Thursday, May 30, 2024

I don't have much....but here we go

 Hey everyone....I do not even know where the time has gone or what I have done in a week.

I honestly feel like I have knit a lot, but I think maybe I am dreaming it because I do not have anything to show.

I have a few other things going on......first, it was my amazing mother's birthday last week.  Say Happy Birthday to this 83 year old!

I saw this house on social media I totally want to go to!

My friends, Paulette, posted this on social media and I thought it was so cute!

I got a new cutting board and rearranged my couch:

My dogs are silly!

and my granddaughter is so cute!

That is all I have......Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Wips of Seven Years Past!

Hey are you?  I am hanging in there...I will just jumo into it:

So, I will start with a couple of Amira updates......last year I got her two sets of onesies all for one pattern.....the burnt orange with black hearts....well, I finally have a pic of her wearing one.

Here she is wearing another onsie from the pack

Here she is beause....big BOW

Here is what I recently bought her

Here is a gift from a great friend, Margi, who I saw at the lakehouse retreat this past weekend (more on that later)

I got May's Blanket yarn and finished April's blanket stuff and started May's

I ordered yarn to make Paige some chicken's...Yup, she wants stuffed chickens.

                                            © Jocelyn Elizabeth
                                                        © Jocelyn Elizabeth
                                            © Anna Zander

Here is some of the yarn

Wish me luck on that...I am not the best crocheter, and with bulky, it makes the stitches even harder to see.

Now for Lakehouse retreat news.....I only took 4 projects....I know, I know....that is still a lot, but that is GREAT for me.

I took my oldest blanket (a crochet blanket from 2017) and I did almost 20 rows on it...which I think is great.  I was at my "*uck" marker

and I took my newest blanket (the Haruki to do with Darlene)

Then my oldest sweater, Rugged Coat from 2018

and my newest sweater, No frills Cardigan

Now for the Lakehouse retreat photo dump.  I think I might have missed getting Jackson on camera, but I promise he was there!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, May 13, 2024

She is FINALLY here!

 Amira Lee Ramirez Quiroz made her grand entrance into the world May 8th, 2024 at 12:32 pm!

She is so precious and cute!  We are all completely in love with her!

My nephew's fiance gratuated from UT this past weekend....and it was a bang.  Remember, most of these young adults were graduating High School at the height of COVID, so many did not have proms or it was pretty special!  Congrats Leilani!

On the knitting front, I started a new blanket that Darlene and I are going going to make.  We have the Lakehouse retreat coming up this weekend (May 17th) and she wants me to start her blanket, so I wanted to start mine so I would know what to expect when I start hers. 

I got some new yarn from Must Stash I just could not pass up

I also finished one block for the April monthly blanket and started the second block

and I finished the sleeves on the No Frills just the body!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!