Monday, October 29, 2018

Happy 7th Birthday Antonio!

Can you believe he is 7 already?  About 8 months after he was born was when I decided to start this blog......and time has flown!

I will upload a bunch of pics from the party yesterday at the end of the blog :)

Now, on to knitting (and crocheting):

I finally blocked the shawl for Vicki and got it off in the mail to her.....Vicki, I am sorry it took so long!

And let me just looks AMAZING on her!

I started  new blanket for Celete's baby brother coming in February of next year.....the color can look a little purple in certain lights, but I hope it looks mostly blue.

I finished the blanket for Darlene...she loves it!

I worked on my Vortex Cardigan and I am loving it.....just 2 sleeves to go.


Here is my progress on the other cardigan test knit and my crocheted rainbow shawl....I hit green....barely, but I hit it!

Darlene got me and early Christmas Present...the David's tea advent calendar and matching mug....I LOVE IT!

Her Daughter, Shyla, opened an Etsy shop and is doing a Sock Monkey should check out her shop here and her giveaway here.

I got some Butter Slime for the grandkids (but forgot to take it to them at the party yesterday....I will have to give to them next weekend):

Well, that is all I have......on to Antonio Party Picture Overload:

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Paperless Post!!!!

Hi everyone....I was recently contacted about doing a review on Paperless Post, a company that designs customizable online stationery, and I was thrilled to jump on the opportunity.

I have played with their website ( for a couple of days and I LOVE IT!

All Pictures copyright of Paperless Post  © 2018 Paperless Post ®

Now, they have tons of invitations....and while I currently have no need to invite anyone to any event I had a blast looking through so many invitation cards!

Cards to be crafty:

 © 2018 Paperless Post ®

Cards to come and be jealous of a roof (and maybe come and help paint)....I loved this idea:

 © 2018 Paperless Post ®

Want to have an Ugly Sweater party?  They've got you covered!

 © 2018 Paperless Post ®

 © 2018 Paperless Post ®

My favorite is probably just the knit stitches on the edge of the stationery, and you can customize it to say whatever you want!

 © 2018 Paperless Post ®

There are MILLIONS (over 85 million) of different cards to choose from....some cost money, some are free!

They have world famous designers like kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, and Riffle Paper Co......or you can upload your own design and/or picture!

If you are into stationery and into online everything like me.....I hope you check them out.

© 2018 Paperless Post ®

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!