Friday, June 29, 2012

Well, it is Friday.  I have been knitting like crazy on the Milk Run Shawl for Camp Loopy Project Number 2.  AND......I must be crazy because I also signed up for a test knit....yes, a test knit!  A test knit is where someone wrote out a pattern to knit, but they want people to test it before they make it available to the public......this is to make sure all the k's and p's are in the right place and that the pattern works.  I am test knitting a baby lace blanket.

My daughter is going to the coast this weekend, so I get to baby sit my adorable grandson, Antonio.  Here he is with his new Buzz Lightyear pajamas....he is 8 months.

Here is the test knit so far (yes, that is burnt orange!)

Here is Milk Shawl Run so far.....

Happy Friday everybody!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OK......great weekend of knitting.  I recieved the Baby Bunny Yarn so I could work on my grand daughter's sweater.  Here it is....almost done.  Need to seam (yes, I hate seaming) and finish up the bow.  I do not have a snap yet, so I will have to buy one and sew it in.

I got a new tatoo on Saturday night.  It is my second tatoo.  No, I am not some big bad tatted up gal.  Both of the tatoos are about the size of a quarter.  The first one is a longhorn, the black ink bleed a little, but I still love it.  The one I got Saturday is a Harley Davidson emblem.  No words, just colors.  One day, I will get a couple balls of yarn with knitting needles, just not sure where I am going to put that.


Then, my boyfriend bought a new truck!  I cannot believe how expensive vehicles are these days.....Anyway, he let me drive it and it was a nice smooth ride....Yahoo!! the exciting part of the week....Camp Loopy Project 2 STARTS TOMORROW!!!!  Yipee!!!  Are you ready???

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Friday, June 22, 2012

So, I have an update on the big brouhaha in the knitting world yesterday.  The Crochet Liberation chimed in with an awesome letter!  Then, the USOC apologized.  It is a weak apology, but a start.  Since they realized it was weak, they updated the apology.  Here are links to the Crochet Liberation Front Letter, and the apology on NPR and the updated apology on Team USA webpage.

Let this 24 hour whirlwind be a reminder.....never mess with ladies that have pointy sticks!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good morning!  So a few weeks ago I blogged that I was going to be part of the Ravelympics, and I was sure you would hear more about it.....well, you are hearing more about it, but not in a positive fasion.  I just got wind of a blog from another lady named Sarah.  Her blog is called Exchanging Fire and it has caused quite a stir.  Please read it, and if you feel so inclined to comment on the Facebook page of the Olympic Committe or to give them a tweet, please do so!

I am so frustrated about this because the Special Olympics (which is allowed to use the name Olympics and even has it registered as an organization) has no problem reaching out to Knitters and Crocheters and asking them for scarf donations and specifiying how many they need.....

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I can't believe I forgot to post about what my wonderful daughter did for me on Father's Day (her father is deceased).  She got me some beautiful orange tulips (Orange is, of course, my favorite color).  She had a card that was an "appreciation" card thanking me for putting up with her and being both her mother and her father and doing things for her and Antonio (her son).  Yes, I had tears in my eyes.  She may be 16 and a teen mom, but she is growing up.  She is an AWESOME daughter and an even more AWESOME mom!

Now to the sweater I have been trying to finish for my grand daughter.  I am running out of yarn.  I know I bought 3 skeins, and I could swear I only used two, but I cannot find the other skein anywhere...and I always keep all my yarn together for a project....I just this is a one of the symptoms of my startitis and procrastination (boo hoo!).  I just have the small front panel to do along with the bow and the yarn is discontinued.  I cannot find it anywhere for sale.  I have contacted a couple of people on Ravelry to see if they will sell me just a little bit...I will let you know how it goes.  Cross your fingers for me.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The weekend just goes by too fast!! 

This past Saturday was WWKIP (World Wide Knit In Public) Day.  I had a blast!  I meet with lots of talented women at a local mall.  I think there were up to 30 gals there, but I did not count (just guessing).

I worked on a sweater for my grand daughter, she will be 4 this coming November, and I would like to get it done for her.  The pattern is from a french designer and it is called Gilet noued noued, which loosely translated is Vest node node, but I just call it the "Bow Sweater" (You can find it HERE).  I am working with a yarn that has 10% angora in it and it can get very fuzzy (Plymouth Yarn Baby Bunny).  Now, there is one thing about the life of a Knitphomaniac.....I have startitis in a really bad way!  I start so many projects and then see other things I want to knit and buy the yarn and put projects aside to start more projects.  I have approx 27 projects on my needles at this time, and I really want to make a goal to get that number down to a much more manageable number.  I put this sweater on the back burner in April of 2011 (yes, over a year ago).  It appears back then that I made a mistake in the pattern, however, when I pulled this out and started working on it, I did not realize that and just kept on knitting with the mistake.  So....everything I knit on during WWKIP Day, I ended up frogging plus 5 more rows that I must have knit back in April 2011.  I was able to reknit more on Sunday.  I have tabs marked to show you 1) where I started during WWKIP, 2) where I got to during WWKIP, and 3)where I had to frog back to.  Of course you can see where I am now.

Sunday evening, I went to my parent's house to spend Father's day with my Fantastic Father!  We had a great dinner, and they got to see their great grandson (I was babysitting).  I ended up giving my Lintilla shawl to my mother.  I had made her the Summer Flies shawl for her birthday, but she could not find the right way to wear it and it look good.  I do not want a hand knitted item to just sit, and I could tell she loved the Lintilla when I showed her, so I swapped them.  I know she will get lots of wear out of the Lintilla, and that just means that I get to buy more yarn to make another Lintilla!  I am sure I can find someone to gift the Summer Flies Shawl to for Christmas!
Here are some pics of my progress and what it looks like during WWKIP Day!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi!  It is Thursday and I am very excited!  I finished my Lintilla shawl yesterday.  I have a friend that has a blog and she posts her finished items on Friday's and calls it FO Friday...but I just could not wait to show you all!  This is my Project One for Camp Loopy.  I love this pattern so much, I am thinking of making another one!

Now....what to work on while I wait for Camp Loopy Project Two to start?  I have so many things OTN that I have several items to choose from.  I decided to work on some squares for a blanket (from the Building Blocks book by Michelle Hunter).  I am making 3 different afghan blankets, and I know it will take me a long time to make them all, but I thought doing one square at a time to build one panel at a time feels satisfying and not is a picture of two panels.  The blue one has 1 1/2 quares done, and the persimmon one has barely 1/2 of the square done (the blue yarn is a little thicker than the persimmon, but they will be the same blanket pattern).

Oh, and as promised, here is the picture of the Sweet Georgia yarn I got with the Shattered Sun Shawl pattern, I have been telling myself I cannot start till I finish some other far it is working, but I am not sure for how long.

On a much cuter note, my grandson had to go to the allergist yesterday.  He has allergies, but they are not too bad.  For now we are going to switch his formula to a soy based formula. Here is a picture of him at the doctor's office playing with a big catepillar until the lady walked in to stick him in the back (he is only 7 1/2 months).

And a picture of him smiling and playing with his mom's keys....sorry it is dark, by daughter took this picture.  I think it is worth sharing:

Lat but not least, here is a picture of Jaime and I at Coyote Ugly on 6th Street in Austin last weekend for the ROT Rally.  That is my new shirt from some friends, it combines a couple of my favorite things.....Longhorns and Harley (there is a Harley Emblem in the middle of the Longhorn)....Now, if I could just find a shirt with Longhorns, Harleys and Yarn!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Good morning!  I had a great weekend.  My BF, Jaime, and I went to Austin, TX for the Annual ROT Rally on his Harley.  This is a Rally for motorcycles and it is held at Travis County Expo Center.  We usually get an RV spot and stay from Wednesday to Sunday.  However, this year, we decided to get a Hotel Room on 4th street and just see the crowds on 6th Street on Friday night.  We left Friday morning and got to Driftwood, TX to eat some BBQ at the Salt Lick.  Then off to downtown Austin to check into our hotel and then we went to the Iron Cactus to meet some friends for a couple of drinks.  The night life on 6th Street was fun, but not as 'crazy' as in previous years.  We still had a great time going to Coyote Ugly, The Stand, The Dueling Piano, got some Pizza by the slice, and then off to the hotel room to get some ZZZZ's.

The next morning it was off to have breakfast with our friends.  They asked where we wanted to go and I said "anywhere off Congress" (yes, there is a reason for this).  So we ate at a place called The Woodlands and it was really great.  They make homemade sourdough bread and it was delicious!  One of our friends has always wanted to go to the "Hey Cupcake" trailer so we crossed the street for her to have a cupcake (Yummy).  Then I had to sneak a visit to Hill Country Weavers (the reason I said I wanted to eat somewhere off Congress).  I got some SweetGeorgia CashSilk and the Shattered Sun Shawl pattern.  (I will post pics of it soon).

Later in the afternoon we rode to Barton Springs Drive and stopped at Baby Acapulco's for a drink and to catchup with some other friends (that slept in and did not leave with us for breakfast).  At about 3:30 we decided it was time to drive back to SA on the motorcycle.  We rode the back way through the hill country and the scenery was beautiful!  We made one pit stop in Blanco for a refreshment and to cool off a little.... then back on the road....we made it home at about 5:30.  I was sunburned (just a little) and exhausted.

Now to Sunday...Yup, you guessed it....Knitting!  I worked on my Lintilla and it is coming along just great.  I made it to the 'downhill' part of the knitting.  I finished the 22 pattern repeats of the body pattern and I was able to start the pattern repeats of the edging pattern.  Here is a picture with 5 pattern repeats of the edging pattern done.

This Saturday is WWKIP day......are you knitting somewhere in public??

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My first Post!

OK, so it is my first post on this blog.

It is early June, and it is getting H O T in Texas.  I have quite a few things going on in the knitting world. 

First I am going to Camp.  Camp Loopy that is!

For Project One, I am making the Lintilla Pattern by Martina Behm.

I am making it with Madeline Tosh Sock Yarn in colorway Safron (close to burnt orange).  Here it is after 20 pattern repeats:

I am really enjoying knitting this.  I am thinking of making a few of this designer's other patterns.

Then, in early July there is a KAL with Michelle Hunter.

I got the yarn and this picture is of the yarn on my bed sheet.  I am planning on making this pillow (or multiple pillows) for my bed, so I got the Simply Sage to match....I think it matches ok, what do you think?

In late July....starting as the same time as the Olympics is the Ravelympics.  I am proud to be a captain of Team Texas Yarnivore 2012.  You can read all about it here, and I am sure I will be mentioning it more in the coming weeks:

Have a Happy Happy Thursday!