Monday, May 22, 2017

Week of the Mystery Wrap

Hey Everyone.....How was your week?  My week was great.

It was mostly the Week of the Mystery Wrap for me...

I finished clue 1 .....

Clue 2 came I started clue 2....clue 1 is the top piece and clue 2 is the bottom piece (but I am not done with clue 2).

I also worked on my two fish lips kiss heels done :)

That is all I knitted on.....but in other news and some random posts:

Jaime's dog, Brandy, got sick.  She had an inflamed pancreas and it was affecting her liver.  She stayed 2 days in the veterinary hospital....when she came home, she still was not feeling well, so we just sat and relaxed.  When she was given her medicine in peanut butter, she just kind of sat there and did not want to swallow or anything....poor baby...Jaime had to give her a dropper full of water to get her to swallow the peanut butter with the medicine....but she is doing better.

I had dinner at my mom's house last night with my whole family to celebrate a late Mother's Day and an early birthday for her (her birthday is Tomorrow) sister brought her new dog, Sasha...she is a cutie pie

I took Antonio, Celeste and Cataleya.....they had a great time with whipped cream mustache's

I tried to get them to sit still for a picture together...but Antonio with his 'larger than life' personality....I could not get him to sit still....LOL!

Paige bought me some of my favorite popsicles....she loves me!

And Antonio and Paige were messing with my the camera at bath time......

That is all I have.....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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