Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Happy Autumnal Equinox

 Hey Guys!  How are you?  Can you believe it is already officially Fall??

Photo Credit Shairaa/Shutterstock

I have finally finished my test knit (sans blocking) and while I still cannot show you the picture, I am hoping that with the test knit completed, I will have more knitting to show in future posts.

I finished my baby blanket (Thank goodness, the shower is this coming weekend).

I ordered some stitch stoppers from Elizabeth at her store, Cozy Sky Co., the yellow ducks are Darlene's, but I have not seen her yet to give them to her.

Do you see a F theme.....I have had a rough month with this yarn for Grace's cardigan and I decided I need to give less f***s!  

I already put 2 on my sunshine coast sweater.

I got yarn for my monthly blankets

Then, on a whim, I wanted to try the new Jimmy Beans Wool Harmony DK yarn (Yarn Citizen)...so I got 2 skeins....Sand and Cinnamon.

It is surprisingly soft...... a sweater's qty for Joji's new Granny Cardigan is on its way in Honeycomb color!

I finally found yarn that I think will work for Grace's sweater.  I was able to buy a few in an Austin yarn shop, and I am awaiting more in the mail.  It will not be the same dyelot, but I will be holding it double so I can hold an old dye lot with a new dye lot.  I even made a swatch to test 'the pattern'

That is all I have....have a great week.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Crazy Busy!

 Hi everyone....how are you?  I think I mentioned last week that I was busy (started blog on a Monday but did not actually publish till Wednesday).....well, my busyness has not really subsided.

I told yall about my yarn disaster for my niece's sweater.....so last week I ordered more yarn (different dyer of course), and the yarn shop shipped it the same day and it looked like it was going to get to me in 2 days....I was SOOOOOO excited.  It shipped the 13th (the day I ordered) and was scheduled to be delivered the 15th.  Then.....it was just STUCK!  I opened a USPS ticket, and they said "Hey, this is stuck....so wait 10 business days and if you still don't have it, then file a claim."  argh!  At first I said to myself, don't panic, it will move....and it didn't.  I clearly have ZERO patience, because yesterday I broke down and ordered more yarn.  Same colorway, different base (because I had bought all of the last base) and it shipped at 1:26 pm and is expected to be delivered the 23rd....yahoo!  Then, of course, 2 hours and 15 min after that order shipped, my other order was found and started moving (3:41 pm) and it is expected to be delivered today!  I am thrilled....now that I have bought yarn for this sweater 3 times....I am hoping to get some yarn I can actually cast on with today! 

I am still plugging away on my test knit.  I have two clues left and I will be done with it.

Other than that, all I have worked on is the baby blanket for my cousin:  It is almost done, I just need to add a border.

Paige and Celeste has a girls day!

Then they called and asked if Tone wanted to go the movies with them....of course he said yes!

The only other exciting thing was I had my nails done....just a simple manicure to match my toes.

That is all I have....boring I know....but have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Never Forget!

 Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing well!  I got up this morning and looked at my watch to see the date and see we are on the 22nd anniverary of September 11, 2001.  I for one, will never forget...and this is the image I usually have in my head when I think of it.  It was such an impactful time!!!

***ETA:  I have been crazy busy.....I started this blog post two days ago, the 11th, but am now finishing it today, the 13th...sorry for the delay!

I really have not knit on much.....besides my test knit that I cannot show.

However, I did get some new yarn!  It is all Berocco Vintage Chunky!

I have had lots of dental work lately so I spoiled myself with some foot work

Shyla got her Mae sweater and hat and they look so freaking good on her....this girl, she makes anything look good!

I also got a new bag from Bags By Awesome Grannie....I LOVE IT!

and how about them Longhorns!  They beat Alabama at Alabama's home field....that has only happened 6 times sine 2007....and Texas just made it SEVEN TIMES!  Yahoo!  Plus, my Brother In Law as at the game in Alabama and he said it was Epic!

Here is my nephew after the game (this past Saturday) and several years ago....once a longhorn, always a longhorn.

Oh....and last month, my sister sent me a text message that my niece, Grace, really wanted a certain cardigan she saw on Pinterest.....This is all I have to go by

So, I found a pertty close color online...and evern emailed her to show her how close the colors are, make a special order and even said in my email that I hope the colors are as close as they look.....and I sent her a pic of the cardigan with her picture of her yarn from her website:

Then, she took a month to get it to me (her custom orders are 10-15 days) and when I finally get it.....

1 - is what Grace wants

2 - is what I bought

3 - is what I got

This is directly under a light

I even took my ipad and put it on the yarn's page and put what I got next to it in a chair with light above....look at this

I am sooooo upset.  I sent the dyer a message yesterday and today and I have not heard back from her.  I am getting a little annoyed!  Now I have to buy more yarn....and I need to have this cardigan done by Christmas, and I cannot find a pattern, so I am going to have to make one up.

Well, that is just the icing on the cake of my super busy week

I hope yall have a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

My baby is 28!

 Hey everyone.....How have y'all been?

I have been doing okay.  I am still plugging away on the test knit....and recently 2 of the 'clues' were pretty intricate cables....so they were time consuming, but I cannot show the work yet.

I did however block the It Brings You Peace Shawl

I pulled out my garter monthly blanket...I am attaching August yarn to this blanket so I feel kinda caught up....buton the Quilty blanket (the other monthly blanket), I am still working on June....so I need to get my butt in gear on that one.

My Baby had her 28th birthday!  We went to Parry's Pizzeria and Taphouse.  It was me, Kody, Paige, Antonio, Sam, and Bizzle.....I only got pics of Paige, Kody and Tone....

Bizzle's Bday was 2 days later....so on Bizz's birthday, Paige, Bizz and Sam all went to the gym to workout because Bizz did not feel like going out.

Then, they next day...they all went on a hike

The next day, we all went to Sam's for dinner (Sam made a delicious chicken Alfredo).....the only pic I got was the sign that Sam's kids made for Bizz and Paige....I love this sign

I finally framed my "Just a girl" poster...and one of the diamond paintings that Paulette made me (welcome to the funny farm)....they are on my office/yarn room above my computer screen

I recently podcasted with Elizabeth and Melissa and afterwards we were texting about our possible new KAL.....the Plumpy Shawl KAL....I have wanted to make this for forever....so I ordered yarn for it.  You know how I am making the crochet shawl where I get yarn every month?  Well, I am loving the fade of it, so I took the last four colors and just ordered them in dk weight.

I just got the august color that is rose quartz for the shawl

Well, that is all I have.....I hope yall have a great week....here is Jackson trying to let all my AC out of the house.....no wonder my AC bill is so high.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting