Monday, July 19, 2021

So many things......Dog Attack, 4th of July, Knitting Retreat!

 Hey Everyone.....a couple of weeks ago I went to my sister's lake house for the annual Knitting Retreat.....and I did not take enough pictures.....I am so sorry!

I took Jax and Purl, so I mostly have pics of them!  But first.....let me rewind.....shortly after my last post, my handsome dog was attacked by a neighbor's pit bulls.  If I rewind even further back, these same two pit bulls killed Precious, but I did not report it because Precious got in their yard.  However, this time the dogs got in my yard.

Here is Jax pre-attack....

Here are the two meanies that did it (the mower and pallet were placed after the attack to try to keep them from getting into my yard, but they still got in...these pics are after the attack)!

But this girl is the most aggressive of the two

Here is Jax at Vet

And here is Jax after vet....the vet said to put a t-shirt on him....isn't he the cutest dog in clothes ever?

The owners of the dogs are renters and SAPD told me not to talk to them, so I have had to file all sorts of paperwork......I had to file an affidavit to get the dogs declared aggressive.

And it worked.....they have been classified as aggressive!

Then the 4th of July came and went.....and here are some great pics of Paige and familia (Bizz and Sam and kids included)

Then it was time to prep for the lake house, I got some yarn to try to knit a tank top with before I went to lake house....but that did not happen.....

Then I got nails and toes done

Then it was time to hit the road.....and Jax was SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

Then we got there.......

I even got to see a cicada coming out of its was kinda neat!

While we were there, Tami had brought some White Claw drinks that we were all enjoying.....and it was too cute that my sister had this as a toy for her dogs.....

I worked on socks

The two Jimmy Beans Wool blankets I am making!

and the crochet blanket......I hit brown while at the lake house!

Elizabeth cranked us some tubes with her CSM and let us crank some of our own...I loved doing it so much, I have ordered a CSM for myself!  It will take 11 weeks to be done!  I am so excited!

After the lake house, my dogs were POOPED!

My aunt Patti is in town from Florida visiting my parents and we went to a restaurant (Clementine SA) where you can pick the option of the chef picking your food (its the "Feed Me" Option) a 7 course meal....I did not always get a picture before we started eating, but it was a ton of fun (and I only got pics of the food and forgot to get pics of us with Aunt Patti)!

So, I think this blog post has more pics than any other.....sorry for the picture overload...but have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!