Darlene...this may only be the 3rd year, but it is how traditions start and she knows how much I love this advent calendar!  Thank you Darlene!

As for Knitting...I did finish the socks for Thanksgiving...not my greatest picture but my yarn room is a bit of a disaster lately and I could not immediately find my sock blockers.

Darlene is in a hat what does that mean?  That means I am in a hat mood.....

The first pattern is called Arrows Abound

The second pattern is called Myra

Well.....that is really all I have....Have a great week and Thanksgiving!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 18, 2019

10 days to turkey day!

Hey everyone!  How are you?  I am is just 10 days away till Thanksgiving...are you ready?  I am fortunate enough to not have to do 'everything' for the big day, just some amazing mashed potatoes and show up at my aunts house....yes, I have it easy, but it is one of my favorite holidays (along with Christmas) I cannot wait!!

I am making some socks for one of the boys that comes to our thanksgiving celebration....if you are a regular follower, you know I already made him one pair and they were too small, so here is the 2nd pair....both feet just need heels added.

I also pulled out Graces socks to work on......

Speaking of is my beauty queen with her friend Shelby:

Darlene finished Paige's wallaby and it looks amazing on her

I am still working on the one I am making her......I know, I mojo has been super low lately....I have no clue what is up with the above is all I have in the knitting/crocheting aspect...but if you wanna know my other on.

Jax still has friends coming over....Kayta top left, puppy (Chuck) top right, and Jax on the bottom.

One of these three got a hold of one of my MadelineTosh sock in Antique colorway.....GRRRRR

I went to Celeste's volleyball and got snuggles in with Alesso (Alessandro Liam, Celeste's brother)

Bizzle gave me my Chirstmas present early.....because she was SOOOOOOO excited to give it to me, she could not wait....and I LOVE IT!

I went to the deer lease with Jaime....and he forgot the keys to the RV...but he did shoot an Axis Doe

And Antonio had a soccer game on Saturday morning and one of the players invited us to IHOP after the we went, and Antonio got a chocolate shake and was so excited

and then Antonio, Celeste and I went to see her dad aka my son, Erich......and she was supposed to be doing her presentation but she crashed!

Lastly, there was a blood red looking sunrise last week and I tried so hard to properly capture the color and just could not....sorry...but it was gorgeous...and imagine this with a beautiful blood red color.

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!