Monday, April 24, 2017

Viva Fiesta San Antonio!

It is that time of year again....Fiesta in San Antonio!


While I do not really participate in any fiesta is worthy of  a mention (Paige, Chris and Antonio went to an event last night).

How was your week?  Mine was great.....I am going to jump right into the knitting.

I finished my And Then Some Shawl!  It is not blocked yet, but I still love it!  Yahoo!

I worked on my Mystery, Experimental, Stress-Free Fade!  I hope to start my 5th color this week!

And.....I finally started my April Socks (Yes, I know it is already the 24th).  I changed my mind on what color to use this month.  Instead of the Exclusive Colorway from last year, I switched to the Color Accents Orange colorway:

Now, I have been debating on going forward with this DVD sock a month kal....and for now, I am going to keep doing it.  I went ahead and used my 30% off coupon and bought 2 skeins of yarn....they were both on sale, and then I used the coupon so I ordered 2 skeins for under $40....that is a, if I later decide to stop this KAL and destash the yarn later, I will be able to break even!

I also worked on my VooDoo You Love Doll.  Antonio loves this and I wanted to finish it last night....but I am just one leg short!  I hope I can finish it tonight!

That is all I knitted on this week....but I also posted yesterday about the Second Annual BIG 4 will be starting in about a week.  The Blog Post is here.....I do hope you can join us! that I have announced the Big 4 Retreat starting soon....I did want to add that along with the Retreat, I will also be joining a new KAL.  Joji has a "Rare" Mystery KAL coming up (I had no clue she did a Mystery KAL in the past) is called "Starting Point" and I cannot wait to start!  It will be a true rectangle shape and here are my colors!  I cannot wait for May 12th to start!

I also got this interesting Promo Box from Vista Print!!!!   I ran out of notepads that I have with my Name, Blog URL, and Ravelry I ordered some more and they offered this free Promo Box so I thought....Sure, why not!

Here are my new notepads.....they arrived first.

Then a couple of days later I got this was so much fun!

Now, future boxes will be $24.99...and I was going to cancel after my free box....but I really loved getting this box that I think I will stay subscribed for a 2nd box....I cannot wait to get it!

Well, I think that is all I have....but I leave you with some pictures of Antonio this past weekend.  He is either sleeping, or eating at Taste of New Orleans last night (a Fiesta Event).

Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Second Annual BIG 4 Retreat....join us!

Do you remember the BIG 4 Retreat from Last Year?  Well, it is just about that time again!

I know this retreat is not for everyone.  I wish I could be a monogamous knitter or freak out if I have more than 3 wips at one time....but unfortunately, I am not...I guess I have the knitting attention span of a dog......Squirrel!

So, if you have any wips at all and want to join us (me and Darlene) I hope you do!

Now.....I need to pick my Big 4 items.

Of course I will put my current Find Your Fade as one of the items.

Then I was thinking I could finish my Snowmelt MKAL that everyone else has already finished....this is the fabulous yarn that my great friend, Ruby, bought really needs to get finished!

I also started a pair of Converse Edition Socks for my Aunt Irene in Canada over a year ago....I am ashamed to say they are just barely started and then....Squirrel!

For my last project....I am a little torn.  I really want to finish my Briochevron Cowl and Paige's Autumn Gold Lace Hat.....Paige's hat is from 2014, and my Cowl is only from last I thinking I should go with the hat....but I really want to do the Cowl.....ARGH!!!!  Decisions, Decisions!  Which should I do?

So.....will any of you guys be joining us?  If you are, please use #secondannualbig4retreat in any social media posts....then we can see all the fabulous wips that get some love and get done!

Edited to add:
Ravelry Chat Group Here.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hoppy Easter! He is Risen!!

I hope you had a fabulous Easter Holiday! 

With all the Hoppy Fun I had with my grandkids this past weekend....sometimes it is easy to forget why we have this Holiday.....Alleluia!  He is Risen!

I am gonna go thru the knitting stuff first....and then I have TONS of pictures for you.  Not only of my grandkids for Easter...but also of Shyla and Tim's was beautiful and all the shawls looked fabulous! (pics at the end).

I finally blocked the mystery item...and once I am allowed, I will share pictures.

I got to the 4th color on my is the Lucille that Darlene let me have...I am in love with this yarn.

I also worked on my And Then Some Shawl....I am a little worried to see if I have enough of the Deep Sea Jellyfish left after section 4...but it says I only need 10% , and I have a little more than that...we will see.

I also started this VooDoo You Love doll for Antonio...I just need arms and legs :)

I got some new linen yarn....I have this in Black, Red, Grey, Green, and Pink.  I want to make a Whippet with this yarn...not sure what color yet.

Then, Dyakcraft went and 'Did it again"....they posted this on Instagram:

Which resulted in me buying a pair...

Now that Antonio lives at my house....we have been doing lots of stuff and I have not been able to knit as much as I usually do...but that is okay...I am having a blast with him.  We got new I SPY Books (we look for things every night before bed)

And he has been painting (Move over Picasso!)

We even went on a walk at the park (yes, you read that right....I did some physical activity) and he saw a snake...and we might have brought back a little hitchhiker.

Then, I got a badge for the neighborhood pool and he loves to swim and play at the park there (We actually have a lot of nice amenities in the neighborhood):

Saturday we went to the greatest wedding ever....Congrats Tim and Shyla!!!

Here is the Shyla with her shawl that Darlene made and her Maid of Honor (her daughter, Peyton) on the right with the Celestarium I knit.

Then I got a few pics of all the ladies with their shawls....but this is probably the best one I have.

Then, Celeste and Cat came over on Saturday evening....and spent the night so we could all do an easter egg hunt together.....oh what fun.  I leave you with Easter Fun Picture Overload:

Lastly....Precious has dumped me for Antonio....she sleeps with him now...LOL!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!