Thursday, August 26, 2021

Holy Cow....who am I?

 OMG.....who is this person posting on her blog 9 days after her last post?  It must be an imposter!  LOL!

I really do want to try to get back to weekly or at least every other week posting.

So.....some grand kids went back to school....Alexxis and Mario went back on August 12th

Antonio went back on the 23rd

I started my secret Test knit....and will not be able to show you pic till end of December....but let me just put his picture so you know I knit on 'something'

I got some madtosh sock yarn (my fave)


Rye Bourbon (much more burnt orange IRL) and the last skein is from 2017, and does not have as much speckle:

I podcasted with the girls this past weekend and it was our 1 year anniversary and Melissa gifted me a skein of handspun is gorgeous and I LOVE IT.  Thank you Melissa!

I cast on for a honey cowl:

My man sent me flowers....I love them!

Darlene gifted me the greatest stitch markers/progress keepers....I love them!  Thank you Darlene!

Lastly, I got yarn for a new blanket for Paige!

That is all I have...short and sweet!  Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Looks Like Monthly is the way to go!

 Well, it looks like my blog has turned into a monthly blog.....I just don't have enough stuff to show weekly.....maybe that should show me that I am not knitting enough (insert sad face)!

So....let's see what I have been up to this last month....I have the yarn for the next triangles for the stained glass blanket

Sunset, Glazed Carrot and then Ivory....

I even started getting the yarn for the 3rd triangle (this just reminds me how behind I am)...YIKES!

It will soon be time to test knit my friend's advent stole pattern.....and I will share the yarn and beads......but that is all I can share till late December after all clues are released.

Celeste and Cat came over recently....and I got a picture of Paige and Celeste together (just because they look so much alike) but I forgot to get a pic of all the grandkids.

My parents had an anniverary yesterday......I am the youngest kid here (bottom left).

and the family recently went to La Fogata for dinner.....from bottom left table....Dad, Mom, Mom's friend my aunt Patti, Kaylee, Matt, Grace, Leilani, Sean (meaning all the college kiddos), me, my sister, and my brother in law!

Remember last month I told you I ordered myself a CSM machine?  well I have bought a few new tools for that machine (even though I will not have the machine for like another month and a half).

and I finished my Good Vibes blanket for me.....Paige loves it so much, I have ordered yarn to make her one!

Well, I think that is all I have....I promise I will try to post more often (I know I have said that for months.....but I really am going to try!)

Have a great week!  Happy Happy Happy Knitting!