Monday, September 16, 2019

Sweater Burnout?

Hey everyone!  How are you?  I am doing great!  However, I feel like I am on a bit of a sweater burnout.......I finally got to divide for sleeves on my Torbellino....but I am tired of I need a break.

I got a new hook from Furls from a great friend, Tammy....she knits/crochets with us at is a rose gold/white one!

So, I used it to work on my Havana!

And then decided it would look great working on the Hugs and Kisses Blanket I started in July of 2018!

I also decided to crochet on Paige's Blanket....I only have like 4 stripes left so I really should just finish it!

The last knitting related item is the start of new socks for Karl....the last ones were too small!

As far as other things going on.....Paige got her car back....finally (which means I got mine back)!

After I got mine back, I found a ring that my mom gave to Paige years ago stuck under the seat.....she was thrilled I found it....she thought she lost it at the bowling alley on her birthday (the one on my ring finger below)!

During the week I made Banana bread and French Bread......I love bread!

and I made Darlene's favorite meal......Risotto!

Here is her lunch for today!

I ordered the new iPhone 11 Max Pro.....I cannot wait to get it!

Oh, and Antonio had golf this is not the greatest picture since I had to zoom so far.....but maybe with my new iPhone, the next picture will be better (We'll see)!

Have a great week everyone!

The following first pic is copyrighted by Randi Johnson (an amazing narrator who has a fb page here).

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Sweaters, Sweaters, and Sweaters

Hi everyone!  How are you?  I am okay....ready for fall (it is just around the corner).

I have really been into sweaters lately....I finished Paige's Birthday Surprise Sweater.

Now I finished my weekender

Decided to really double down on my Torbellino....

And restarted Paige's Wallaby

Those are the only things I knit on this week.  Other than that, you can probably see I got my nails done.....I have been thinking of doing this for a long time and finally did it....I love them!

I had Grandparents day with Antonio and with Alexxis.  Antonio had a couple of friends whose grandparents could not make it, so we took an extra picture!

Kayta (the neighbors dog) came for a visit.....

And I took Jax over to visit Bella at my parent's house.....

Antonio played golf with my dad....and he usually has a ton of dirt under his nails and my dad gets onto him for this time he cleaned his nails proud of him

Lastly, I ran 2 miles on Saturday.....on my, these were 12 min miles, but that is faster than my 17 min walking mile I usually do.  I was pretty proud of myself.

So this week I have exercise/weight loss (or not) pics for you!  Have a great week!

The following pic is copyrighted by Randi Johnson (an amazing narrator who has a fb page here).

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Can you believe it is already September?

Hey everyone!  Sorry my blog is late this week......How are you?  September is HERE!!!!!

My baby girl is 24 years old!  Happy Birthday Paige!!

I finished Paige's sweater and she LOVES it!  She was totally surprised!

I also finished the slipper test knit....but I started the decreases too I am going to frog back and re-do the decreases earlier!

I worked on my Weekender....I am 1/2 way done with the 2nd sleeve....can't wait to finish!

I have been sticking with my diet.......but did splurge the other day on Pumpkin Spice Latte and Banana Bread!

Jax loves to get one article of my clothing and lay with it....I thought it was so cute, I snapped a picture

He also had a friend come over!  The neighbor got a new dog and she and Jax have been busting the fence and she has been coming they are helping me with my laundry and do the sheets!

I got Antonio after his 2nd day of school......I love this kid!

Longhorn Football started!  Hook Em!

Have a great week!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!