Monday, August 29, 2016

It's Almost Time to Pack up and Go Home.......

Well, it is almost time to pack our bags as our Big 4 Retreat comes to an end in 2 days.....How did you do?  Are you nice and relaxed and did you finish everything you wanted to?

I DID!  I finished my Spire yesterday!  Yahoo, Yippee, Yeah!

It is not blocked yet.  I was going to mail it to my friend, Beverly, to block (Thank you Beverly!)....but Darlene offered to block it on her big quilting wall (I wonder if it is a trick)!  I cannot wait to see it blocked and how much it grows!  Thank you Darlene....I think!

I want to thank everyone that either joined me on this retreat or followed along!  I think this Retreat could be an every year thing.....Maybe not 4 items every year, but I loved getting some old stuff done and I hope you did too!  Darlene and I have talked about maybe picking one old item each quarter to work on.....I have some other things I want to do in September, but I may be picking up something old for October-December! 

What else did I do?  I finished my DVD sock for August....These socks are a little shorter than I usually make, but I love the colors!

My September Socks will be Here comes the Zombride so I can double dip with #castonthedead.

I also worked on my Scamper Socks.  I am really loving these....this Biscotte BisSock yarn is soooooo soft, if you like soft yarn, you have got to try this yarn!

Ans speaking of Biscotte.....I got a skein of rainbow self striping from Louise.....Thank you Louise!  You are the greatest!

Well....that is all the knitting I have.....but I have a funny story for you.  I am not sure I have mentioned it here or not...but I have a friend whose house caught on fire in late June....she has been living with me along with her 2 dogs since then (because her house has no power...but thankfully not too much damage)....Here is a picture of one of her dogs....her name is Georgie and she is a Chocolate Lab Mix

I also had Antonio this past weekend so on Saturday we took a nap.....Carol was gone to SNB and I woke up to some noises in the living room (things falling, glass falling) and Georgie first I just thought Carol was home and making something to eat and Georgie wanted some of the food....but Georgie kept whining so I got up.

There were some things knocked off my mantel and Georgie and Precious were pacing by the mantel trying to get something (Mostly Georgie)...but nothing was up there.......

I thought maybe some critter was hiding behind the picture so when I looked behind the picture (from the right of the mantel) I could barely see some parts of a squirrel's tail behind that crocheted hippo on the left.

I was freaking out!  A Squirrel in my house that I am pretty sure Georgie chased into the house via the doggie door.  Jaime was at the lease (at least 2 hours away) so what does a 44 year old grown woman do?  She calls her Daddy!  He said to open all the windows and doors to the outside and push it with a broom towards a door or window......well, I opened the window to the left of the mantel and the front door (directly in front of that window but down a hallway).....I finally got it to jump off the mantel and it hauled ass out the front door.....but it was funny (in hind sight of course...not at the time).

Some things have changed for Paige so I will pretty much be having Antonio on Fridays and Saturdays from now on....but this coming holiday weekend I will have him all weekend (Friday to Monday) so I am not sure how much knitting I will get done....but we will see!

I have also been trying to crochet a Spiderman Mask for Antonio (which I have started over 3 times because it is always too small).....and then I crocheted some flowers for Darlene....she made 5 hedgehogs for family members....look how cute these are!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!

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