Monday, October 17, 2016

I-Cord Crazy Cast Ons

Hello everyone....I hope you had a fabulous week!  I did!

Last week I told you that i had some more hedgehog fiber yarn on the way.....well, I may have a "Small Hedgehog Fibers Problem":

So, this is what I had BEFORE:

Then I had this delivered:

 Another Graphite (I already had one)
 2 more Film Noir (I already had 2)
 Another Typewriter (I already had one):
 Boom Box (New to me)
 Another Crystal (I already had one)
 Cinder (new to me)
 Teacup (new to me)

So now I have all of this and I have no clue what I am going to make but I know I love them all:

I got some of the Hedgehog yarn from a yarn shop called The Knitting Bee....they packaged the yarn very nicely with some gummy bears....Yum!

I got some cookie press is a sheep, one is a yarn ball and one is a button....they are really cute and also came packaged very nicely!

So, I made some yarn ball cookies :)

I also ordered some natural colored Wollmeise Worsted Weight yarn....I had never seen this yarn for sale before (ravelry says it is discontinued)....I got approx 1,300 yards....I am not sure what I will make with it....but I was thinking of possibly trying to dye it or seeing if a friend can....and then maybe making a cardigan with it....or maybe holding two strands together and making Superbulky Grandpa sweater...they were only about $5 a if I can make a sweater with it, that is like a  $30.00 sweater :)

My roommate, Carol, did a bunch of crawling during the Hill Country Yarn Crawl this past week.  Well, she got me 2 skeins of yarn from Yarn Carnival.....this yarn screams Carrie and I love it.  Thank you so much Carol....Now I need to find the perfect pattern for them!

My last stash Apple Watch.  I have wanted one since they came out....and now I got the version 2....I got the black stainless steel....if they would have had black in aluminum, I would have gotten that one, but they only had space grey (the darkest) and I really wanted black...I cannot decide if I love it as much as it costs....LOL!  I am trying to get used to it...but I just do not know how it all works yet so I may need to watch a tutorial. for the knitting.:

I FINISHED MY CELESTARIUM!  I finished this in 29 days (WOW)!  I am pretty stinking proud of it!  I really, really, really loved knitting on this....that is probably why I finished it in 29 days!

I worked on my socks too....they are almost done...just a little more on one sock and then cuffs for both socks and I am done....shouldn't take too much longer!

Then I must have been in an i-cord mood....because I did 3 of them.  I cast on for that sweater that Paige wants....I am trying to design it as I go....which is proving more difficult than I thought....I have started both front panels...they start with some i-cord casting on.

Then I decided to start a brioche the Stephen West Mystery KAL (called Building blocks) they are doing brioche during this week's a couple of my friends are talking about I wanted to join in, but not sure I am ready to cast on the Mystery KAL I started Briochevron by Stephen West with Biscotte yarn in Charbon (black) and my lips sock blank from far I am loving it....and it is part of the KAL in the Bags By Awesomegrannie forum where you can do any Stephen West Pattern.  #bagkal2016-4  This one starts with an i-cord and then you pick up stitches.....

Well, I think that is all I have.....I leave you with....

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Monday everyone....I hope you are having a fabulous Columbus Day!  I am just thankful that Columbus has his own day that gives me a day off :)

So, I have a fabulous friend that dies some gorgeous yarn.....she also recently designed a pattern to go with her fabulous yarn and she sews stuff she put together a kit for the local Yarn Crawl.  Her yarn is called Guilty Treasures....her FB page is here....I love this kit....another friend knit it as a test knit and it is gorgeous!  The pattern is Pescalli's Diamonds.

Here it is knit up (Copyright to Amy McFadden):

Another fabulous and very generous friend, Ruby, went to Stitches Texas a few weeks ago....she saw a knitting kit at the Stephen Be booth and just knew it was MY color....perfect Longhorn she got a kit for me and Darlene (she knows how much we love to knit the same thing together).....Ruby, we cannot thank you enough....we love our new kits!!  Here is a pic of me and Darlene with our new yarn!!  The yarn is Three Irish Girls.  THANK YOU RUBY! Muah!

Speaking of 'Steven Be', the Stephen West Mystery KAL started this past Friday.....I have not decided if I am going to do it or not ( I am actually waiting to see if Darlene wants to do it....again, because we love knitting the same thing together).....Here is all the Hedgehog yarn I have purchased lately.  I love some of these neutrals so much, I ordered some more of them recently (and maybe some more Film Noir (far right) because it is my favorite).  Anyway, we are going to do something from Stephen West for the Bags By Awesome Grannie ravelry group 4th qtr KAL...and I will use some of this yarn....just not sure which ones yet:

Oh....and it is Yarn Crawl right now here in SA....and my roommate, Carol, has been on the crawl and also helping out at Inskein Yarns....she got me the mos awesome sock blank from Brazen Stitchery....thank you Carol!

She also got this gorgeous fall color skein of self striping yarn...she does not like to knit socks and she also has a large foot (13 E)...but I told her I would knit her some socks with this is too pretty not to keep some feet warm!

Last week I told you I was going car shopping with Paige.....well, she bought a car!  She loves it.  2015 Jeep Patriot Altitude...they even put a bow on it for her.

Now for the knitting.....I do not have much....I have only knit on my Celestarium and my October socks.

Here is my Celestarium.....just a few more rows in Chart F:

Here are my Halloween Moon heel done and one that is ready to be worked....then just 2 legs :)

That is it....Antonio's Halloween costume came in so he wanted to try it on....BEWARE...You might get scared:

He also wanted to play with some of my scrap yarn....Paige came over and saw this and almost had a heart attack because she did not know he had permission to do this....LOL!

I leave you with:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!