Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I have succumed to the Temperature Blanket.....

Hi everyone.....I hope you have been keeping warm!  Paige still has no heat at her she, Antonio and Jazz are staying with me and Precious.  Precious is less than thrilled to be around Jazz....poor girl!  Plus, Paige is not expected to have any heat till at least next she is frustrated and I feel for her....but thrilled she and Antonio and Jazz are staying with me :)

Now, as far as Precious' frustrations, I know that Jazz can have quite a bit of energy, but she can also be very sweet and cuddly!  Here she is in a few cuddly or sleeping pics.....and there is a picture of her trying to cuddle up to Precious, but Precious just turns her face.

I decided to do a midweek post to let you know about the crazy I have succumbed to....Turns out the Thursday Night SNB group is doing a Temperature scarf.....there is a handful of us that are committed to a yarn when Tami (great friend and from the Thursday Group and committed to the yarn diet) texted about the temperature scarf, Darlene of course chimed in that she wanted to make a blanket (which she has been saying since the beginning of the year).....long story short....we decided that if we all buy yarn for just this project we are okay....we checked in with each other this is not cheating! 

Needless today, day 16 was the day I bought 13 skeins of yarn (an affordable $50) for a Temperature blanket.

Now, we are still in agreement that this is not I am right back onto the yarn diet and no more buying yarn...but we will be very happy with a temperature blanket when all is said and done :)

We are using a Texas Temperature Chart (© CopyLeft - Becky’s Blog lots of fun schtuff )

These are the yarns we bought to match the above colors....starting in top left and going clockwise.....however....we put in an extra orange and took out the turquoise color and just shifted the colors down.....

With this cold snap we have been having I sent some socks to my mom....these are Fleece Lined Wool socks that I purchased from an online yarn store called Darn Good Yarn...and my mom loves them!  I am still going to make my mom some more hand knit wool socks...but these were just to hold her over with how cold we have been.

I have also been plugging away on my brioche blanket....I will try not to show this too often since it is such a slow slog of a knit...and I know it may not look like I have done a lot since Monday, but I have done 4 or 5 rows since then......

Well, that is all I have for a random mid week post!  Here is today's sunrise:

Have a great rest of the week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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