Monday, February 24, 2014

Bladder Riveting!!!

I am hoping the title of my blog this week got your attention....there is as story behind that title I will get to very soon.

I am sorry it has been almost another 2 weeks since I posted.  I was feeling pretty sick last week and I just kind of got in a little bit of a lazy mode....then, this past weekend was time for the First Annual San Antonio Fiber Retreat.....I have tons to tell you and tons of pictures (I again, hope you do not get picture overload) let me get right to it.

Knitting.....I already told you about finishing the Suzi Shawl for the WIP's event in the Ravellenics.  I also finished my Hearts Shawl from the Strickmich!Club that I entered into the Shawl, Lace, and Single Skein Categories.  I loved this yarn, but I would get a little red on my fingers while I knitted with it and the water I soaked it in turned red I added a touch of vinegar to hopefully stop any dye bleeding.  Lastly, I finished a pair of Socks for a HiyaHiya KAL in Malabrigo sock yarn in colorway archangel and also entered these socks into Sock, Cables, Lace, Single Skein, and Stash Skeleton Categories......

And here is the Suzi Shawl finally blocking:

During the knitting retreat, I knitted mostly on HyperCrazy:

I also started a new pair of socks.....remember that awesome sport weight Bugga Yarn that Darlene bought me?  Yup, I am using the perfectly cute sock sock she made me and the yarn she bought me.  It's not a great picture because I just barely have the toes started and they are still curling a bit.

My house that I moved out of in December is finally on the if you need a realtor or a house in is a great one I would love for you to buy!  Even if you are not in the market for a house....any good vibes you can send on this puppy selling would be greatly appreciated it....I am praying it only on the market for a month or two (fingers, toes and needles crossed).

Now for the was the 1st Annual SA Fiber retreat and it was held just outside of SA at Paradise Canyon.  The water was not like it is on the website because we are in a major drought (heck, Medina Lake is almost completely empty)....but we were not there to swim, we were there to knit.  Here are pictures of the main lodge and some surrounding areas.  I stayed in a Cabin across the street....I think it was a poor set up to have only 4 of us across the street, so next year I am hoping to stay in the lodge.  While in the Cabin with 3 friends, I was telling one of them a story....well, she had to get up to use the restroom....I stopped telling the story because she was the only one that had not heard it (the other two ladies had)....when she came back I started telling it again...she said she was sorry but my story was so 'bladder riveting' that she had to use the restroom....we laughed all weekend from many different stories, but the phrase 'bladder riveting' stayed with me so I told them it would be on my blog......Here are lots of pics....some of which I am actually in.  The first picture is of Claudia grasping her tea container, but from where I was sitting, it looked like she was holding onto a bottle of wine...which is why I snapped the picture, it looked pretty funny!

(who is that dork with the big grin?)

(again, crazy girl grin on right hand side)

Here I am (without crazy grin) knitting on HyperCrazy.

And here is a picture of the cute Gift that Peg made for everyone....she is so sweet:

Are you picture overloaded yet?  Well, I am not done!  I had some stash enhancements.....I got 3 skeins of Wollmeise Lace....colors Poison No 5, Confident, and bf Darlene saw this Raku-Regenbogen and she has to have I will see if I can find another skein to buy somewhere (if you know of anyone selling one, let me know!) or I will sell her mine....she is so awesome to me!

Speaking of how awesome Darlene is...she made me 3 more bags this past weekend.....remember how she made me a notions bag to match the interior of one of my crocheted bags?  Well, she made me one to match my polka dot crochet bag (can you even see it as is blends with the inside of my bag?)

She also made me another sweater bag with Decorator fabric (so I am told, I have no clue on fabric) in the most awesome orange...with a matching notions bag....look at how the two bags line up where the material matches....she of course wanted to wait till my birthday to give it to me (my birthday is tomorrow), but if you have read my blog in the past, you know that neither her nor I can wait on presents we have for each she gave it to me is already holding my Biker Chick colorway HyperCrazy.

Okay....I've got just a little more and I promise my ramblings and picture overload will be done.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my parents house for dinner to visit my aunt and uncle (that drive a beautiful bus rv around the country)?  My mom made the most awesome lamb shanks (my mother is a phenomenal cool) and even Antonio loved them...he is not the biggest meat person (he gets that from his mom).  Well, she told me she got them at costco, so I ordered some.  I have been dreaming about my mom's lamb shanks for over a I finally got mine in and made lamb shanks with mashed potatoes the other day for Antonio....he liked them and I loved them, but they were not quite as perfect as my mom's (I have no clue what I did wrong, they are completely cooked, you put them in the oven for a set amount of time and's are better at everything).  Here is my aunt and uncle's 'bus' and my lamb shanks that we enjoyed.

My last story here is one of a bit of disappointment (to me) and a little bit of 'sweet' revenge (for me).  My beautiful daughter got a nose, not the cute little stud on the side of your nose, but the upside down horseshoe that makes her look like cattle that should be branded (like a longhorn).

She knew I was not happy about I told her that I was going to feed Antonio Chocolate for dinner....I do not think she believed me.....

My friends at my retreat think I should get a nose ring just like her to embarrass her....I am pretty sure she will not care...she would probably go with me and pay for it for me.....

Finally, I am done blabbering!  Winter is almost over (at least here in SA) but here is a cool snow ball/yarn ball picture I am sure I snagged from someone.....and a new word I learned.

Happy Happy Knitting to all!!!  I have missed you!