Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Happy May!

 Hey Guys....It's May....can you believe it?  How have you been?  I have been doing okay I guess.

I went to my sister's lakehouse for Mother's Day Weekend and had a massage....Antonio had a fabulous time!  Our Geese we see every year had babies

After the lakehouse, Antonio had a tournament....this is his ball (so close to green) after one proud of him

I finished Abdiel's blanket

I pulled out my Circular Sock Machine....WHAT?????  Who am I?  I swear my gauge gets looser as I crank.

My sister gave me a hummingbird birds yet, and I melted it a little when I added hot water to disolve the sugar....I hope I get a bird soon..this is the view from my office/yarn room

I also had a squirrel come visit me while I was doing dishes...this is the view out my kitchent window...I don't think he could see me.

Elizabeth (one of my fellow podcasters) came back from a yoga retreat in Vermont....she brough tme this beautiful yarn with Syrup

She also bought one of these books for herself and as a prize on our podcast (You can watch here for details) I had to buy the book for myself as well.

During that podcast, I finsihed my April Monthly Blanket

My yarn for May arrived

The owner of the Biscotte Yarns shops in Canada, Louise, sent me some yarn as a thank you for running the KAL on her ravelry group.  It has hemp in it and it is so soft and pretty!  Thank you Louise!

I got some yarn from Eat Sleep Knit to make another Tiramisu Blanket for ......drum roll please......Shannon and Nina's baby to be born in December.....they have been trying for 3 years!

I also bought some ethiopian cotton from Jimmy Beans wool to make a Nuvem for Shannon and Nina's baby.

I ordered some linen/cotton/rayon yarn to make me some light tops for South Texas weather.

I got myself a is called an egg.  My brother in law has been making me the most delicious steaks from his XL egg for years.....I finally broke down and ordered my own egg....just in the Jr Size.  I cannot wait to try to cook with this....hopefully I do not burn too much meat!  LOL!

Lastly, I got a picture from my last visit with my man, Lupe....we look a little red, but it is just the lighting.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!