Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Happy Belated Valentine's 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Hey everyone.....how ya been?  Well, we had Valentine's Day and President's Day last week.....I thought I would share some pics of a few of the people and pets I love and were all my Valentines!

I have other Valentine's too....but these are the ones I got some great pics of.

I got my Crochet Club February Shipment....and Jimmy Beans Wool Tweeted about it....I loved their pic.......

I finished the Football Hat for Paige, but with the colorwork, I think it is too small, so it will go to Antonio.

I also got new yarn to make Darlene's son, Casey, a hat.  Casey's youngest daughter, Brinley, races motorcycles in motor cross, and her team colors are HOT Pink and Kawasaki Green....the pattern is called  Acacia Mosaic Beanie.....Mosaic is a little different than stranded color work, with this hat, I only  use one color at a time.

Now I am going to make Brinley one that is opposite...with pink as MC and green as CC:

I also started a crochet blanket for a friend of the York family, Camille:

Then Paige saw the light gray and dark gray together (before the pink was added) and she loved it....so I started one for her with an olive green:

Now, I decided to do a different pattern for Paige's blanket...it is the pattern I used for the baby blankets and I think it is less hole-y.  Well, Casey's blanket that Darlene made him is a bit hole-y and Casey just moved into a new house and he is redoing his room in green and creams...so I am going to make him a new non-hole-y blanket with green and creams, but I do not have the yarn yet....I am sure he will love it!

Then, for my birthday (next Monday) Darlene ordered both of us yarn to make the New Vortex Cardigan Pattern....this one has some colorwork and cables in it along with Brioche!  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Darlene....the yarn should be here the 22nd, I cannot wait!

Plus, Darlene and I both want to make the All of the Lights Cardigan.....  we will both use Madeline Tosh DK Twist Yarn.  I will use Cosmic Silver and she will use Holi Grunge...I'm so excited, but the pattern does look complex.

Well, I think that is all I have....This coming week I am hoping to finish the blankets for Camille, Paige and Casey and the hat for Brinley....yes, that is lots of goals...but then I can jump back onto Grace's sweater and maybe start either the Vortex or All the Lights Cardigan......wish me luck!!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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