Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hi!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Mine was very relaxing!

Okay, I know this is a knitting blog, but I have to share with you what I did last first attempt at a homemade apple pie.....okay, maybe not 100% homemade because I bought the pillsbury pie crust....but I cut, peeled, cored, and sliced all the apples and added ingredients.....I was pretty worried because I have not made one before....but Darlene gave me some tips (I keep telling you guys how awesome she is....she does it all!).

She warned me to put foil at the bottom of my oven!

Here is the pie with the top crust on:

Now to add the slits and baste with some butter:

Its cooking

and done!

I do not think I let it cool enough.....when I cut into was still a little 'watery'/'runny', but after it cooled completely, it was not watery at all!

It was pretty good....Jaime really liked it (and all the girls that knit with me at lunch), so I will make it again!

Okay....on to the knitting....I am going to start with some stash enhancements......Darlene had a shop update and I just could not help myself....I had to snag one....or five!

Yes, I love ALL her bags!  I also got a little CoBaSi yarn.....I wanted some yarn to make socks that kinda match my new HUGE purse (it does not match 100%, but works for me)....and I needed to get some green to make socks for Paige.

 Oh.....and I ordered some more DyakCraft needles....I have a full set in purple coming (I ordered that a while back) and I just recently ordered two sets in the in 5" and one in 3.5", that means I needed a couple more needle cases for some of my needles...the Big Graces Cases that Darlene got me for my Birthday is going to hold ALL my dyakcraft....but I wanted something for some of my ChiaoGoo and Hiya I ordered a couple more of the small and medium needle holders from Graces Cases (pictures of needles are from

I also got some yarn.......I placed an order at because I wanted to get some of that new madelinetosh twist I got a few colors....

This is Madelinetosh in Dandelion base:

And to keep from paying shipping......I ordered some of the new Handmaid lotion and an orange tape measure.

And last stash enhancement.....are some of the cutest elephant stitch markers ever.  I got one of these for the Sri Lanka Destination with the Miss Babs Knitting tour....and people liked them so much, they made sets of them..... to the KNITTING!

Remember last week I told you about my friend who asked me to knit her son a Dr. Who Scarf?  I was only 37.95 % done on it....well, I knit like a wild banshee and I did it!  I had to order one more skein of yarn (I ordered Tuesday or Wednesday...and it made it to me Saturday)....and I finished it.  I am about 22 days shy of taking a whole year to knit this......I started last year on April 27th and finished yesterday, April 5th.

Here it is while I am waiting on the mailman to deliver the last skein of charcoal (I only needed 3 more grams):

Here it is blocking:

These area all the ends I had to weave in.....

And here it is finished!  Yahoo!

I am mailing it to her today....along with her left over yarn:

I hope her son really likes it!  While I was waiting on that last bit of Charcoal.....I started a pot holder/trivet thingy....this will be felted for Loopy Academy:

And the only other thing I knitted on is that secret is a test knit for a friend, so I cannot share it yet.....sorry!

Well, I did not get to see any of my grand kids yesterday....but my DIL sent me some pics of Alexxis (that is Little Mario in the background with the Texas Hat....I know, he is not so little!), and she also sent me a picture of baby Mario....they are getting so big!

I also got some pictures of Celeste and Cataleya with their cousins..... (Celeste and Cataleya are to the left)

I did not get any pics of Antonio because he was with his Father's family the whole weekend...but I have a picture or two I can still share......

Of course, all of the kiddos got Easter baskets from me!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!