Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving ER visit

Hi everyone.... How was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was great....except the end...we ended up in the ER.....Paige's jaw locked/dislocated.  I am not sure if I have mentioned it before because it has not locked for several years....but Paige has a form of TMJ.  If she yarns too big or opens her mouth too wide, her jaw bone moves out of place and gets locked/dislocated.  If she takes a muscle relaxer or two right away, she can usually massage it back into place....but not this off to the ER we went.  Thankfully our Thanksgiving celebration was over by the time it locked.

We went to Christus Santa Rosa on 151 and it was the most inefficient ER/Hospital I have ever been in...we were there almost 5 was ridiculous.  The next day she felt like someone had punched her in the jaw and throat, but she is much better now.

My knitting week was pretty uneventful....I do have some stash enhancements from last week I think I forgot to show you.....I got some stitch markers from fipperies and bibelots

And I got my DVD free skein of yarn and other swag for 100 Instagram posts:

As far as knitting....I really only worked on 2 things.....the socks for Paige...I only got about 2 or 3 inches done, but they are at the same place now.

and my Portage....this is a while it does not look like a lot, it takes me longer to work on this and show any kind of progress.  I was able to divide for sleeves and I am pretty happy with it.

That is really all I have knitting wise.....I do have some other 'random' things.  With Thanksgiving, my aunts got together and were going thru some old photos and shared some with me.....I think my dad must have been the skinniest (and most handsome) man in the Navy!

Here is my mom feeding me, and my sister sitting next to my mom (I am digging my mom's pants!)

Here are Paige and Tone right before thanksgiving (can you believe she was at my house 3 min early?)

Antonio and I made sugar cookies.....

And, I had Jazz most of the weekend too....Wednesday, Wednesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday....she is slowly starting to get a little more relaxed at my house.....

 (this picture was at 3 in the morning, she would not go to sleep!)

Lastly, I got a fabulous package from a lady in The Netherlands, we have exchanged a couple of packages and she sent me Labello....My favorite chap stick!  Thank you so much Jennifer!!!  This Chap stick is the greatest!  She also sent me some stitch markers, but I started using them right away and forgot to snap a picture!

Well, that is all I have.....I hope you all have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi is the Monday before Thanksgiving....are you ready?  Are you cooking?  Is someone cooking for you?  Either way, I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Well, I have not really been up to much except my dad's ranger....I know you are tired of seeing it....I am a little tired of knitting on it...LOL!  The good news is, I fixed my mistake!

Here it is kinda hanging in the shape of a sweater.

I got my yarn from Carie The Creative Obsession...and I am IN LOVE!  it is the greatest yarn ever!   She even named the colorway Knitphomaniac :)

So now that both Darlene and I have fabulous yarn for our Portage.....we started them!  Yahoo!!

Here is Darlene's:

Oh, and when Paige saw my yarn and the Portage cardigan I am going to make, she of course wants one.....but she wants all grey and picked out a sport weight yarn I had in my stash....I am not sure if this weight yarn will work, but we will see....I may have to make a cardigan size bigger.

I also worked on Paige's socks a little for mindless knitting!  This is Must Stash Yarn in the Beetle Juice color way.

Well, that is really all I have this week.  Antonio tested for his Yellow Belt and got it!  And I got to see Celeste and Cat this past weekend, which is always a treat!  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Just 6 more weeks......

Hi has your week been?  Mine has been pretty good....but fairly un-eventful...LOL!  Did you know we are only 6 weeks away from Christmas?  Yikes!

I will get to my Christmas knitting later, let me start with stash enhancements.....I got the Leading Men Fiber Arts colorway for November...just one more month!  This one is called Winter is beautiful!

I also got some Stitch Markers from fripperies and bibelots.....they are non circular, which is supposed to help when knitting lace and there are yo's on either side of the stitch marker:

I have a new yarn on the is a custom order from Carie at The Creative Obsession.....I have a sneak peak picture for you....

I am going to make Portage with this I borrowed some of Darlene's that is the same base and cast on to see how it looks (and yes, I did a gauge swatch!).  This yarn is going to knit up beautifully!

We had a few semi-chilly days this past week and Paige told me that she could not find a hat I knit her (way back in 2015) that she loved...

So I started her a new one.....

Then a few days later she told me she found her original hat....I have not decided if I am going to frog this or not...I may just finish it!

She said she also wanted some 'olive' socks to match...well, I did not have exact Olive color fingering yarn, but I had some Must Stash self striping yarn in the Beetlejuice colorway......I was going to wait a while to cast them on, but.......

Jaime had a colonoscopy this past Tuesday so I got lots of waiting room knitting done....they took over 4 hours to call him back and then a couple more hours after I started those Beetlejuice socks for Paige......

I also worked on my Brioche Magic hat in the waiting room and finished it the next day!

Lastly, I worked on my Daddy's Ranger......I was able to join the sleeves...and I was sooooo excited!

So I continued to work on it....about 20 more rows.....

And then I saw this........GASP!

So I put it away.....If I frog, it will be over 60 rows and we are only 6 weeks away from Christmas.....I am going to try to drop down the stitches today and see if I can fix it....I am a little tempted to leave it, but I know it will bug me!

Well, that is all I have for this past week.....I had Antonio this past weekend.....and he painted a pumpkin, this boy loves to paint!

He also got his sparing gear from his Karate place.....he tests this coming Thursday for a Yellow Belt with a white stripe.....I hope he gets it!  Paige and I are going to go and I am afraid that us being there will make him nervous....but we will see!

Well....that is it for me.....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!