Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy May Flowers

Well, it is already May and I am looking forward to some beautiful flowers.....I am not looking forward to the heat, but I am looking forward to seeing pretty flowers on the roadsides.

This past week was May The Fourth.....which is like Star Wars Day aka Geek Day....Now, I am a geek, but I am not a Star Wars Gal.  However, I can play along as long as it has to do with Knitting.

Let me jump into some stash enhancements.......TWO fabulous new bag sets from Bags By Awesomegrannie

Knit Happens

and Knitting Chickens (is there anything cute than chickens knitting?)

I love these knitting chickens so much, I moved my May socks into this bag

Here is my start....I teased on Instagram that I would knit one sock and the chickens wound knit the 2nd....the chickens are slacking!

I got my DVD swag from first quarter Instagram posts.....a dvd button, a yarn tag, and some stitch markers on a D Ring.  Thank you Susan!

I also got some great new socks with sheep on them....super cute!

As far as knitting, I pretty much worked my fingers to the bone on my Fade this past week.  I want to try to finish before the new Joji Mystery Wrap clue 1 is released this coming Friday the 12th.

Here is my 6th color

Here is my 7th color (there are  very few stitches to the left of my stitch marker....Yeah)!

I am still hoping to finish my fade in a couple of days and then work on my socks till Friday......Here are my colors for the Joji Mystery Wrap...

That is it for the knitting....but for some random things from my week:

Recently, I bought a few new shirts and pants for work and so did Darlene....well, last Monday we both wore the exact same shirt and we did not even know the other person had both bought it......Darlene wore it better, but we are some pretty cute BFFs!

Jaime has owned his own business for 17 years, but he decided to get a new job working for someone else and he starts I took him out this past Friday night to Pappadeaux (the new location by La Cantera) since Jaime loves Cajun Food and Seafood.
He got the Texas Redfish with Shrimp and I got a Prime Beef was all so fabulous and delicious (so much for loosing weight)....they had a Butternut Squash Risotto that was delicious and grilled Asparagus and a lump crab meat in béarnaise.
It was so much to eat that I had enough left over for a full meal on Saturday night.

I also had a friend tag me with this picture on Facebook....I love it...but of course change Crochet to Knitting :)
Celeste and Cataleya came over yesterday.....they played with Antonio and hung out with Oma.....I got them some Sumo Boppers (that can also be used at a river or beach)...they had a blast:

Celeste is getting so big....she used to HATE for me to take pictures of her...and now she welcomes it!

Well, that is all I have.....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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