Monday, February 25, 2019

Hats, Hats, and more Hats!

Hi everyone!  Today is my 47th Birthday and I have already had so many wonderful messages wishing me a Happy Birthday....thank you everyone!

This past week I mostly worked on HATS!

You saw I finished Casey's hat and started Brinley's in my last post....well I finished Brinley's and then started, finished, undid, redid and finished a hat for Kagan!

This was Kagan's but I thought it was too small

 So I took it out and added a repeat:

I am much happier with it this way!


I will get these out in the mail to Casey today.

That is really all I did this past week....Darlene and I podcasted last Thursday, and Friday Jaime took me out to dinner....we had steak and ribs....It was yummy!

He got me some beautiful orange roses and a bottle of wine to.  We had a wonderful and romantic weekend.

Darlene bought me (and her) the Biscotte yarns needed to make the Vortex cardigan in the new colors of the updated pattern.  It has Brioche, colorwork and a cable...I am so excited....I cannot wait to start this!

Plus the cutest matching bag set to go with it....look at those sheep knitting.....THANK YOU DARLENE!

I also got a series 4 apple watch in rose gold....not a color I thought I would love, but I love is the 44mm, which I think I would prefer the 40mm, but this 44m screen is growing on me....kind of like when the plus phones came out and we thought they were too big and I would not dream of getting anything smaller now....just takes some getting used to.

I have picked out the hat I am going to do for March:

Celeste and Cat have a brother...Alessandro I have a new grandson.  He is beautiful and I cannot wait to meet him in person

Lastly, some of my fav pics from the week....Antonio got a haircut....Paige's dogs loving on each other and Bizzle having a burger with her Great Dane.

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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