Monday, January 24, 2022

Covid, Appendicitis and Double Trouble!

 Hey everyone.....I hope you have had a great Year year so far.  My new year has been crazy.

Paige got Covid on the first, she quarrantined for 7 days...then Antonio was vomitting and got sick.  She took him to ER and they rushed him by ambulance from one hospital to another.  He had appendicitis and his appendix had ruptured.  He had surgery on the 9th and got to come home on the 12th.  He came to my house for me to baby him while Paige got to finally go back to work.

We had a really windy day and my basketball hoop fell on my car and busted my windshield and scratched the side of my car!

Darlene had a Birthday and I delivered her present....I made two of these for me and one for her...this was double trouble for me as each blanket was 120,000 this is 240,000 stitches of double trouble!

Darlene also sent me a picture over the holdidays and she was wearing a bought I had to knit her one (this is the twistmas pattern)!

Here are her pictures of her presents.

I loved this hat so much, I made one for will have the red pom pom

Lastly, I got my first skein for the 2022 blanket.....Urth Monokrom....

Here is the finished month one of the 2022 blanket with my 2021 blanket keeping me warm...the pattern is called Urth Strata

That is all I have so far....I hope yall have a great week (this picture is from my friend Paula...thank you for sharing this Paula!)!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Happy New Year!!

 Hey everyone!  How are you?  Well, it is officially 2022.  I hope you had a fabulous new year!  I was in bed by 10 pm and slept through the ringing in of the New animal, I know!

I got some amazing goodies for Christmas.....Darlene spoiled me....Along with the tea advent calendar and new tea mug, she got me new PJ's and new the coolest tumbler that has my name and says "Dont worry I have a spreadsheet for that".....which is perfect since you all know how many spreadsheets I make for knitting projects!!!!  Thank you Darlene!

I had a fabulous Christmas with my family and got lots of new clothes and chocolates, was a blessing to have 3 of my grandkids with us!  First pic....from left to right, Cat, Celeste, and Antonio!

Here is the whole gang (sans my sister and brother in law)

My amazing niece and nephew
My parents

My sister and brother in law (sporting hats I knit for them)

It was a fabulous time!

I finished a few things....first, the test knit Advent Stole of my friends design I finished way back in October but could not show.

I also finished the baby blanket for my neighbor's first grandchild

And my first FO of 2022 is a pair of socks for me!

I have a few stash enhancements

And I have some yarn coming for the Midtown Haunt Shawl

Well, that is all I have.....have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!