Monday, July 11, 2022

Half and Half and Half!

 Hey guys!  Can you believe we are more than half way done with the year?  WOW!  What have you been up to?

I finished Crocheting and doing the ribbon on BOTH the crocheted baby blanets.....does anyone elses watch think they are doing an eliptical exercise while crocheting?

I have been working on the nuvem baby blanket too...pictured with a new bag from my co-podcaster, Elizabeth...she has a shop here.

We did a new podcast, link here

I finished the shawl I showed you last time...and finished June's color on the monthly blanket

I donated blood and got a cool tshirt....

I have been walking with Jackson along some paths behind my neighborhood...and we see some deer...this deer was very curious about us

speaking of are some cute shot of him.  I dont get as many cute shots of Purl because she is anti social and stays in my room most days....but I did get one of her....sleeping.

I have been catching one or two hummingbirds at the feeder, but I wish I saw more....I guess this takes time

My favorite bose headphones recently died on me....I cried and then ordered some new powerbeats because of a recommendation...I am not sure if I love them yet or not.  

I am still buying too much yarn....but I have plans for (almost) everything...that has to count for something...LOL!

I got this DK Zooey yarn from Juniper Moon Farm. The pink will be Sunshine Coast, and the grey will be L├ęger Redux.

I got some new Emma's DK yarn....these will be hats or socks. for another part of all the "Half" in my blog titile...not only are we Half way though the year, but I have decided to jump on the Half and Half Triangle train.....this pattern looks like it is right up my alley with lots of garter.  It is knit with Linen Quill....which I 'might' of had a hard time picking my colors so I ordered 19 skeins.

While waiting (not as patiently as most ppl are) on the yarn to arrive, I started one with my Alpaca Boucle I showed you last post....this is the Matchstick colorway and the crystal colorway will be the 2nd triangle....I cant wait to start one with the linen quill!

The Purled in Texas podcast (that I am part of) is also doing a Gifting KAL for Christmas in I ordered more ornaments to kit covers for.....

Here are pics of my gorgeous children (just because I don't share pics of them enough).

Here are Paige, Tone and Bizz living their fittest life

That is all I have.....have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!