Monday, August 27, 2018

First day of First Grade!

Can you believe that today is Antonio's first day of First Grade?  Where does the time go?

Alexxis had her first day of Kindergarten!  Here she us with Little Mario:

Well, Jaime is out of the hospital and home and I could not be more thrilled and worried all at the same time....LOL!  He will have lots of therapy/rehab appointments so I will need to have my knitting with me at all times, maybe even put emergency knitting in the car :)

I have really only knit on the one thing all this last week....the boxy cape and I am almost done.  I just need to pick up stitches and do the collar, block, buttons, and done!

I just noticed that you can see where the skein changed, but I am hopeful that the collar and just wearing it all drappish and large will hide that a little because I am not frogging it...LOL!

I did crochet very little on my Virus Shawl....I hope to do more of this, but it is a thinker (and counter) for me.....I have not even hit a color change yet :(

I do have a couple of stash enhancements...I needed (yes, needed) some more stitch markers.

I had a great weekend...most of it in hospital, but I also still had Antonio so I was home too.....My dad got me some of my favorite coffee and cream.....he is amazing.

My weekend was also filled with dogs.....4 of them....look how lazy they are:

Speaking of dogs, I will probably have them all (meaning, including Jaz) next weekend too....I have had Jaz for almost 3 weekends now and one weekend I had her longer than expected.  I thought Paige was going to pick her up in the morning, but she picked her up in the evening....I usually leave my bedroom door closed, but I figured since Paige would be there early, I could leave it open....nope....Jaz got a hold of my FAVORITE yoga pants.....does anyone know how I can fix this?  Just sew?  Do I need a serger or surger or whater that zigzag sewing machine is?  It does not have to be 'pretty' I just want no hole.

While at the hospital one day, Jaime's sister got me some flowers...she is so sweet...they are lovely on my mantle at home.

Well, that is all I have this week.....I thank you all for your warm wishes and prayers while Jaime had surgery and as he continues to heal.....have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Kntting!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Has it only been on week?

Hi everyone......I feel like I have had a months worth of things happen over this last week....I can't believe it is has only been a week.

First, Antonio had belt testing that Paige forgot about on I had to go to her house, get his stuff (I got the wrong belt) and get it for his testing....thankfully the kenpo place had a correct belt for Antonio to he is an orange/white belt.

Then I had a stash enhancement (or more).....I got more of the Wolltraum yarn in rainbow color to make the Virus shawl:

Then I got some more "Just Knit It" shirts because my first one really does not fit well.

My friend sent me a picture of a wine glass she found for me.....

I worked a bit on my hitofude.....

My niece went to college and met her roommate!  My sister said she could not have asked for a nicer and sweeter roommate!

Then my parents had their 50th wedding anniversary!  We (my sister and I) took them out for sushi.  Here are my parents young and recently!

Then my world turned upside down.......I will spare you paragraphs of detail....but Jaime had a mild heart attack.  He needs bypass surgery which is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

I have been in hospitals all weekend.....all I knit on was my box cape because it is plain stockinette.  I think I did 7" over the weekend.....doesn't sound like much, but its a lot of stitches!

That's all I have.....Have a great week everyone.....and send Jaime some good thoughts if you don't mind!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Hi have you been?  I have been great.  I feel like I have had a great week....I hope this week is just as great!  I have lots of puppies to show you and tell you about the puppies......

First for the knitting......I finished the Parallel Waves Shawl for Rosanna!  It looks great on her!

The only other thing I worked on was my Hitofude....I was a week behind...but now I am finally caught up....Yippee!!!!!!

Jaime and I had dinner with Nick and Star on Saturday night and did a repeat of Margaritas and Nachos like last was delicious and I did not snap a single pic.....sorry.

Sunday it was time for dinner with my family....Grace leaves to college on Wednesday, so we had a mini good luck party for her, and at that get together, we got to meet some new puppies, but sister recently lost one of her dogs....Hunter....he was very sick and he will be missed so much.

However, 2 days before losing Hunter, she got two new puppies.  Nikolai and Oslo (Niki and Ozzy for short).

Here is Jaime holding Niki

Oma with both

 Opa and Niki

 Grace with Ozzy

Oma with Ozzy (I think Opa is in the background sleeping with Niki):

My sister still has Sasha and Savannah (Nana for short):

Here is Sasha and Sean

Nana (yup, she is getting up there in age):

Then, Bizzle got a new puppy....a great dane that she has not named yet.  Bizz lives with her sister, so the dog was going to stay at Paige's house.....but Bizz's sister said that if Bizz cleans more around the house, that the dog can stay with them......Antonio and Paige are pretty smitten with her:

Well, that is all I really have.  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!