Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

This year is a Leap Year and today is Leap Day!  So, Happy Leap Day!

I had a crazy busy week.  It was my Birthday last week and I got lots of goodies and had a fantastic week!

Darlene posted the greatest picture on my FB page:

Google even knew it was my special day:

My friend Suzi got me my favorite shortbread cookies form Panera (my friend Amy got me a scone and cinnamon roll for breakfast, but I ate them before I could snap a picture):

Yvette sent me well wishes with pictures of my Celesete and Cataleya at the rodeo!

Jaime got me beautiful orange roses and a bottle of wine!

Darlene got me a fancy nostepinne!  She even had my name engraved on it.  I wound one skein of the yarn for my Citadel on it.  It is sooooo cute!  It is not as easy as it seems...but it was fun!

My parents gave me a Spätzle maker.  For Mother's Day last year, my sister brought one of these makers to my mom's house and we made Spätzle with it.  It was delicious....Now I cannot wait to make it whenever I want just for me :)

They also gave me a Packet to help me make the mushroom Cream sauce to go with the Spätzle and some Schnitzel.

My parent's asked me what I wanted for my "Birthday Dinner" and I told them I wanted steak. Not just any steak, but a steak my parents call "Jerry Golden Steak".  The steak is usually a flank steak but what makes it "Jerry Golden" is a certain sauce a friend of theirs (named Jerry Golden) made.  The sauce has Butter, Worcestershire Sauce, and some Seasoning all mixed up (yea, all low fat stuff...LOL)!  My dad also got a Kobe Steak Cut and some lobster was is what was left (right before I finished it off)!

Then...Jaime took me to Fredericksburg, TX for just a one night stay....there is a German restaurant there that serves Spätzle and we had made these plans before I knew I would be getting a Spätzle maker from my parents as a here is my meal at Ausländer:

We walked the streets of Fredericksburg and got some homemade fudge and I got Antonio a long candy necklace (Long story why I only got him one...but I watched him on Friday evening and Saturday and I took him to my parents for the rest of Saturday and told him I would bring him something back and I was supposed to watch him on Sunday, but Bizzle ended up watching him), and I got myself a Pumpkin Spice Candle...this candle smells very cinnamon-y and I love it...I have already burnt it in my house and I love the smell!  It will last 120-140 hours :)

I also stopped at a fabric shop that had some yarn....but not really yarn I was looking for....I did see this absolutely adorable fabric....but I did not buy any and now I kind of wish I would...but I would have to ask Darlene to sew a bag for me and she does enough for me already so it is good that I did not buy any :)

Oh, and on the way to Fredericksburg....Jaime stopped in Comfort so I could go to The Tinsmith's Wife....I was good, I only got some colorful stitch markers.

Oh, and last but not least....Precious got to go to the groomers for pampering on my Birthday (but she does not consider it pampering).....Yes, I swear this is the same pic taken in the morning and one in the afternoon...I feel so terrible for taking so long to take her!

Now, I bet you are wondering if I got to knit at all (since this is a knitting blog)...Well, I did!

I worked a little on my Citadel...When I watched Antonio over the weekend,  he saw me try it on and of course he said "I wanna try!" so I put it on him too!  He loved it...LOL!

I finished my February Socks....just in the knit of time (pun intended).  This is my first pair of socks where I did a true afterthought heel and cut my knitting...

Tomorrow I get to start my March socks and I have my yarn ready:

The only other thing I worked on is new....yup, we all know I have nothing else to knit Darlene really wants to make the 3 Color Cashmere Shawl by Joji I stash dove....I am going to use some yarn that was part of a club kit last year along with some Wollmeise in Blend in Black that I had...I want to call it "What's Black and White and Pink All Over"...LOL!

Here is my start:

I have been doing really well with my Continental knitting....the above shawl is almost all continental.  The beginning tab start was done throwing, and I find myself throwing on accident sometimes, but over 90% of it is all continental....Yeah Me!

I leave you with a couple of is a gorgeous wreath my sister got me from a church auction and one is my mom's orchid.  On the LSSK thread, some of the ladies are always showing their gorgeous orchids...when I went my mom's house, hers was in bloom and so pretty, I had to take a picture.

Have great week everyone....I hope you get lots of knitting

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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