Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Can you believe it is going to be Valentine's Day already tomorrow?  I hope you got your sweetie something special!!!

So most of you know that Darlene and I love to give presents to each other for birthday's and Christmas.....and we can hardly ever wait to give the present....I gave Darlene her birthday present early and she gave me mine early.....and I tell you, I got the most awesome present on the planet!  She gifted me the entire Leading Men Fiber Arts 2016 Year In Review Set....I LOVE every single one of these!  I cannot wait to use them.  I was not sure what I was going to make....but I have decided....I am going to make a Crochet Blanket with all of these and add some black and maybe gray in it....then I can wrap myself in this awesomeness whenever I want.  Thank you Darlene!  You are the Bestest!

Guess what I finished?  PAIGE'S SWEATER!  I even wore it to work one day before giving to her.

It is not as long as I thought it would be...but I loved it and so did Paige!

I worked a little on my secret project with my Kauni Yarn, and I worked on my Snowmelt MKAL.  I am liking how this is knitting up so is Clue 1 complete, and I am now behind on clue 2, but hope to catch up this week.

I know I share far too many of my sunrise pictures...but I wanted to share a view of what I see when I walk into my team's area in the can be very breath taking.

I got my 2016 Exclusive Colorway from DVD....I love it...I took a picture outside so you can see the great colors!

I got some Tea from a company called Harney & of my LSSK gals told me about it....So Billie Rae, if you are reading this, this is ALL YOUR FAULT....I put both of these together in my tea pot and it is just delicious!

I went to my parents on Saturday so Precious could spend some more time with Bella (their dog) and my dad surprised me and my mom with the most delicious lunch!  Lobster!  It was YUMMY (Antonio did not want to try it, but he was fascinated with their eyes....LOL!)!!!

Let's see....what else....Oh, I worked a little on my February Socks:

And my is getting really big and it is hard to photograph.  I did have a mess up in this...and had to frog about 7 or 8 rows...but it is back on track!

Well, that is all I worked on knitting wise.....I did clean my house to get ready for my visitor on Thursday.  Her name is Paulette and we met online on Ravelry, she was going to come visit last year but things did not work out and I had Carol living with me then.  So this year she called and we planned her visit around the Spring SAFR Retreat......yup, she will be going with me and Darlene to the Knitting Retreat....we are all so excited.

So there was lots of cleaning this past weekend.....Oh and playing with Antonio:

 Well, that is all I have....I am going to leave you with picture overload of Paige's sweater (and a couple of Precious)....The first picture is the picture that Paige sent me and the picture I tried to copy to make the sweater....the rest are of Paige of course!


 I have the knitting retreat this coming weekend so be prepared for my ooohing and ahhhing over that!

Have a great week everyone!  Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Did your team win?

Hi guys!  Did you watch the Super about an exciting and emotional game!  I was cheering or Matt Ryan and the Falcons...but I do like Tom Brady and the Patriots....I just kinda wanted the Falcons to pull it off, and they almost did.....lots of records made with this one.  First Super Bowl to have a comeback from being down 21 points and first Super Bowl to go into!

Okay, on to the knitting:


For February I am doing a variegated yarn.....called Melted....I love the colors!

and I love how it looks all caked up!

Here are the start of my toes:

And while we are talking about socks and the DVD monthly sock club......I got my free skein of yarn an DVD Logo bag for posting 100 instagram posts last year!  I picked the Black Forest Cake colorway.  DVD has a colorway called Jack and Coke, but she does not dye it anymore, it was an SSK exclusive, so this Black Forest Cake was pretty close to Jack and Coke...and the red in it also reminds me a little of my new car (I guess I am turning into a red freak all because of my car.....LOL)!

I finished the Knitted Sock Mug to match my car....this cup is a little more snug than Darlene's but it fits under my Keurig!

 Oh, I started my secret project with that Kauni yarn...I am kind of mad at the yarn...I bought this yarn because of the gorgeous burnt orange in the yarn (bit surprise there)...however, I wound this yarn and the yarn has a knot in it and it changes yarn direction so this burnt orange on the outside of the cake is the ONLY orange in the whole goes light orange, burnt orange, light grey, dark gray, brown, then to light orange again and when it is supposed to got to burnt orange, it goes brown, dark grey, light grey and ends.......GRRRRRRR

I am not sure I will be able to show anymore progress on this...but here it is started:

 I worked on my Fade and have started my 6th I just need my 6th and 7th color...I am over 70% done.

Lastly, I started a Mystery KAL.  It is by Helen from Curious Handmade and it is called The Snowmelt KAL.  I am not even 10% done (the designer does percentages like I do....I love it!)...but I am enjoying the pattern so far.  I am using my yarn I got from my great friend Ruby.  I was going to make Convergent with this yarn, but this yarn just talked to me and told me it wanted to be in this Mystery!  Thank you Ruby for this fabulous yarn!

Well, that is all the knitting I have.  I did get a little bit of the house ready for my friend coming from Canada in 1 1/2 weeks.  I have a donation truck coming tomorrow so I cleaned out some closets and a couple of boxes from the garage.

I also worked on Paige's sweater, but just the sleeves...I will take a picture next week.

Well, that is all I have this week.  Here is precious after her grooming...she is so cute:

 Here she is this morning before I leave....looking at me like "Either take me with you or I am going to lay on your quilt all day."  LOL

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, January 30, 2017

What A Fabulous Week!

Hi everyone.....How was your week?  Mine was Fabulous!  I LOVE my new car and I LOVE my new furniture and I am LOVING the weather lately.....Here are my chairs and rug:

 On Monday, there was some talk on my online knitting group of having made Beans over the weekend to have ready for the week.....well, it made me hungry.  One of Darlene's favorite meals is Beans, Cornbread, and Fried I went to HEB and bought the fixings.....and viola.....

 Now, I had to use my pressure cooker for the beans because you usually need to cook beans for hours....but it took about 41 min in the pressure cooker....and they were yummy!

Oh, and I cheated on my yarn diet a TINY bit.....well $1.70 worth.  Remember I told you about that Ruby Red yarn that I think would match my car....well, I had to I had some store credit at The Loopy Ewe and I used it....I had to pay $1.70 out of my pocket for 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in the 893 Ruby colorway.....I think it matches pretty well, what do you think?

I also want to make myself one of the Mug Socks that I made for Darlene....and for that I went stash diving.....Now, it is really hard to photograph this yarn on my car....they are two different shades of red....the worsted weight in Ruby and then the fingering weight in 5607 Red.....

I may have to play with my stitch count a bit as my mug us a little shorter than Darlene's and a touch wider:

At certain angles, I think either one would match, even though they are two different colors....LOL!

This past weekend I had a weekend off from watching Antonio. so Jaime and I hopped into the new car and took a short weekend trip, just the two of Sisterdale (wine), then Fredericksburg (German Food), then Junction (R&R).  We were going to stay in Fredericksburg, but heck, the deer lease (with the RV) was just another hour away, so to Junction it was.....I got lots of knitting time....what did I work on?  My socks of course....I have to finish by tomorrow:

On the drive out:

Knitting in the RV with a small snack dinner since we had a big lunch in Fredericksburg:

On the drive home, I have about 9 stripes to catch up the 2nd sock:

Last night I finished the first one:

I should finish my 2nd one tonight!

That is pretty much it....I worked a little on my Fade and a little on Paige's sweater, but not enough to take more it really was just a sock week.

Oh, I have a secret project that is about to be on the needles.....for this secret project, I will be using the long gradient kauni yarn:

I did snap a couple of pictures from the car was frozen with frost in Junction, and a quick pic of a scenic view in Junction up on a large hill.

This week also seems to be the week of more beautiful sunrises when I get to work....I am really sorry if you are sick and tired of these...but I love sunrises and sunsets :) (there is one sunset from Jaime's can see his work van in the picture)

Well, that is all I have....kind of boring huh....but it was a fabulous week!  I have a bit of a cast on urge and want to knit a some appropriate pics:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!