Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What a crazy Month!

 Hey everyone......honestly, I am not even sure where to start....the last month has been crazy.

Let me start with some non-knitting.  I found a stray dog.  She is super sweet, but realistically, I cannot keep her.  However, I do not want her euthanized either.  So when ACS finally picked her up (10 days later), they called 3 days later to say she was already on the euthanize I agreed to foster her.

Let me know if you are looking for the perfect pet to complete your family!  Her name is Blue and she is all up to date on her shots and is spayed.

This addition certainly has chaned up my plain world/routine!

I think in last post I mentioned the half and half triangles shawls...well, they have been put on hold, and I had to restart the one with the Linen Quill....I am doing an icord cast on for that one and it was too loose, so I restarted it.

I got a couple stash enhancements....

I also finished July's Blanket portion in July!

I made some socks for Kody's Birthday!

Antonio had a golf tournament he was invited to at Fair Oaks Ranch Golf and Country Club!

George Jetson was born....LOL!

I started a new blanket for Paige

Ive been working on my annual test knit....but as we all know, I can never show that till the end of December.

Paige and Kody have a baby shower to go to on August 27th, so she asked me to make a pom pom blanket for the baby.....gender unknown...I asked her to pick a color and this is what she picked.

My parents had their 54th wedding anniversary yesterday!  

The MAIN think I have been working on (besides test knit) is this HUGE Nuvem baby blanket

That is about all I have....Have a fabulous week....and consider fostering or adopting a dog!  LOL!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!