Monday, August 14, 2017

Loving Lake House Living

Hi everyone.....I hope you had a fabulous week....I had an amazing week because I went to my sister's lake house for the last 3 days with some great knitting friends (Picture overload at the end of post)....but now it is time to get Back to Life and Back to Reality.....Like Soul II Soul

First I had to get a mani and pedi before wearing flip flops in front of friends......

As far as knitting......I did get that yarn for Paige's Hat.....but I have not started yet.....

And I got some cotton yarn to make a baby blanket with.....sorry for the terrible picture.

I got my August socks started......Curious George colorway:

I took way too many projects to the lake house...but here is what I actually worked on:

My Daddy's Ranger got some love and so did my Boxy Cape

I started my double nuvem along with Darlene and Evelyn....we all started at the Lakehouse (Evelyn is making a regular sized Nuvem, but Darlene and I are doing double).

Here is what I got done:

My friend Melissa worked on my socks for I hope I can match her gauge:

 That is all I have knitting wise......but now for some fun stuff....first, Paige knows I love the pink starburst and she found this limited edition pack of ALL PINK starburst for me:

Then, Yvette came over with Celeste and Cataleya and the two PUPPIES!  I am getting one of these puppies soon...I wanted to see their personality and how they interacted with Precious.  I know the spotted one is ridiculously cute....but I am leaning towards the brown one.  She is more 'chill' (if that is possible for a puppy) and I just think she will do better with us.....we will see, we have not decided yet.

Antonio got a hair handsome

Lakehouse Picture Overload!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 7, 2017

T Minus 4 Days and Counting.....

Hi everyone.....How have you been?  I've been great.....I have only 4 more days till my friends and I go to my sister's lakehouse for our 5th Annual (I can't believe it has been 5 years) Stitch N Bitch Retreat!  I am so excited, I can hardly wait.  I am sure I am going to take way too many projects to work on.....but I will be knitting all weekend with fabulous friends!  :)  I hope to have lots of pictures for you guys next week!

As for this past week.....well, I finally finished my briochevron cowl....I had about an inch of the lips blank left after I grafted the two ends together.

I started and finished a is called the Head Hug Chemo Cap and it Hugs your head.  The designer, Laura, reached out to me on Instagram to tell me about it when she saw I was knitting chemo caps for Darlene's niece and the pattern is FABULOUS!  Thank you Laura!

I forgot to get a picture of it blocking, so I had to take pictures of it on the podcast.  LOL!

I did a swatch for Paige's Bulky Sweater.....and then decided to cast on for the back.  This sweater should go fast...but I am probably going to put it away till September.  I want to knit it along with Darlene and she is busy with other projects right now (and so am I).

I worked on my Daddy's Ranger sweater

and my Boxy Cape....

You might get tired of seeing the Ranger and Boxy Cape...both of them are at a point where I just keep doing the same thing for many inches.

I participated in the Dishrag Tag with my online LSSK group and I got my package this past weekend.  Susie T made me two fabulous dishcloths and sent me lots of fun goodies.  Thank you Susie!

I also got a wrist ruler from Starlight Knitting in OR.  I got black, and it is a little hard to see the numbers, but I wear black every day and I really love this bracelet! 

I also got some new yarn for a cowl that Paige wants.  Paige found a guy that knits on Instagram and asked for a couple of things that he has knit.  She wants this cowl and this hat.

Here is the yarn for the cowl (I have 3 more skeins coming from ebay tomorrow...this yarn is discontinued).

I have some Madelinetosh Chunky yarn in the Paper colorway coming for the hat.

My last bit of news.....Paige has a contract on a house!

Keep your fingers crossed for her!

That is all I have....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!