Monday, October 28, 2013

The weeks are getting crazier....

It has been another one of those crazy weeks....I just do not know where to start......

I am about to go on vacation this coming Thursday - Sunday (I know, that is a mini vacation, but least I do not have to go to work).  So what do I get in the mail?  A jury duty summons for Wednesday (the day BEFORE I go on vacation).  I called them and asked if I could come the next week....can you believe they said yes?  So I got it moved to the 6th of November instead of the 31st of October.

Then, it was Antonio's 2nd birthday on Wednesday.  Paige got him a small basketball set....and his halloween costume came in...he is going to be a skeleton...he was wearing the smiling skeleton hat and playing basketball...the pics are a little blurry, but he was on the move!

Yesterday was his birthday party.  Paige decided to have it at Peter Piper Pizza...he had such a great time.  Paige made him a Tres Leches cake FROM SCRATCH!  I am sooooo proud of her.  She is a wonderful mom!  Here are some pics of Cataleya, Celeste and the birthday boy.

Before Antonio's bday party, I got to knit in the morning to early afternoon....I worked on my Nuvem.  I actually got to the ruffle.  I did 1080 kfb's (knit front and back of the stitch) which now makes 2160 stitches on my 60" needle...those stitches are packed on there.  I am so excited....I cannot wait to bind off this puppy...but first I have 12,960 to 15,120 stitches to still knit!

My renters have moved out and I want to do some painting to the house, so I ran by Lowe's really quick and had Paige pick a color...first it was timeless taupe, then Toast...she wanted them to mix those two (which they can't do) so Imperial Sand won!

We are going to Big Bend this week.  Leaving Thursday and coming back Sunday or Monday (I took Monday off of work to just recouperate).  I will take pics and let you know how it goes.  I am taking my knitting and while I am sure I will be able to knit on the way there and on the way back....I am not sure I will get any knitting done while I am there....but I have so many things I want to knit on!

Oh, and the pom pom blanket for my friend, Jill, is done.  I told her over a year ago that I would make her one...but you know how selfish knitting always seems to get in the way!

I also had a stash enhancement this week that I am ITCHING to cast on to something....probably the Bay of Fundy (which I will call BOF scarf/shawl). This is Ancient Arts Yarn in Calico Cat colorway....portion of proceeds go to the meow foundation....I just love the color!!!!

I know I have had much more going on.....Precious (my Yorkie dog got a yeast infection on her back...I did not know you could get one on your back....weird), and a bunch of other running around I will not bore you with....but now it is time to get ready for my small vacation....I am super excited.  Jaime and I are going to borrow my friend's (Darlene) trailer tonight so we can trailer the motorcycles.  That is a funny story in was stolen 4 months ago and Bruce (Darlene's wonderful hubby) saw a guy with it hooked to his truck the other day so he followed it and it was his (he had his driver's license number welded into it) and got it back and then I asked to borrow it and they were so wonderful to say yes.....then it is time to pack, pack, pack.....I cannot wait to get the heck out of dodge and just relax (and knit) for a few days!!

You guys have a great week!  BIG BEND HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm doing a little better

Well, I went a long time between posts last time, so this time I am trying to make up for it.  I have had lots going on (even though it has only been a few days).  Remember that scarf swap scarf I made?  Well, the night before the recipient got it, I had a strange dream....I will not go into all of the dream but at the end of the dream I was eating cheesecake with 3 of the ladies from LSSK.  I did tell the LSSK list all about the dream and of course they probably all think I am a quack.....well, this past weekend was the end of my area's yarn crawl and guess what?  Yup, my 3 cheesecake buddies came to SA and we went to have lunch. We had a great time!!!  Thank you ladies for coming to see me!  The pictures are not the greatest, but I think that is because the wall was a pretty bright yellow, so it washed us out a bit.

Then......Jaime got a new dog....yup, can you believe it?  She is super cute (I know why he fell in love with her).  He named her Brandy...I am not sure if he is spelling it Brandy or Brandi?  Isn't she cute!

Then.....the surprises continue, I got my scarf from the lady who knitted for me.  Her name is Joyce and she made me a beautiful cowl.  It is made out of Berroco Maya yarn (85% Pima Cotton, 15% Baby Alpaca) and OH SO SOFT!  In colorway 5629, it is a nice terra cotta orange and I love it!  The pattern is called The Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West.  She also included in the box some (orange) Mini Knit Klips, Garment Knit Labels, and Long Circular Stitch Holder.....I LOVE IT ALL!!  I am one lucky girl.  I am even wearing it today to work!

Lastly, I finished the Cowl I was knitting with my bonus yarn from The Loopy Ewe for Camp Loopy.  The pattern is Downtown Cowl and it looks awesome with this yarn.  I am entering this in the MuststashPodcast Rhinebeck or Bust KAL....I hope I win something!

For now...that is all that I have.  I need to get a moving on my Nuvem.  I am a bit behind on my gram count because I finished the cowl.  I hope to be on the ruffle this time next week!

Happy Happy Happy knitting everyone!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

And another one.....

It has been another crazy week, and it has also been 10 days since I last sorry!

I mailed out my Scarf Swap on Tuesday of this week...She got it yesterday and loved it.  She said she wore it all the rest of the day except when she ate...she even wore it to vacuum!!!

I am sooooo happy she liked it.

This will be a short post....I have been knitting on Nuvem.....making progress.  I also finally frogged the first nuvem I started and I am much happier with the new one.....  Here are some shots of the differences and the old one being frogged (the old one on the bottom of the first picture).

Old one increases:

New one increases:

Old ball of yarn (before ripping) vs new ball of yarn (to left) with much more completed:

Ball of yarn with nuvem before frogging (but needles have been removed) :

During Frogging:

After Frogging:

It was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I got a new Namaste Bag during the yarn crawl last weekend (it is the only store and only purchase I made for the Yarn Crawl this year)...then I headed to Junction.....I relaxed, knitted a bunch on my nuvem (because I was behind on my gram count) and took my new .22 Magnum to shoot it for the first did not kick any where near like the .38 did, but it was super loud (but I love it).  I also got to feed my 'boyfriend' a couple of apples:

Isn't he a handsome boyfriend?  His name is Yo Yo.

OK, I really did not have much this week....but I did fill you up with picture over load.....I will try to post early next week....I hope I get lots of knitting done this weekend!

Happy Happy Happy knitting to you all.....let me know of any of you know where a market like this is:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WOW What a week!

I have been pretty crazy busy.  It feels like 3 weeks have gone by, but I think it has only been one week and one day since my last post.  Can you believe it is already October?!?  I have been plugging away at my Nuvem trying to get my 7 grams a day done so it will be done by November 9th.  I am almost as far as my first nuvem that I still need to frog.....These are not the greatest pictures, but I love this increase 100% better than the first nuvem I started (and still need to frog).

I have a few stash enhancements...Lollipop yarn (in 2 colorways with one more on the way), One of the lollipop yarns was bought with an awesome project bag with cute owls....puts me in the mood for Halloween!  The first colorway is called H"owl"oween and the second one is called Witchy Woman. I also got some Miss Babbs.  She has a new Katahdin which is 1750 yards per skein.....I got it in biker chick colorway (My favorite colorway of all time) and 2 small skeins of roasted pumpkin.  It was also time for me to get my Barking Dogs Yarn Club Yarn for the month of October.  The color is is a perfect blue!

I also ordered myself some of what I think is super cute stationary.  I got it from Vista Print....they gave me a couple of savings websites I can share. and on each of these sites, you can save 25% off everything on their site.  Here is what I is not exactly knitted stitches, but it looked kind of like knitted stitches...oh, and it is orange!!!! I got 2 kinds of notecards, and two different notepads, and a set of sticky notes.  I love them!  I will be using one of my new note cards to send to my scarf swap recipient.....

Now, there is a lady here in my city that read a blog about an owner of a yarn store doing projects from book called "Knitting Masterclass: With Over 20 Technical Workshops and 15 Beautiful Pattern".  She posted out on a forum that she was interested in becoming a better knitter and wanted to know if anyone wanted to join her.  I told her I did and she started a group in Ravelry and I am an administrator and moderator there.....I am really enjoying all the chit chatting over the book.  The first project in the book is a cardigan (Sedgemoor Cardigan) and I did a swatch for that cardigan.  I am not sure if I am going to use this yarn or not...but I was proud of myself for doing a swatch.

I did a few rows on the Cowl I want to finish for the Must Stash Podcast KAL

Lastly, do you remember a KAL I did with a HiyaHiya Pattern?  I did some green socks and the pattern was called the Harmonious Cable (or something like that)?  Well, at that time, I volunteered to be a host/hostess for one of their future KAL's.....and I was chosen to do so.  I am hostessing the Great Wall Socks IV KAL in this forum.  Here is a link to the pattern....anyone who wants to join, can join the group and the KAL!!!  I am not sure what yarn I am going to use for mine....I hope to cast on tonight!!!!

On lady in the KAL said that as soon as she finished her chores, she would cast on.....well, I want to remind some of you out there of two very important things:


Happy Happy Happy knitting....Have a great week!!!!!