Monday, August 1, 2016

The Big Retreat Update!

Hi Everyone!  How was your week?  Mine was fabulous!  I only knit on TWO things all week.  More on that later....First on to stash enhancements:

I got yarn to make Antonio a Lego Blanket.....I friend of mine is making one for her grandson....and I fell in love with the pattern....and Antonio LOVES Legos!  The pattern is in Crochet....but my friend converted it to knit.  I have not decided which way I will do it yet.  I think I will try making blocks in both ways and see which one I like better.  I got 3 skeins of each color and 6 skeins of black.

Here is the lego blanket (© Breejan):

Here is a pillow done with the pattern(© taraleigh)....which made me fall in love with the black around the blocks.  I do not think I will use any white in the blanket (I will have to see how it looks)

Here is the yarn I purchased:

Then, I got an extra skein of the lace for my Knit Swirl Cardigan.  I kind of like this one better and might start using it right away and alternating skeins.  Darlene ordered it for me because she needed to place an order we got to split shipping. on to the knitting....along with my Big 4 all know I am also doing my Sock a Month.....well, I took my socks to Hot Rod Night and worked on them there....  My friend snagged a picture of me, Jaime and her husband Bobby:

Jaime's Scamp

My Knitting:

Trying them on as it gets darker outside:

Finished :)

Now, for August, I am going to do my "Martian" socks....I love the oranges! for The Big 4 Retreat Update....I finished my Chart C on my Spire!!!!!  Yahoo!  One chart left....Chart D.  Chart D is the applied border.  I have cut the yarn and done 8 rows of a 12 row repeat.  I need to do 4-5 12 row repeats every day to finish by the end of August!  I made myself a new chart and I am ready to go!

So, that is it!  I am on track for my Big 4 retreat.....wish my luck!  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Knit each day like it is your last day. I so needed to read that and reconfirm that in my brain. Thanks for your blog. I love keeping up with you and all you do. I am looking forward to the retreat. I am in a cabin. You gotta tell me what we need to bring and such. Later

    1. Okay....I just typed a reply but do not see it.....anyway....I cannot wait for the retreat will be so much fun! Bring your knitting, a chair and you (and a small table if you like)....we will be sitting, knitting, talking and drinking all weekend :)

  2. I love the Lego blanket and I think it will be fine without the white. The one in the pic doesn't have any white squares. And it looks good. The black outline will make it pop!

    1. Thanks Beverly....which pic does not have white squares? Maybe there is one on a project page with the 4 colors and connected with black....I will have to go look again. I think it should look good without the white too....I hope!

      Thanks for your reply!