Tuesday, October 11, 2022

It's October!

 Can you believe it is already October...the last qtr of the year!

My cousin and his husband (both from Germany) were in the USA for 4 weeks doing a USA tour and they ended in Texas....I had never met my cousin (or his husband) in person and it was a delight to hang out with them for about a week.

This is Marius (my cousin) on the jetskii

Sven and Marius at LaFogata

The whole family...from Left to Right....Jim, Sven, Me, Janice, Dad, Mom, Paige, Antonio, Kody and Marius!

My foster Dog was ADOPTED! I  am so happy for her, but I miss her so much!  I knew I would miss her...but I didi not realize I would miss her sooooooo much!  They renamed her Luna (from Blue, but sometimes call her Luna Blue).

Luna sleeping on my shoulder

Luna Sleeping on Floor

Luna going to meet her soon to be parents

Last day of Luna in my bed the morning of her adoption

Speaking of Luna....there is one skein of yarn she go into for the 2nd time....but this time she really did a number on it and I have not tried to untangle it....it is attached to one of my half and half triangle shawls

Here is is after Luna got into it once but I rewound it and put it by my pumpkin spice latte

Here is after Luna got to it the 2nd time...she really was loving up on that yarn!

I started a Cowl that Darlene wants to make

I also made a hat with yarn that Melissa gifted me last year for Christmas

There is a mystery KAL starting this coming Friday with Biscotte Yarns....and these are my colors...I hope they get here before Friday.

I finished my September Blanket (In September with one day to spare) and my October yarn is shipping today

Lastly....I started some socks with yarn I got in 2018.  I know I should be pullingout my circular sock machine, but I am really enjoying the hand knit process right now....so I am just gonna go with it.

Have a great week everyone.....

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!