Monday, July 29, 2019

Liesurely Days

Hey have you been?  I have been lazy.....or liesurely if you will....LOL!  Sounds more sophisticated that way.

Even Purl has been liesurely lying about.....

I have not knit much....I have mostly been crocheting......I worked on my Virus Shawl

And Finished it

Then jumped back onto the blanket I started for Paige....I got it a little more than 1/2 way done now.

Antonio had basketball practice and a game.....I did not get a picture of the game (but they did win 23-8 and Antonio made 3 baskets).....

Paige got some new dishes and a golf outfit for Antonio and it looks like an outfit for her bf, Kody.  It was his birthday yesterday.....Happy Birthday Kody!  Oh, and as you can see....I have to see what is going on with Paige via her stories on instagram....LOL!

I got a picture of Celeste with her brother......he is getting soooooo big!

A lady I knit with at work, Suzi, finished her cotton sweater.....I love it!

Well, that is really all I have.....sorry it is such a boring week....Darlene has been on vacation and I have been miserable without her!  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Testing out the RV

Hey have you been.  I have been great.  I am on vacation today doing laundry and stuff to get ready for my work week....this past weekend Jaime and I went to Bandera in his new RV to "Test it out" before we take it for a week long trip somewhere farther and for a longer period of time.

The river is down there....

I saw a doe watch me knit!

It even comes with a "Knitting Drawer" (this is what Jaime has named it).

Here we are leaving yesterday

I also got new chairs like the one I showed you last week.....two new chairs to take camping

While there I worked the Havana Kit that Rosanna gave me (because she is amazing).  She did the first 6 rows, but I finished the repeat with the last 8 rows!

I finished the body on George the Dog

and I started some fingerless mitts for Camille

My step son and his wife were also on vacation....they went to Florida.....I think their first vacay away from the kiddos

When I got home to my babies, it turns out that Jax got super bored....he unzipped a knitting bag and chewed up some of the yarn from Paige's a longhorn of my t-shirts (he did not chew it, I think he just wanted it near him)....and my cream sweater......while this was terrible to come home....I still love him to pieces.

I ended up throwing away about 35 grams.

Later that evening, Antonio was sharing popcorn with Jax.

while sharing pics of Jax....I have to share a pic of poor Chief in his cone (he has an infection on his paw that he cannot lick).

Some great news was that my cousin's daughter had a beautiful baby boy......7/17/19

Lastly, I got a great package from HiyaHiya....thank you Qianer!!

Y'all have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, July 15, 2019

The 7th Year at the Lake House Retreat

Hey was your weekend?  Mine was AMAZING!  It was the 7th year my friends and I have been going to my sister's lake I started the week with a pedicure

Then to the lake house (Picture overload later):

I finished the hat for Shyla

and I finished the hat for Tim, Shyla's Hubby, but I did not finish it while I was at the lakehouse, so I have not given it to them yet.

While at the lakehouse, I worked on my Cream Sweater....and weekender....I got the weekender to divide for sleeves and my gauge is so different in the round than it is going back and forth...I hope it blocks out.

I gave my mom the moondrip sweater and I am going to make another for my sister.


I started on George the Dog....Darlene got me this pattern and yarn!

Rosanna did part 1 of Atlanticus for me and then I did the next 2 rounds in part 2 (notice the new XL bag I got for this!)

Speaking of Rosanna, she was working on her Phoenix (I really want to make it) and brought the most amazing folding chair (of which I might have 2 on the way to my house in red and black plaid).

Rosanna's hubby made the gift for my sister and Jim this year.....and Shyla also made my sister and Jim a surprise gift...the bowl set is from Rosanna and the sign is from Shyla

Shyla made me a No Soliciting sign.....and Paige took it from me, so I have ordered another one exactly like it from Shyla again.

Before my picture overload of the lakehouse....Antonio had a basketball game and he won!  They got Donuts and went to dinner and also went to the river this past weekend.

Now for my Lake House Picture Overload!  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!