Monday, January 25, 2021

Because you know, I am crazy like that!

 Hey everyone!  How have y'all been!  I know I said I would be better this year with updating my blog, so I am sorry it has been over 2 weeks.....but I have been productive on the knitting/crocheting front!

First......I started a new KAL (because you know, I am crazy like that).  This KAL was with Knit Pro and Knitters Pride to win a set of needles, and (I am sorry to be brutally honest here) it is the worst KAL I have ever done.  The pattern is all over the place and my friend, Paulette, from Canada so joined and I think she has tinked over a dozen times because the last chart does not work....and many other ppl have said they can't get it to work either...the suspicious thing is there are 3 finishers and I can't help but think they just 'fudged' the pattern to get it to work....which is totally frustrating to me!  Anyway, I am still debating on whether to finish it or not.....

I finished Darlene's Birthday Present....and it looks great on her (the coloring is off on a few pics, it is hard to photograph)!

I have some pics of my big baby in bed.....and Paige got him a new toy he loves

I also got my yarn for the monthly blanket from Jimmy Beans Wool.....the whole blanket will been Malabrigo Rios.....the pattern has two increases that really cause ladders....but, the designer meant for that to be the case....she said if you pull it the way the pattern will be, the ladders will disappear and she was right.....its pretty cool

My friend, Melissa that I podcast with, told me about a new energy boost drink...and I got some....they are really tasty!  I ordered more in Coconut and Dragon Fruit

I also got some green and yellow grapefruits....they were yummy!

I got some of this tea as a Christmas gift and loved it so much, I bought more!

My birthday yarn from Darlene came in!  I LOVE IT!

Look at how amazing it looks knitted:

I started my Granito Sweater

The pictures do not do this yarn justice!

Paige and her besties went on a date....I love these girls (from left to right, Paige, Bizz, Sam):

I had a friend contact me and asked me to help her start a project....she is using Lion Brand Summer Nights yarn to make a Botanical Lace I rewound the yarn (I cannot pull from the outside of the commercially wound skein) and re-started (she had a couple oop's) the wrap for her...I will only do like 48 rows and then give it back...she needed some 'substance' on the needles to get going.  She is new to lace knitting:

I finally got a vaccine appointment for my mom (she was vaccinated this past Friday) and my dad has an appointment on Tuesday the 9th of February.....Yahoo!!

I finished crocheting my Author Friend's wrap....I have seamed on the pockets and just need to add the fringe (I hope to do that in a day or two so I can get it in the mail to her)!

and I started a new San Francisco 49'ers blanket....I will be on black for forever, but this will just be a small 3 foot by 3 foot lap blanket with the logo.

Well, that is all I have....I hope y'all have a great week!  Stay safe out there!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Happy New Year!!!

 I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

I ended last year knitting on a sock head hat for Darlene's grandson....I knitted a little over 7 inches and then sent to Darlene.....this is going to be an amazing hat

I also knit 6 ornaments for next year to give as gifts.....see, I am ahead of the game for next year!

I loved the wavy legs hat that I gifted to much that I ordered more Berroco Vintage yarn to make a couple more hats.

Paige posted a gorgeous picture of herself that I had to steal and repost....look how long her hair is!

My mom fell on the 29th (she is okay, she has been dizzy, but is okay) so I needed to take her to get a cat scan....they had to poke her arm 3 times....but she's a trooper.

Jax got a new baby from Paige (I watched all of Paige's dogs for New Years Eve, so this was Paige's way of rewarding Jax for putting up with the home invasion...LOL) and I love how he sleeps on his baby's

In the Knit and Crochet world, I have been working on that Perfect Pockets wrap for my author friend....It is hard to photograph this color, but it is electric blue/turquoise

And Darlene's Birthday Present.....also a hard color to photograph, but it is the exact same color as the Easy One sweater I made myself last year.

Darlene has ordered me my birthday gift....4 skeins of Hedgehog Sock Yarn in the Matchstick color way so I can make Granito!  Thank you Darlene....You are the BEST best friend a girl can have!  I cannot wait to start this project!

I hope y'all have a fabulous new year!  

Happy Happy Happy New Year!