Monday, January 8, 2018

Wow....What a week!

Well, I hope the rest of the year is not like the first week of the year was like for me......home repairs, and not even my home....Paige's.  She called me the morning after our coldest night.....I think Wednesday morning.....and she was near tears saying that her house was 59 degrees....she was cold!  So after work that day, I went to Home Depot and bought her a new thermostat and went and installed it. 

Old Thermostat:

New thermostat:

Done......(It looks crooked, but it is just the angle of my camera):

I sent a pic to Paige and this is what she sent back......makes it all worth it!

Crisis averted right......wrong!  She called me later that night that it was getting colder and a little I went back to her house.  Turns out I did have one wire I fixed that wire and the air started getting warmer....but only in Antonio's room because it appears that is the only room that was getting air flow period!  We called and called the warranty company, but nothing, so she had to go to bed that night with only air flow in one upstairs room......she told me the next morning that her room got air too (thank goodness).  We finally got an appointment for someone to come out to look at the duct work on Saturday.  They literally sent the largest man and he cannot get in the attic, so they have to send someone else again.  In the mean time, he did find the plug was burnt up and a fire hazard (yeah) but they do not do electrical work so he told me to call the warranty company again.....however, Jaime fixed it.  It was probably all burnt up because Paige was using the unit nonstop to try to heat the whole house with 2 vents working.

Okay....enough with house repairs....I hope it all gets fixed this week.

As for knitting......hmmmmmmm what did I do?  It felt like a short week!

Well, Darlene and I podcasted on Thursday evening and I worked on my Boxy Cape

I wore my fingerless mitts I showed you last week to staff meeting last week.  My boss asked if I knit then and of course I said he asked if I could make one for his one year old.  Everything he finds in the store has a covered hand or is too I published a pattern here on this blog, and make his daughter, Madison, some fingerless mitts.

I think the only other thing I worked on is my brioche blanket......

I did have Jazz a this past weekend and also went with Jaime to work on Paige's AC/Heat plug, plus I also took down my Christmas with all of that, I just did not have as much knitting time!

I do have some great pics of Jazz:

She finally sleeps :)

Well, that is it....I hope I have more next week!  I leave you with some amazing sunrises from my work view and some knitty/yarny stuff :)

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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