Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Champs, Being sick, and lots of knitting

Happy Monday was your weekend?  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  I think most of you know I am a big football fan and I did watch it and I was just tickled that Denver won.  I was rooting for them, though I knew that Carolina was favored.  I am really, really happy that Denver came out victorious!  Congrats Denver!

Now.....for the allergies....I have not been feeling well for a while with allergies kicking just about everyone and anyone in the San Antonio and surrounding areas...but last Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and later had a POUNDING I have been home sick for a few days.  I would have bet $ that I had a sinus infection, but when I went to the doctor on Thursday, she said no....just a bad cold and allergies.  Yeah me.  However, my mommy did make me some Borscht (a Russian Soup).

It has sucked being sick.....but, I got LOTS of knitting done.  I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

First, my Citadel Cardigan....this cardigan has eleventy billion cables and lots and lots of stuff going on in just one row...but I got the back, right front, left front, neck increases and joining done:

I needed many breaks from this cardigan.  With so much going on, it requires a lot of thinking...and apparently my brain is not really accustomed to thinking for long periods of time :)

So, I also worked on my Karee I just need to pick up over 500 stitches and knit for 10 rows....then it will be done!

Oh, and being at home in the morning while I was sick....I was really dipped into the low 30's here (yes, that is super cold for me!) so I decided I needed to knit up that awesome large blanket with the Smooshy Yarn I got last I did:

I also had to go to court for a ticket I got in September of last I got a little bit of mindless court knitting done on my February Socks:

Lastly, I found out that a friend I met online (I meet lots of knitters online that are all dear friends to me) has an aunt that was diagnosed with cancer and has lost all her, I made a Rolled Brim Chemo Cap for her aunt.

Washed and Blocked:

Well, that is all the knitting I have....and I have just a couple of stash enhancements.  I did buy yarn for Loopy Academy....

I also got a gift of yarn.  I have been doing some moderating in the Biscotte Yarns group and Louise (the owner) wanted to send me some yarn as a thank you.  She is so generous...she sent me a Paintbox - Charivari kit along with her Traveling Zebra pattern.  Thank you Louise!

Well, that is it for me....I did get to see Antonio this week and he made a truck with Pam-Pa (my boyfriend, Jaime).....he was pretty proud of it.  Have a great week, stay warm and try not to get sick!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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