Monday, August 15, 2016

Three Item kind of an FO!

Hello everyone!  How was your week?  Mine was fabulous!  It was a "Three Item" kind of week.....I knitted on 3 items....and started and finished a crocheted item.

First, Stash enhancements......I got that sock blank with lips on it.  I love it!  I cannot wait to knit on this!  I am going to make Stephen West's Briochevron Cowl with this....I have paired it up with a skein of Biscotte Cie Sock yarn that will go perfectly with it (the Biscotte Cie is super soft!)!

I also got my yarn from Miss Babs....I am going to use this for my Celestarium.  I should have been good an just used a skein of black or grey Wollmeise Lace I have in my stash....but I wanted to knit with this Katahdin (selfish, I know!).

I added this skein of Yummy 2 Ply sock yarn in the Naked colorway to get free shipping, and because everyone needs a 'Naked' in their life.....I may dye it or use it as is...not sure!

Now for my FO......I took off this past Friday to watch I had him Thursday night, Friday and Saturday...on Saturday he saw me knitting (he has seen me knit many times) and said, "Ga-Ma, will you make me a mask?"  I did not really understand what he meant till he pointed to my knitting and said "A Captain America Mask!"  So off to Ravelry I went and I found a cute crocheted pattern.  So, while he worked on making himself a spaceship (with a spray bottle, paper towel roll, colored electrical tape, and markers)....I made him this hat.  He really loved it!

Now for WIPS.....well, I had the never ending spire......I have exactly 1/2 of the edging done...this edging is taking FOREVER!

Last week I worked 4 repeats on one of the front panels of the black sweater....this week I worked 4 repeats on the other front panel of the black sweater....I think maybe 4 repeats a week and I might actually get this thing moving along!

Then there is Rennandi....I am on my LAST stripe of the Volcanic Ash/Grey color.  I am very excited to finish this....maybe I will be able to finish it this week (fingers crossed):

Well, that is all I have for knitting.  I hope to get lots of knitting done this coming week.  Jaime and I leave to Rockport on Thursday and come back Sunday......I have tons of lazy knitting plans for all 4 days :)

As I mentioned earlier....I had Antonio for most of the weekend....we had lots of fun and even had Celeste and Cataleya come over for a here are some of my favorite pics...

Breakfast...a biscuit and a peach!

I got a new "Life of Pets" Dachshund over at my Baba's house (which is my mom...Baba is short for Babushka...which is Russian for Grandma).

Making my spaceship (Yes, I am watching Knotty Knit Wits in the background).

Trying on the hat as it is being made:

 Beautiful Celeste and crazy Peace Sign Antonio (and precious of course):

Cataleya and Antonio making more peace signs....and again, Precious is there.

Cataleya with Precious....she loves the dogs!

Oh, and Precious got a new dog bed from my sister....her did did not fit in I have a small bed for Star and a small bed for Precious!

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