Monday, May 1, 2017

Ready, Set, Go.....Second Annual Big 4 Retreat

It is May 1st and here we go......are you ready!  I know many have joined us in the Chatter thread (here) so I hope we give lots and lots and lots of WIPS some love and make them FO's!

Welcome to the Second Annual Big 4 Retreat!  Put on you PJ's (or comfy clothes), grab a chair and join me with some WIP knitting!

Here is my official list of items:

Find Your Fade, I am 50% done
Snowmelt KAL, I am 19% done
My Aunt's Converse Socks, I can only guess that I am about 5% done
Briochevron Cowl, I can only guess that I am about 15% or 20% done.

Now....for this past week.....I finished the little Voodoo You Love for Antonio, he has named him Stephen!

I finished my April socks (barely in time)!

I also repaired my mom's socks (the heel was comin loose...picture towards the end of this old post in March)

May will be Black Forest Cake...these socks will be for me for sure!

I also got to start my 5th color in my is Madeline Tosh Sock in the Antique Lace can barely see it because it does go so well with the Lucille...but it still looks great!

I guess I was a little bit in a blanket mood this past weekend.  I started a new Aran Blanket with lots of cables...the pattern is ridiculously written (in my opinion).  It has 4 different patterns, and two of them have 8 row repeats, one has a 16 row repeats and one has a 24 row repeat.  So, I could be on row 3, 11, and 19 all at the same time.  My brain cannot keep track of that and I had to put it in a chart form:

Here it is so far (which is not far at all).  This will be an ongoing project that I hope to work on here and there....I am just praying I can actually do is a lot of paying attention to the chart ;)

I also pulled out my crochet blanket with Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn....I got a little done, but not a whole lot....maybe 8 rows and then the start of a new one.

That is all I knit (and crocheted) on this past week....most of my week was consumed by the socks...I just do not know how people knit a pair in a amazes me!

For a Stash Enhancement, I got my NIP (Nobody is Perfect) yarn from Wollmeise....I thought I would get the same color...but I got 2 different colors....Heavy Metal (I already have one of these, so I hope I can put these two together for super yardage) and Gipfelstürmer...which is a blue grey.....whatever I make with this will go great with jeans and a shirt!

That is all I have knitting wise.....but if you want to hear about Antonio, my Niece, and my cousin's on:

I think a week ago I told you about 'Fiesta'.  Well, Antonio had a little Fiesta Parade at his school....his classroom had the category of 'Insect'.  At first he wanted to be a caterpillar, then changed his mind to be a spider.  Paige did such a fabulous job on his costume:

He was a perfect Spider!

My niece had her prom this past weekend....she is so beautiful!

Here is my sister and her Beautiful Family.  From Left to nephew, Sean, my Brother in Law, Jim, my niece, Grace, and my sister, Janice.

Last week I forgot to post a picture of my Cousin's son and his new Bride.  Congrats Joshua and Blaine Campbell!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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