Monday, February 11, 2019

Hot or Cold? Make up your mind!

Talk about jumping from Hot to Cold......I went from Heater, to AC back to Heater this last week.  The weather really does not know what it wants to do with itself.

The hardest part is dressing for it.....46 degrees in the morning with an afternoon of 82.....GRRRR!

Oh well, I mostly stayed in and knitted and crocheted so I guess I should not complain too much....but it is hard to dress for work.

So what did I do?  Well, on Monday Jaime took me out to eat to Pluckers.  It all started with a FB post from Darlene's daughter, Shyla, talking about some "Tater Cakes" that sounded amazing....Tater Tots squished into a cupcake pan filled with cheese, bacon and chives, with a side of sour cream....aka I told Jaime that I wanted to check it out some time and he said "Let's go today".....Yahooooo!!!

Let me tell you, those Tater Cakes were AM-AAAAAA-ZING!  I love them.  The wings were good too, but I will be going back for the tater cakes!

I finished the Crochet Blanket for Jaime's Newphew's Wife....I know I told ya'll the baby was born last week...but now the blanket is finally finished...I had about 20 more rows to do.....

During lunch, work on my weekender with Darlene and Heather (she is new to the knitting lunch break and is also making weekender).

I had a great mail week.....remember that yellow stole I made for Darlene....well, I won a prize from that KAL.....some great stitch markers!

I also got my prize from a HiyaHiya KAL.....some new HiyaHiya Flyers to knit on socks and a pair of cotton socks with sheep on them...Thank you Qianer!

Then I got some Alpaca Pom Poms from Nodrog Fars....they are big and is a picture of them next to my fur pompoms....

This past weekend I worked on Graces sweater (I also had a FB memory pop up that I finished Paige's 2 years ago).

and my Football Hat....I am really missing Football, so working on this hat helped a little...the colors are for the Spurs for Paige!

I am not really a color work fan....but I'm trying.

I ordered some yarn to make a hat for Darlene's son.....Brinley (the granddaughter that does motorcycle riding) has colors of Hot Pink and Kawasaki I am making a hat with those colors.  Oh, and she also got a sponsor from CA.....isn't that exciting!  I am so happy for them!

Lastly, my mom had her treatments this past week and my sister took any prayers you have to offer up are appreciated....she is doing well, but could always do better.  :)

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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