Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Dust, Dust and more Dust

 Well, it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post and my floors are still not done....but a big part is finding other things that need to be done.  They found 2 water leaks (thankfully not major damage) and some of my foundation needs to be resurfaced/leveled.

Look at this haze of dust in the house.....all of my furniture and stuff is covered, but the dust still gets on everything even with the covering on it.

I got some new yarn from Elizabeth.....unfortunately one of her knitting friends from Michigan passed away, so she is sharing some of the yarn she got from her.

Elizabeth also finished my cranked socks....I love them!  Thank you Elizabeth for the socks and yarn!

Antonio picked the wildcard yarn (the picture right before the socks) for a sockhead hat.....and I already started it.

Then I started a new hat with the worsted weight yarn

Plus I started the 3rd triangle on the monthly blanket

and lastly I am working on the test knit

Here are my progress pics on the floors

That is all I have.....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

National Dog Day and New Floors!!

 Hey everyone.....how are y'all doing?  It seems that the last time I posted it was also National Dog day......so Happy National Dog day to my babies!

I also got my dogs new beds.......that I am not sure if they realize the beds are for them......

But thankfully......they finally figured it out:

Paige had a birthday......she is 26 now.  Bizzle also has a birthday 2 days after Paige and Ped (our trainer) has a birthday the day before Paige....so here are some of my favorite virgos....from left to right is Sam, Paige, Ped, Bizzle

Kody took us all to dinner on Paige's actual birthday:

And Bizzle got Paige a new dog (Chief died in July....and I think Paige was really struggling), his name is Texas and he is 9 months old.

This past weekend Paige went out of town so I babysat all the dogs......however, Jackson was not a fan of Texas and they got into it on Saturday morning, so Paige's friend, Sam, took Texas.....and he had fun over there.....here he is at my house:

and here is he with Sam and her kids.

Darlene and I started Dotted Rays together.....

and I am of course working on the test knit

Then, I decided that now is the time to redo ALL the floors in my house......I bought 70 cases of flooring and had to make 3 trips and unload them all myself (they are like 30 lb a case).

This is the color Paige picked for me:

and yesterday started the demo.....I have moved everything from 1/2 of my house to the other 1/2 of my house....and the dogs and I are living all day in my tiny bedroom (with a ton of crap in it) and there are people tearing up the tile and grinding and all sorts of stuff.....then, they will install floors (probably not till Friday) and then I will have the weekend to move all my crap to the finished side of the house, and they come back and tear up the rest of the house.....all I can say is....what was I thinking?

That is all I have....have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!