Monday, January 29, 2018

Hi have you been?  I've been great......I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I was in a bit of a knitting funk, but I got lots of knitting done this past week, so I must have snapped out of my on to it.

First stash enhancement....I got my first skein of yarn from the Home Spun House Harry Potter Yarn club....this is January.....Knight Bus!

Here is Harry with the Knight Bus
Here is the yarn!
When Paige found out there are Harry Potter Themed yarns she said she wanted Gryffindor socks.....I told her I was on a yarn diet and I could not buy yarn....but she said she would buy the now it looks like I am going to put Paige in the poor is what is on the way:

Speaking of Harry....I watch all the Harry Potter Movies from 1 to 8 this past was fabulous and yes, my house is a disaster, I did not clean a thing!

Last Thursday I got a wild hair up my knitting needles that I wanted to do a mystery sock I got some stash yarn....Evil Little Goat....(Thank you Dion!!)  and I started.

I was home all day Friday with a bit of a stomach bug so I worked on clue 1 all day....but 9 pm at night....I had finally finished clue 1 and was ready for clue 2

I almost finished clue 2 on Saturday, but I had 4 rounds I still had to do on Sunday, but I finished clue I have to wait till this Friday to get clue 3.....but I am enjoying them....which is surprising to me...I usually do not enjoy patterned socks....but the change feels good.

Now, I am not sure if you noticed, but I have a new yarn is from Turtle Made and it is amazing.  I am going to order a brown one to go with my red one.

During the week and on Sunday I worked on my sister's ranger....I finished both sleeves and started the body.  I only have about 6 inches on the body and still need 8 1/2 more before I start the short rows...but it is coming along

That is all I have knitting wise.....but I did have a great friend send me some chapstick from the Netherlands and it arrived.  I will probably put each one in a knitting bag....this is the best chapstick/lip balm ever! 

This Lip Balm is only available in Europe...and speaking of only available in Europe, this candy used to be only in is my favorite and Paige got me a pack from our local grocery store...I love this stuff!

I also had Antonio this past weekend and he and I played with his legos...he loves creating things.

Lastly I leave you with 4 sunrises....sorry, they were all too good to pass up...these are each a different day, view from my desk in the morning....I just love sunrises and sunsets!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!