Monday, July 25, 2016

Blankets in July!!!!

I think we have all heard of the Christmas in July saying....well, for me it is Blankets in July.  I know, I is too hot to be working on blankets....and you are right...but my boss and his wife are expecting a baby girl in I got some new yarn and had to get started.  I am about 1/2 way done with the I hope I am about 1/2 way done with the blanket....LOL!

Then, Paige broke her toe last Monday......

And she is frustrated with her work....

So I thought a finished blanket would cheer her I finished the big blanket for Paige...this thing is over 8 feet tall.  Jaime is holding it above his head with arms stretched out and I still had a few more rows to do after this picture.  I had Antonio all weekend and he loves it...let me snap a picture of him with him pretending like he is sleeping.

Those are my blankets in July!

Now, I have one more stash enhancement....I got a new Bags By Awesomegrannie bag....I put my Salacious shawl in it....I love this bag!

What else did I work on this week?  My July Socks....I got both heels done!  I tried to switch to DPN's (because I like to try them every once in a while and see if I like them) but my love for DPN's was not back to magic loop for me.

and my Spire.....I am still behind according to my chart I made.  I think I will just redo the chart and instead of doing 812 stitches a day, I will bump it up to whatever is needed to still finish by end of August.

Well, that is all I have.....I had a very exhausting weekend with Antonio....I usually walk about 5,000 to 7,000 a day....when I had Antonio, my fitbit says 13,301 steps Friday, 13,700 steps Saturday, and 15,586 steps yesterday (that is actually a record for me for one day!)....but it was worth every min.....seems I wore him out too!

Have a great week everyone.....Here is a beautiful handmade card I got from a friend, Brigit, for helping her with a KAL....I Love it!

Here is a great picture that was shared by my friend Pauline in a Ravelry group...I want a mailbox like this!

I love these nails!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Never Enough Knitting Time!

Hi everyone!  How has your week been?  Mine has been great....but there is never enough knitting time!  I actually feel like I have very, very, very little to show you this week....but, I will just straight to stash enhancements!

First, I got some DVD swag for posting stuff on Instagram for "The Second Annual DVD Monthly Sock Club".....5 mini skeins, yarn scissors, and a DVD canvas bag!

Then, I ordered some "Fringe Tape" yarn....this stuff is expensive (it is like $22 for 12 yards that is like $1.83 a yard!  WOW!).  It is for my Knit Swirl cardigan that I started in 2011.....more on that later.

Then, I got a non knitting related stash enhancement....a new belly ring.....I know what you are thinking...Why does an over weight middle aged woman have a belly piercing?  Because she got it when she was 32 and much thinner and I think it looks funny without a belly ring in it.  Anyway, my other curved belly ring was starting to bother me, so was just 'looking' and saw this circle kind and fell in love with has a little 4 leaf clover for luck!

That is it for stash what did I actually knit on this week?  Not much!  Last week I said that I wanted to work on my Scamper I pulled them out and realized that I had some trouble with my cast on, so I had to frog the cast on, and restarted one of them....I am enjoying the pattern!

I worked a little on my DVD socks....but I have to be honest, I am not digging working on these when the blue is always coming off on my hands....I just want to get them finished!

I also did a couple of stripes on Paige's big blanket but did not snap a is an old picture in case you forgot what it looks like.  I have about 10 stripes done....I will either be going to 15 or 17 stripes...I am not sure yet.

I pulled out my Knit Swirl project from, that is not a is from 5 years ago....I started this Knit Swirl before I started this blog!  I still love the pattern as much as I did before and really want to finish it.  Darlene is going to make one brown.  Anyway, this is the reason I wanted to buy the Fringe Tape Yarn above.  I just realized that I have not even put the Fringe Tape yarn up against the regular yarn...gosh, I hope it matches!  It was the only red they had.....Here is what the Knit Swirl Looks Like....

© sandramciver:
And here is my progress:

Lastly, I worked on my Spire.....I am really struggling through the lace portion of this...I am 5 rows behind on my personal little chart of how much I need to knit each day...each row is over 600 while I knit almost all weekend on this, it really does not seem like I knit that much (at least not to me)...the top pictures shows me trying to stretch out the lace while knitting in the truck coming back from the lease (Jaime and I went to the deer lease this was wonderfully peaceful)

This pictures shows it just laying without stretching....I have about  14 more rows in chart C and then I go to Chart D, the applied edging.  However, those 14 rows equal about 10,000 stitches.....Oh No!

Well, that is just about all I have as far as knitting this week.  I did get to see Antonio 2 nights this past week....I had not seen him for a while (and really missed him).  He had gone on a field trip to Clay Casa and got this tile made with his hand print on it....I think he may be the next Picasso....LOL....Paige let me have it (yeah!):

Have a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Half the Year GONE!

Where has the time gone?  It is already July which meant that halt the year is already gone!

How was your week?  Mine was fabulous!  I never get as much knitting done as I want to....but it is not like that knitting is going is very patient with me....LOL!

Stash enhancements....well last week I told you that Darlene was able to snag us each a set of 'Seconds' in the Dyakcraft Northern Lights Anodized Needles...these needles have slight imperfections and are sold for about 1/2 price....the only imperfection I can see is that the color is not exactly that of the Violet needles...but I am so happy to have gotten a set of these...I can feel the drag when I first start using them, but I know with use, they will slick up...I really love them!!!

Oh, and they look great with my lavender needles in the same section right above them!

A few weeks ago, Darlene and I sent a package to the Knotty Knit Wits Podcast...we just LOVE Leslie and Michelle and wanted to send them a package of 'goodies'....well, they sent us some Portland Love right back to us.  Everything is from Portland...Cards, Stitch markers, Bumper sticker, Candle, Hand Soap, Bag buttons.....the whole package was just fabulous...thank you Michelle and Leslie!

I also got in some DVD yarn that Darlene and I ordered back in May....

The Martian:

The Spy Who Loved Me:

Plus, I got 2 new Bags By Awesome Grannie Bags....You all know how much I love her bags!

I got the Dysfunctional Family!  This Bag is so awesome, it has the greatest comic book sayings on it!  I love it!

and the Neighborhood this Neighborhood Bag is twenty times cuter than I thought it has like little sewing notions all over it, and cats, and hedgehogs, etc....I think I may have to get me a large set of this one too....I really love it!

Now on to the knitting......hmmmmmmm, what did I knit on this week?

I worked on TBS....The Black Sweater....LOL!  I started both the front panels just for a change of pace...I did not want to finish the back panel and then have to cast on a front would feel like second sock syndrome or I thought I would cast them on now.  The Black is super hard to photograph, but I am moving along!

I worked on my Rennandi.....I moved this to my new Dysfunctional Family Bag!  I am just about to add my grey for my second stripe of grey/volcanic ash!

I worked on my July Socks....I get discouraged working on these because they turn my hands blue...but I need to just get them done!  Plus, I want to work on my Scamper socks that I have not touched in weeks!

I also worked on my Spire, but I will not take a picture every week....I want to just try to keep caught up on it and I will show it to you every once in a while.

Lastly, I started a new shawl....It is called Salacious by Lisa Mutch.  Now, this cast on is not my fault......I went to Darlene's on Saturday to knit with her...her hubby was out of town so we had a PJ day of knitting!  Anyway, we were good the first 1/2 of the day and worked on our Rennandi's...but then that wine kicked in and we both talked each other into starting it is all the wine's fault.  Darlene had enough yarn for each of us to start....I am loving it so far!  It is in my sheep bag for now, but I think I will be moving this to my Texas Boots Bag!  :)

I had a fabulous time just knitting at Darlene's on Saturday...she and I need to do that much more often!

Well everyone, that is really all I have....I hope you have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!