Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year and Happy 300th Blog Post!

I hope you had a fabulous time ringing in the New Year.....I was asleep before midnight, but woke up right before midnight because of all the fireworks around being popped....man, some fireworks these days are getting very loud!

Well, I am officially on a yarn diet!  Yes, you heard me....YARN DIET.  NO BUYING YARN!!!!  No, remember, I do have that 3 month Harry Potter Subscription that Darlene bought me.....and I just bought yarn for my sister's sweater....and I am DONE!  Now, I have told myself that if I am good....at the 6th month point, I can buy yarn....maybe for a blanket or something....but no buying yarn right now!  You guys have to help keep me accountable!

I did get my last Leading Men Fiber Arts Yarn, December 2017 colorway Sea Turtle:

Here is my last purchase of 2017...the yarn for my sister's  Ranger Cardigan.  My mom said it looked exactly like my dad's yarn....but it isn't...so I am also showing a picture next to my dad's red color.

I even got the sleeves started:

I finished Paige's socks:

and I made myself some mitts.......so, it has been COLD here in South/Central Texas.  With Paige having the car accident, she is driving my car and I am borrowing a car from Jaime (he has 6...he can surely spare 1).  Well, the car I am borrowing is an older model and does not warm up fast, and frankly does not even warm up before I get to work....so I had been driving to work and I did not even want to put my hands on the steering wheel cuz it was COLD!  So I decided I needed to make myself some fingerless mitts.....in worsted, and I got some self stripping Turtlepurl yarn from my stash.  I cast them on Sunday and finished yesterday (Monday) and am wearing them today...I knit them extra long not only to get the striping repeat in the yarn, but also to make them long to cover my fingers or fold them over if I do not want them long.......I LOVE THEM!!!!

It was so cold this past weekend hat I even had Jaime start me a fire:

I had Antonio a lot for the holiday weekends....he got a new thing called Oonies....they are pretty neat....I got a picture of him holding a fish one.....and then just some pictures of him in general......oh, and over the holidays I felt a little domestic.....so I made cookies and bread.....

We got some fireworks for him to do at his new house with his mom (and Bizzle and Sam and Sam's kids all went over)....they had a good time.

The only other eventful thing I did was go see one of Jaime's friend's yesterday.  He moved to Jourdanton (about an hour south of where I live).  His name is Nick and he is on the deer lease with Jaime....well, he shot a hog and had the hog processed....ribs, porkchops, ground pork.....and it was too much meat for him, so he halved the meat with Jaime....we went to go pick up that meat and then we went out to lunch with Nick and his girlfriend, Star.....it was nice.  Now we have some great porkchops that I know Jaime will be grilling soon!

That is all I have.....I leave you with a picture of my mug that matches my PJ's and some other fin yarny pics!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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