Monday, August 28, 2017

Kindergarten and Hurricane Harvey

I was your last week?  Mine was fine...Hurricane Harvey rolled in and dumped some rain and blew things around.....My area was hardly affected (just a little rain and some strong wind), but I know that many other areas have been hit hard.  Houston is still flooding....and Darlene's son, Casey, is a Houston Firefighter (Houston probably has the most flooding...and I think the city has to open two damns/reservoirs) and he has been working since the storm started and is on a boat doing rescues with no end in sight (I know he must be exhausted)……so we are praying for all the first responders and all affected by the Hurricane!

My sister does have a house in Port Aransas...and thankfully it is still standing.  My brother in law will go this week to assess any damage!

Staying in almost all weekend made for lots of knitting time.

I finished my aunt's slippers/socks....yeah!  I hope she loves them!  I got My BIG 4 done!  Yeah!!!

During the week I made a shawl for Darlene's niece, Cynthia.  Darlene sent a 'care package' to Cynthia and one of the items she sent her was the Decemberist Darlene made back in April.....well, Cynthia loved it.....she loved it so much that she said that she wants one in every color....I already had the same yarn in black and red....and Darlene has ordered pink and white yarn.  I have made a black one and Darlene is making her a red one.....we will also make two more once the pink and white yarn get here.  Oh, and the one Darlene already sent Cynthia looks fabulous on her!

Here is the black one I made...I do not have a picture of it blocked because I was my regular lazy self and sent it home with Darlene for her to block.....LOL!

I also made a hat for Paige....she asked for this hat a while ago and I got the yarn and it was time to make it.....I really like the was a quick knit!

I started a couple of things too...I guess I felt the need to start stuff as I finished stuff...LOL!  I started the cowl for Paige:

and a hat for Jaime.....I told Jaime I would have a hat done for him before he goes on his annual fall motorcycle ride with the I better get this done!

I wound all my yarn for the What The Fade MKAL that starts this coming Thursday (Paige's Birthday) I am ready!

I have a couple of stash enhancements.....I got a new leather.  Darlene got one like this (hers is brown) and I had to get one.....I love it!

Paige also got me some new PJ's.  My friend, Melissa, sent me a picture of a PJ top she was getting, and I told Paige about it and Paige got me one...she said it was the last one in my size :)

And for the biggest news....Today is Antonio's First Day of Kindergarten.....I can't believe it (I took a picture of my kids in front of this tree every first day of school they the tree is special)!

I'm pretty sure his favorite subject will be art....this is what he drew over the weekend:

My cousin's daughter-in-law got a new puppy and I just had to share this picture.

That is all I have......Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Eclipse!

Hey everyone.....are you ready for the eclipse?  I have no clue if I am going to be able to break away from work to see it, but I will try since there will not be another one till 7/2/19. (Live Stream Here)

 How has your past week been?  Mine was CRAPPY!  I am soooooooo glad it is over!  I am hoping and praying this upcoming week is MUCH better!

As far as knitting.....well, I really only knit on a few things....I guess that is a good thing because I do see progress.

I finished my socks.....I really kinda messed these up and started decreasing for the toe too soon, and then had to compensate for it in the heel....but they still came out okay, so I am happy!

I worked a little on my Aunt's slippers......but I have a dilemma.

I am out of white....and I am not buying anymore....I have tons of white acrylic.  However, the yarn I used for the slipper's soles and laces is in this semi off white.....and I cannot quite match the off I thought of going with just pure white.  You will rarely see the bottom of the soles...but you will see the laces.  If I go with the pure white, I may have to reknit the I-cords (over 120 inches)...but we will see when I get to that point.

Lastly.....I worked on my mindless Boxy Cape.....

Crazy Darlene and I have decided to do Andrea Mowry's What the Fade?! MKAL.  I thought I had all my colors lined up...but not sure of the order of where to put my Creative Obsession Yarn (the yellowish one) the middle between the Junk yarn, or before the Junk yarn?  I am thinking the first picture....before the Junk Yarn.

Well, that is all I have......oh, Antonio did make brownies yesterday and the were yummy.....he adds sprinkles to everything:

Have a great week:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Loving Lake House Living

Hi everyone.....I hope you had a fabulous week....I had an amazing week because I went to my sister's lake house for the last 3 days with some great knitting friends (Picture overload at the end of post)....but now it is time to get Back to Life and Back to Reality.....Like Soul II Soul

First I had to get a mani and pedi before wearing flip flops in front of friends......

As far as knitting......I did get that yarn for Paige's Hat.....but I have not started yet.....

And I got some cotton yarn to make a baby blanket with.....sorry for the terrible picture.

I got my August socks started......Curious George colorway:

I took way too many projects to the lake house...but here is what I actually worked on:

My Daddy's Ranger got some love and so did my Boxy Cape

I started my double nuvem along with Darlene and Evelyn....we all started at the Lakehouse (Evelyn is making a regular sized Nuvem, but Darlene and I are doing double).

Here is what I got done:

My friend Melissa worked on my socks for I hope I can match her gauge:

 That is all I have knitting wise......but now for some fun stuff....first, Paige knows I love the pink starburst and she found this limited edition pack of ALL PINK starburst for me:

Then, Yvette came over with Celeste and Cataleya and the two PUPPIES!  I am getting one of these puppies soon...I wanted to see their personality and how they interacted with Precious.  I know the spotted one is ridiculously cute....but I am leaning towards the brown one.  She is more 'chill' (if that is possible for a puppy) and I just think she will do better with us.....we will see, we have not decided yet.

Antonio got a hair handsome

Lakehouse Picture Overload!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!