Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Month Gone By!

 Hey has been about a month since I last blogged....I keep telling myself I am going to get back to the weekly posts, but then I feel like I do not have enough to show.....but when I wait a month, then I feel I have too much to show y'all.....I can't win....LOL!

Here I go with my last month of events!

I got new reading glasses

I pulled out an oldie blanket for me

Antonio and I hanging out
He loves to color

In June 2019, I made this blanket for my cousin's daughter's first baby

Well, that daughter is now having a daughter so I got yarn for another blanket just like it

And I finished it

In January 202, I made this blanket for my same cousin's son's first child

Well, that son is now having a I decided to make another like the first

and finished it

I can't go on instagram or this happens:

and then I asked Elizabeth to crank for me (I don have back from her yet).

Antonio had his last game of tournament.

I had a crack in my toilet tank...and replaced the whole toilet because

1, it was cheaper than new tank 

2, the tank had ratings stating they cracked all the time  

and 3, I wanted to see if I could....and I did!

I enjoyed that crocheted shell pattern so much, I decided to take my largest skein of Wolltraum and make a bedside shell stitch blanket....I am loving it so far!

I also decided to get my nails done....and I am liking them so far....I debated about getting them done because I usually do not keep up with the fills.....we will see what happens!

Jackson and Purl got new beds.....but only Jackson would pose in his.

We had a thunder and lightning storm and Jax hid under the table....silly dog!

Lastly, Paige, Sam and Bizz went to lakehouse and had a great time!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting (or crocheting since that is all I have been doing)!