Monday, July 23, 2018

Stage One Done.....Stage Two Pass

Hey everyone....How are you?  I am great!  I finished Stage One of TdS!

Stage Two came out last Wednesday, but I am passing on it.  It has the small little 2 and 3 stitch cables and I really worked my fingers to the bone to get stage one done, that I was afraid that phase 2 would really hurt my hands.

Then, Louise from Biscotte Yarns had to come out with a free Biscotte Brioche sock pattern.....I fell in love

For the above sock, she used these colors:

so I pus some of my Biscotte stash together and came up with these two....what do you think?  I think the dark brown will be the best!

It has been really hot here lately, and the dogs have been surviving the heat.....being lazy

But the grass really needed mowing (they were making paths and trails in the back yard) I finally mowed the backyard on Saturday morning and the front yard on Sunday morning (there is a big pile of grass behind precious (a little to the left), but it is hard to see....the grass was super tall.

As for knitting.....well, I already showed you that I finished Stage I guess I should show you what I cast on new.......Hitofude.....again!  Yes, I started a Hitofude in 2014 and frogged it a couple of years ago and now I am doing another one.  This one is going to be gradient and in cotton/acrylic (Wolltraum Yarn).  I am super excited about this cardigan.  I am a little worried that I will not get to the outside black color....possibly not even to the 2nd to last color.  But we will see.  Maybe we need to buy a smaller skein for the next hitofude (Oh yes, there will be more)!

I worked on my temperature blanket (apparently, Purl thought she could help)...I am still about 12 days behind, but that is better than 22 days behind...LOL!

and I worked on Rosanna's shawl.  It is a fairly mindless pattern and I am enjoying it.

That is really all I have for the week.  Oh, I got a new Instant Pot and made Baby Back Ribs and a roast.....they were both yummy....I was really proud of myself (probably too proud).  I did not get a picture of the roast, but you have to trust me that it was good...and the ribs were falling off the good!

I did have Celeste and Cat on Friday....they wanted to see the dogs (I like to think they wanted to see Oma too, but I am sure they just wanted to see the dogs)......I got a picture of Celeste with Precious....but Cat was off being crazy with Antonio....LOL!

While Precious was with Celeste, Purl and Max hung out with me....LOL!

Antonio was playing with play foam and said, "Ga-Ma!  Look, I'm knitting!"

Well, that is really all I have.  If you are in one of the states that are melting right now....stay cool.  We have a heat advisory today till 7 is supposed to hit 107 Fahrenheit today.

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Not sure I will make Stage One

Hey was your week?  I had a great week!  However.....I am not sure I am going to finish my socks for Stage One of Tour de Sock.....Yikes!

Yes, I took them to the lake house to knit on....but my great friend Rosanna bought this kit to make this shawl for was for the Stylecraft Blog Tour 2017

This kit is knit and she crochets so I told her I would make it for her.....she not only gave me the kit with yarn and pattern to make for her...she gave me and Darlene enough yarn to make the pattern for ourselves!  Here is her shawl started:

and here is my yarn I picked for me:

Rosanna also gave me an amazing wrap that she is so warm and wonderful...I used it as a lap blanket last night as I was knitting.

I also got an amazing shirt from Darlene when she went on Vacation.....she says her and Bruce get lots of looks when they pull up to a Harley dealership on their Honda Gold wing bikes.....LOL!

So, back to my socks.....I did work on them.....and am getting close.

They need to be done by Wednesday at 4 knit, knit, knit......

I also worked a little on my Five sweater last week.....I took it to the lake house but only worked on the socks and shawl at the lake house.

Well, that is really all I have this week.....we had a few cancellations.......Darlene had to buy a new truck:

Tami was sick but she made 2 hats while at home

Melissa was able to make it and made a HO!

Tenia finished her hat and started a "part shawl part cowl" with her prize from Knitter's Gotta Knit Podcast :)

Rosanna worked on a blanket and also a new shawl

and some pictures....I did not get too many this year.....sorry!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!