Monday, February 28, 2022

Almost Spring!

 Hey is almost Spring....just 3 more weeks!  

I hope yall have had a great couple of weeks....I had a Birthday...the Big 50...YIKES!

Darlene got me the most amazing is the yarn to make the Satellite shawl by Andrea Mowry....this yarn is like knitting with a hand spun cloud!  Thank you Darlene!

I also got the new Lykke needles in Copper that are 5"

Paige and Kody had a great Valentine's Day and Bizz, Sam and Paige all went to the Rodeo....I love these people!

I was headed to the gym last Suday and saw this in front of my car....That morning, Kody took Antonio to a car show and when he came back to my house later that day he said, "Grandma, guess who I saw at the Car Show?........THE DOG!"  so clearly this guy and his amazing companion were in town for the car show!

I had a fabulous birthday dinner with my family but failed to snap a single daddy got us 5 lbs of King Crab legs, and steak, along with potatoes and asparagus.....However, I do have a picture of the gorgeous flowers Kody and Paige got me (they also got me some running shoes but they have not been delivered yet).

My parents got me some leggings and shirts and my sister and brother in law got me some gorgeous James Avery earrings.

Then yesterday, my nephew, Sean, was Confirmed to Catholicism and after the ceremony we all went to a fabulous lunch.....this time at the end I said, "Hey, we need a picture!"

I made some socks for Paige...these tubes were cranked by Elizabeth...I really need to get to cranking on my own machine!

I finished the February portion of my monthly blanket

and lastly I got my windows installed....I am not putting my blinds back up (you can see them in the background outside on the table), but instead I am putting in this makes me realize I really need to finish painting the walls that I have ignored for months!

That is all I've got...Have a great week everyone and Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who am I bloging again only 6 days after my last post?  

I just wanted to share a few things....of course I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day!

I got some amazing Suri Alpaca yarn from The Farmer's Daughter...feels so great!

I finished one more of Trenton's hats....I still have 2 more to go

I ordered yarn for a new sweater for me and for another Boxy Cape....Elizabeth made a sweater with this yarn and it feels amazing so I had to buy is cotton and wool...feels SOOOOO GOOD!  It is Berroco Vibe

I got my next color for the Monthly Blanket

That is all I have.....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Happy Year of the Tiger!

 Happy Chinese New is the year of the Tiger, so I am praying the Bengals Win the Super Bowl this weekend!  Go Bengals!!

So a couple of weekends ago, I got to watch two of my grandkids I don't see very often.  Little Mario and Alexxis....these are my step son, Mario's kids.

My other grand kids got a new bunny!

Paige and her friends went out last weekend and they took a great picture....I love these kiddos.

I joined a new gym with Bizzle.....

I have a picture above of Alexxis with I have to add a picture of Jackson too....LOL!

As far as knitting, I have been working on my honey cowl with the handspun yarn Melissa made me.

I also pulled out my old (like from 2018) hitofude....I am so close to finishing this.

and I have been working on one of Trenton's hats.

That is all I have for these last couple of weeks......Have a great week y'all!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!